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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeata


Printed by A. MURRAY and J. COCHRAN.

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To each article is annexed the number of tbe page of ibis volume in which it is to be found. 1775.

Jar. A petition' from the American congress presented to the King. 18. . 19. 20. American papers laid before Parliament. os. 81.

20. A motion by Lord Chatham to remove the forces from Boston. 81, 2.
21. Pugaticheff, che Russian rebel, executed: 46. 104-

23. A declaration by the States-General for seizing Moorish thips. 46.
Feb. 1, A provisional act for settling the troubles in America, presented to the Lords by

Lord Chacham, but reje&cd. 83.
2. An address of boih Houses presented to the King, to enforce dae obedience to

the fupreme icgillature. 89.
10. A bill ordered in, to restrain the trade of the New-England colonies. 121.
14. Cardinal Brasci elected Pope, and assumes the name Pius VI. 156.

10. A conciliatory proposal to the Americans. 122.
March 9, A bill ordered in to restrain the trade of New- Jetsoy, Peonsylvania, &c. 177.

-26. A second letser by the American congress to the inhabitants of Canada. 421.

30. The royal affent given to the New-England restraining bill. 159. April is. Notice giyen that remonstrances from the London livery would not be received

on the throne. 117.
13. The royal aflent given ro the act to restrain the trade of New. Jersey, &c. 220.

19. Hoftilities begun in America. 229. 300.
May s. Gen. Gage deprived by the Massachuset's-bay congress. 307.

2. Ticonderoga and Crown-point surprised by the provincials. 309.
10. Articles of confederation and perpetual union proposed by the American colo-'

nies. 665

The Queen of Denmark died at Zell. 286.
11. Lewis XVI. King of France, crowned at Rheims. 332.
28. A pastoral letrer issued by the fynod of New-York and Philadelphia. 419.

The royal assent given to an act for restoring the clan Gregour. 296.
June 8. The American congress resolve, that the compact between the crown and the

people of Massachuset's-bay is diffolved. 495. 12. A pardon offered to Americans who lay down their arms. 374. 14. Barooets of Scotland resolve to re-assume a badge avchorised by K. Charles I. 341. 17. A bloody adion at Bunker's hill near Boston. 375. 438. 24. An address, petition, and memorial, to the King, Lords, and Commons, of G.

Britain, agreed upon by the representatives of the freeholders of Nova Scotia,

491. 668. July 6. A declaration issued by the American congress in jullification of their taking up

arms. 423.
8. A second letter by the American congress to the inhahitan of Britain. 427,
9. The Spaniards make an attempt on Algiers, but are defeated. 453.
11. The province of Gcorgia joins the other colonies. 435.
14. Georgia provincial congress agree op a petition to the King. $49.
28. A letter by the American congress to the people of Ireland. 484.
30. Capt. Cook completes his third circumnavigation of the globe. 499.

31. An opinion given by the American congress of the conciliatory proposal. 48%. Aug. 11. The plan of confederation thougly not at present eligible by the provincial con.

grers at Hillsborough. 667.
23. A royal proclamation for fuppresling rebellion and sedition issued. 45$.

26. The Massachuset's-bay new formed assembly pass acts. 55o.
Sept. 1. A petition from the American congress presented to the King. $49,

s. The American congress meets in pursuance of its adjournment. 501.
ca. 3. &c. Destructive forms and inundations both in England and Scotland. 631, 22:

18. Fort Chamblee in Capada taken by the provincials. 650, 1.

Falmouth in Casco bay destroyed by a war-ship. 660. 26. The King, in his speech, recommends the most decisive exertions. 563, Nov. 3. Fort St John's taken by the provincials. 052. 13. An act passed by the Massachuset's-bay afiembly for fitting out armed vefsels, and

for condemping British ships taken by them. 663. 119. 14. Destructive storms and inundations in Holland. 616.

Gen. Gage arrives at London from Boston 630. ei. 22. The royal assent given to an act to prohibit all trade with shirteen colonies of

America, and to grant pardons, &c. 682.


ger and Burke

[202.208. Anglefea. Hindon.

. Fisc. Bulkeley (not Cashell) Election declared void, and John Durand, vice P. H. OurBedford town. no new writ ordered

ry, who vacated Pet. dec. in fav. of Sir V.


Richmond. Wake and Mr Whitbrcad J. Baring's pet. withdrawn Charles Dundass, vice Tho. Bedwin.


Dundass, who fits for StirVisc. Cranbourn, vice Earl of Candidates, Per. Cust, Will. lingshire Courtown, who vacated in Innes, Rich. Brown, and


None Pet. dec. in fav. of Visc. Gage

Will. Inigo Jones.
found duly elected : a new and Mr Medley

452 election ordered
Jacob Wilkinson
Hon. Joho Vaughan

St Ives.

James Butier and John Ald. u. Alex. Campbell 147 Candidates, Ad. Drummond, ridge were also candidates,

Boroughbridge. Will. Praed, Sam. Stephens, and Mr Butler petitioned William Phillips is returned, and Arth. Holdsworth.


Stockbridge. vice E. Mallith, who fits for Stephens petitioned : Mr Pet. of John Frolt Widmore

Drummond was found duly
elected; but neither Mr Praed

Pet. dec. in fav. of Meff. Cru- nor Mr Stephens. On a new Sir Jof. Mawbey, vice

Sir writ, Sir Tho. Wyon was

Francis Vincent dead
Cardigan town. returned

Th. Johncs, vice Sir R. Smith, Kingston. Petition withdrawn Tho. Dummer, vice J. Bul.
found not duly elected Maiden. Petition withdrawn loch, who vacated; and


Henry Drummond, vice Joha Walter Stanbope, vice Fl. Will. Weddell, vice Edm. Adams, who fits for Carmari

Burke, who fits for Bristol
Norton, who vacated
St Maw's.

Hon. Charles Finch, vice A. Delete Hon.

Thomas Rumbold, vice Ch. Wedderburne, who fits for


Ogilvie, who vacated
Hon. Henry Seymour Conway


and John Ord, vice Mert. John Morton, vice B. Ho. Sam. Egerton not dead Macworth and Gudway, who tham, made a Baron of Eso Cricklade.

fit for Cardiff and Wells chequer S. Peach, and J. Deuar, doub.


Wilton. set, vice W. Earle d. Thomas Pownal, vice H. F.

Herbert, vice Nich. HerThis declared a void elec. Luterell, who vacated bert, d. H. Herbert not dead tion, and s. Peach returned


Winehelsea. again

Fr Eyre's petition withdrawn. William Needham, vice Arn. J. Dewar and S. Petrie peti- Meff. Delme and Byron át Nesbitt, who fits for Crick. tioned

Newport, Corn.

lade Dorsheffer. John Frederick and Richard

Yarmouth, Hamp.
Pet. dec. in fav. of Mell. Da- Bull. Mr Morice fits for James Worley, vice E. M.
mer and Ewer

Worsley, who vacated
Newton, Hamp.

Edinburgh city, Scotl. Pet. dec. in fav. of Sir Philip For William read Charles Pet. J. F. Erskine withdrawn Halcs and John Cooper


Dunfermline, Culross, 6c. Ealloc.

Pet. dec. in fav. of M. Wyld. Pet. Sir A. Gilmour withdrawa William Graves, vice Sir Ch. bore

Dyfari, Kirkaldy, &c. Whitworth, who vacared


Pet. J. T. Oswald fallen from John Rogers, vice W. Graves, Pet. dec. in fav. of Sir A. Hume Wigton, New Galloway, br. who likewife vacated and W. Jolliffe

Henry Watkin Dalhwood, d.ç.

To the BINDER.

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VUT away the blue covers; and place this quarter of a sheet, containing the

General Title-page, the Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January.

Place the map of thirty miles round Boston, and of the action near Charlestown, 20. fron: p. 440, as stitched.

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