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F all the Girls that e'er were seen,

There's none so fine as Nelly,
For charming Face, and Shape, and Mien,

And what's not fit to tell ye :
Oh! the turn'd Neck, and smooth white Skin,

Of lovely dearest Nelly!
For many a Swain it well had been

Had the ne'er paft by Calai-.

For when as Nelly came to France,

(Invited by her Cousins) Across the Tuilleries each Glance

Kill'd Frenchmen by whole Dozens,
The King, as he at Dinner late,

Did beckon to his Huffar,
And bid him bring his Tabby-Cat,

For charming Nell to buis her.

The Ladies were with Rage prorok'u,

To see her fo respected :
The Men look'd arch, as Nelly strok’d,

And Pufs her Tail erected.
But not a Man did Look employ,

Except on pretty Nelly,
Then said the Duke de Villeroy,

Ab ! qu'elle est bien jolie !


But who's that grave Philolophery.

That carefully looks a'ter ?
By his Concern it shou'd appear,

The Fair one is his Daughter.
May foy! (quoth then a Courtier sly,)

He on his Child does lear too :
I wish he has no Mind to try.

What some Papa's will here do.

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The Courtiers all with one Accord,

Broke out in Nelly's Praises,
Admir'd her Rose, and Lys fans farde,

(Which are your Termes Francoises.)
Then might you see a painted Ring

Of Dames that stood by Nelly ;
She like the Pride of all the Spring,

And they, like Fleurs de Palais.

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In Marli's Gardens, and St. Clou,

I saw this charming Nelly,
Where shameless Nymphs, expos’d to View,

Stand naked in each Alley:
But Venus had a brazen Face,

Both at Versailles and Mendon,
Or else she had resign'd her Place,

And left the Stone she stood on,


Were Nelly's Figure mounted there,: i??


down all th' Italiano Lord! how those Foreigners would stare;

But I should turn Pygmalion : ..??
For spite of Lips, and Eyes and Mien,

Me, nothing can delight so,
As does that Part that lies between

Her Left Toe, and her Right Toe.

ODE, for Mufick. On the LON



HE Longitude mist on

By wicked Will. Whifton s', I
And not better hit on
By good Master Ditton.

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Sing Ditton and Whifton,

And Whiston and Ditton,
Beih-t and bep-it on,
Bep-ft and belh-t on.


* EPIGRAM on the Feuds about

Handel and Bononcini.


TRANGE! all this Difference should be,

'Twixt Tweedle-Dum, and Tweedle-Dee!

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So fo

As had drawn both the Beasts and their Orpbeus along :


But such is thy Av’rice, and such is thị Pride,
That the Beasts must have stary'd, and the Poet have


* Two or THREE; or a Receipt

to make a Cuckold.


WO or three Visits, and two or three Bows,
Two or three civil Things, two or three

Two or three Kisses, with two or three Sighs,
Two or three Jefus's and Let-me-die's,
Two or three Squeezes, and two or three Towzes,
(With two or three thousand Pound loft at their

Can never fail Cuckolding two or three Spouses.

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