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to me another daughter. Labour and travail in soul and body I do; and not a few children appear in the world as the blessed effects of my labour in this miserable age of empty profession, abounding error, and super-abounding iniquity. I have, by the good hand of my God upon me, met thee in the covenant head, in the unity of faith; and by by the ties of love I am one with thee in the chief corner stone: and, if I never see thee in the flesh, I shall meet thee with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of God. Every member of the old man will annoy thee; many snares, traps,

and nets, will be set and spread for thee by Satan. Beware of these, beware of men; but, above all, beware of the ministers of Satan, and of presumptuous, arrogant, lascivious, and wanton professors, who are the filth of Zion, the chaff in the floor, the spots in our feasts, the hypocrites in the family, the allies of Satan, and the fuel of hell. Prom all these may the Lord of all lords deliver thee; Amen, and amen, says Thy willing servant in Christ Jesus,

W. H. Ş. S.

Church Street, Paddington,


To the Rev. Mr. HUNTINGTON.

MY DEAR SIR, I received your last favour, and kindly thank you for it. I beg you would put yourself to no inconveniency on my account, though I much long to see you, in hope of receiving a second benefit, yet I know the Lord's time is the best. It is the greatest satisfaction to me to hear from you, , as I know not of any other friend and helper in the world besides; and truly glad am I to hear that you overcome and tread down their strength. Could I as clearly see, and be as fully persuaded, that the Lord's hand will be seen towards me, as I am that it works for you, and will to the end, I should then be very happy; but unbelief makes me stagger, and doubting the desired end brings me at times nearly to the point of giving all up, and to run away somewhere, I know not where. But still here I am, moving on so slowly that I cannot see that I go at all; yet I can see, by your writings, that I know more and more, and that I learn something daily. But surely it is light given to one whose way is hid, and whom the Lord hedges in. I have seen a deal of the Lord's goodness, much long-suffering he has exercised towards me, and I know he has heard my prayer in many things: he heard me and helped me when I was brought low, and none but hin self could: he shewed me my awful state by nature and by practice, and the mystery of iniquity that was in my heart, together with my daring and bold presumption on him without any warrant or leave from him, at the sight of which I thought there was no mercy for me: but he was pleased to give hope, and hope supported me, and has to this day; and I believe too, that he has put his truth in my

heart and in my mouth, and you would hardly believe with what ease, light, and liberty, I can of late deliver it; but after ail, barren I am, barren are my thoughts, barren is my heart, unfruitful and unsuccessful; yet there is a secret something that tells me it will not be so always; but I cannot believe it, because I can see no prospect of it, nor the least appearance of it; looking for the word to prevail among the people, but no sign of it; the inhabitants of the world do not fall, nor are they likely to it, as I can see; and indeed how can I expect it, whilst I am so barren myself. I have been more pestered, of late, with vain and evil thoughts, than I can well tell you. I have cried to the Lord against them, and he is pleased to remove them for a season, but they return again. I know Satan tries to entangle me, but he has not been able to succed yet, and I hope he never will. There is such a deal of iniquity in my heart, and

such fretfulness and rebellion at the sight of it, that makes me fear that the Lord must lay şorer troubles on me yet. I am afraid that the worst is yet to come; this I dread, and wish to know it too. And indeed I can hardly believe the Lord will let me go free with so light a punishment; for I can see very clear, that it was but little in comparison with my deserts. The Lord bless you, and teach you, that I may be taught; for I know that it is from your mouth I am to receive it. I believe the Lord's kind providence directed me at first to look there, nor have I looked in vain; for every step I have moved, and do move, is either by a word from your mouth or from your writings: and may God bless

and reward


for it, is the prayer of



To the Rev. J. JENKINS.

Tue next scrap is safely arrived, and it is very perceptible to me that we gain ground; the outer man gets out of favour, and the old man gets out of office; he is not now the chief speaker, faith and hope are almost as loud, and as distinctly heard, as he is; he now and then puts in a word in this epistle, which I do not so much wonder at, knowing that every fool will be meddling; especially when sovereign grace is going to put an end to all strife in the court of conscience. Thou knowest, my son, that thou art always welcome to me, until the cruse of oil fails, and the barrel of meal wastes; which will not be the case, till God sends rain upon the earth; until the cloud of witnesses distil such showers of grace, as shall fill the earth with the knowledge and glory of God, as the waters cover the sea; till then the cruse and barrel will spring in some poor sinner's heart or other. We are both in one hand, my son; the same power that leads me on, holds

you up; the sensible, self-despairing, seeking sinner, has got as many promises as the standing saint. As to running away, that is the old story over again; there is no such thing as running away from God, there is no going from his Spirit, there is no fleeing from his presence; if we go into heaven, he is there; and if we make our bed in hell, he is there also. It is not he that runs the fastest that wins the prize; the race is not to the swift; he that moves slow often treads sure, because he pondereth the path of his feet, and is the less liable to .stumble in his walk; he that believes shall not make haste. The captive exile is not to go out with haste, nor go forth by flight; the chief Shepherd will go before him, and the glory of the Lord will be his rereward; he shall reflect upon the

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