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Страница 384 - States, and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people...
Страница 180 - ... gemmules. They are supposed to be transmitted from the parents to the offspring, and are generally developed in the generation which immediately succeeds, but are often transmitted in a dormant state during many generations and are then developed. Their development is supposed to depend on their union with other partially developed cells or gemmules which precede them in the regular course of growth.
Страница 163 - which forms the fulcrum when standing or walking, is perhaps the most characteristic peculiarity, in the human structure ;" but in an embryo, about an inch in length. Prof. Wyman found "that the great toe was shorter than the others ; and, instead of being parallel to them, projected at an angle from the side of the foot, thus corresponding with the permanent condition of this part in the quadrumana.
Страница 246 - Sequoias creates those streams. The thirsty mountaineer knows well that in every Sequoia grove he will find running water, but it is a mistake to suppose that the water is the cause of the grove being there ; on the contrary, the grove is the cause of the water being there. Drain off the water and the trees will remain, but cut off the trees, and the streams will vanish.
Страница 181 - Reversion depends on the transmission from the forefather to his descendants of dormant gemmules, which occasionally become developed under certain known or unknown conditions.
Страница 374 - It is The land of beauty, and of grandeur, lady, Where looks the cottage out on a domain The palace cannot boast of. Seas of lakes, And hills of forests ! crystal waves that rise 'Midst mountains all of snow, and mock the sun, Returning him his flaming beams more thick And radiant than he sent them. — Torrents there Are bounding floods ! and there the tempest roams At large, in all the terrors of its glory ! And...
Страница 264 - TH: Preliminary essay upon the systematic arrangement of the fishes of the Devonian epoch. (Memoirs of the geological survey of the United Kingdom. Decade x, 1861.) 7.
Страница 88 - Clausius proves, by a simple application of the calculus of probabilities, that the average length of the free path of a particle from collision to collision bears to the diameter of each globe, the ratio of the whole space in which the globes move, to eight times the sum of the volumes of the globes. It follows that the number of the globes in unit volume is equal to the square of this ratio divided by the volume of a sphere whose radius is equal to that average length of free path.