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And, in his Fancy, fly as far,
To peep upon a twinkling Star.

BESIDES, he could confound the Spheres,
And set the Planets by the Ears ;
To fhew his Skill, he Mars could join
To Vénus in Aspeet Mali's ;
Then call in Mercury for Ail,
And cure the Wounds that Venus made.

GREAT Scholars have in Lucian read,
When Philip King of Greece was dead,
His Soul and Spirit did divide,
And each Part took a diff'rent Side ;
One rose a Star, the other fell
Beneath, and mended Shoes in Hell.

Thus Partridge fill shines in each Art,
The Cobling and Star-gazing Part,
And is installd as good a Star

of the Cæsars are.
TRIUMPHANT Star! some Picy Mew
On Coblers militant below,
Whom roguish Boys in stormy Nights
Torment, by pifiling out their Lights ;
Or thro' a Chink convey their Smoke;
Inclos’d Artificers to choke.

Thou, high exalted in thy Sphere,
May'st follow itill thy Calling there.
To thee the Bull will lend his Hide,
By Phæbus newly tann's and dry.

As any


For thee they Argo's Hulk will tax,
And scrape her pitchy Sides for Wax.
Then Ariadne kindly lends
Her braided Hair to make thee Ends.
The Point of Sagittarius' Dart
Turns to an Awl, by heav'nly Art ;
And Vulcan, wheedled by his Wife,
Will forge for thee a Paring-Knife.
For want of Room, by Virgo's Side,
She'll strain a Point, and fic * aftride,
To take thee kindly in between,
And then the Signs will be Thirteex.



TERE, five Foot deep, lies on bis Back,

A Cobler, Starmonger, an d Quack;
Who to the Stars in pure Good-will,
Does to his best look upward still.
Weep all you Customers that use
His Pills, bis Almanacks, or Shoes ;
And you that did your Fortunes seek,
Step to his Grave but once a Week :
This Earth which bears bis Body's Print,
You'll find has so much Vertue in't,

* Tibi brachia contrahet ingens
Scorpius, C.


That I durft pawn my Ears 'twill tell
Whate'er concerns you full as well,
In Phyfick, Stolen Goods, or Love,
As he himself could, when above.

* VERSES to be prefix'd before


NOME Colinæus praise, fome Bleau,

Others account them but so so ;
Some Plantin to the rest prefer,
And some esteem Old Elzevir ;
Others with Aldus wou'd belot us;
I, for my Part, admire Lintottus.-
His Character's beyond Compare,
Like his own Person, large and fair.
They print their Names in Letters mall,
But LINTO T ftands in Capital:
Author and he, with equal Grace,
Appear and stare you in the Face:
Stepbens prints Heathen Greek, 'tis fai?!,
Which some can't construe, fome can't read:
But all that comes from Lintot's Hand,
Ev'n Ra---son might understand.
Oft in an Aldus, or a Plantin,
A Page is blotted, or Leaf wanting;

Of Lintor's Books this can't be said,
All fair, and not so much as read.
Their Copy cost 'em not a Penny
To Homer, Virgil, or to any ;
They ne'er gave Six-perce for two Lines,
To them, their Heirs, or their Assigns ;
But Lintot is at vait Expence,

pays predigious dear for Sense.
Their Books are useful but to few,
A Scholar, or a Wit or two:
Lintot's for gen'ral Use are fit ;
For some Folks read, but all Folks she

* To Mr. John MOORE, Author of

the celebrated Worm-Powder.

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OW much, egregious Moore, are we

Deceiv'd by Shews and Forms ! Whate'er we think, whate'er we fee,

All Humankind are Worms.

Man is a very Worm by Birth,

Vile, Reptile, weak, and vain !
A While he crawls upon the Eartli,

Then shrinks to Earth again.


That Woman is a Worm, we find,

E'er since our Grandame's Evil ;
She first convers'd with her own Kind,

That ancient Worm, the Devil.

The Learn'd themselves we Book-worms name,

The Blockhead is a Slow-worm ;
The Nymph whose Tail is all on Flame,

Is aptly term’d a Glow-worm :

'The Fops are painted Butterflies,

That flutter for a Day;
First from a Worm they take their Rise,

And in a Worm decay.

The Flatterer an Earwig grows;

Thus Worms suit all Conditions ;
Misers are Muck-worms, Silk-worms Beaus,

And Death-watches Physicians.

That Statesmen have the Worm, is seen,

By all their winding Play ;
Their Conscience is a Worm within,

That gnaws them Night and Day.

Ah Moore! thy Skill were well employd,

And greater Gain wou'd rise,
If thou could'st make the Courtier void

The Worm that never dies !



O learned

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