From the death of Charles I. to the protectorate

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Страница 38 - Then to advise how war may best upheld Move by her two main nerves, iron and gold, In all her equipage...
Страница 458 - Gentlemen, if you are met here as private persons, you shall not be disturbed ; but, if as a Council of State, this is no place for you. And since you cannot but know what was done at the house this morning, so take notice that the parliament is dissolved.
Страница 478 - ... maintained a war against the Dutch with that conduct and success, that it seemed now drawing to a happy conclusion; recovered our reputation at sea; secured our trade; and provided a powerful fleet for the service of the nation. And, however the malice of their enemies may endeavour to deprive them of the glory which they justly merited, yet it will appear to unprejudiced posterity that they were a disinterested and impartial parliament, who, though they had the sovereign power of the three nations...
Страница 584 - That the sitting of this Parliament any longer, as now constituted, will not be for the good of the Commonwealth ; and that therefore it is requisite to deliver up unto the Lord General Cromwell the Powers which we received from him...
Страница 458 - Sir, we have heard what you did at the house in the morning, and before many hours all England will hear it: but, Sir, you are mistaken to think that the parliament is dissolved; for no power under heaven can dissolve them but themselves; therefore take you notice of that.
Страница 445 - ... being asked whether he did not often read Homer and Virgil, she understood it as an imputation upon him for stealing from those authors, and answered with eagerness that he stole from nobody but the Muse who inspired him; and being asked by a lady present who the Muse -was, replied it was God's grace, and the Holy Spirit that visited him nightly*.
Страница 466 - ... men fit for it, and never preferring any for favour nor by importunity. You scarce ever heard of any revolting from them ; no murmur or complaint of seamen or soldiers ; nor do I find that they ever pressed any in all their wars.
Страница 456 - Perceiving the spirit of God so strong upon me, I would no longer consult flesh and blood."* He has done it, at all events ; and is responsible for the results it may have.
Страница 479 - He was a soldier thoroughly accomplished in the art of self-knowledge, and his first successes were against the internal enemies of human virtue, vain hopes, fears, aspirings, and ambition. His first triumphs were over himself; and he was thus enabled, from the day that he beheld an enemy in the field, to exhibit the endowments of a veteran. Such was the temper and discipline of his mind...
Страница 596 - The institute determined, that every person possessing an estate, real or personal, to the value of two hundred pounds, should have a vote at the election of members of parliament, excepting such as had been concerned in the war against the parliament or in the rebellion in Ireland. It ordered, that all bills passed by the parliament should be presented to the lord protector for his assent, and, if he did not assent within twenty days, the parliament might declare his neglect, and the bills should...