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In most of the States, the common law re- previously obtain from the city or town clerk, a quires that the male be fourteen and the female certificate of their respective names, occupatwelve years of age, before the marriage can tions, ages, birth-places, and residences upon take place. In certain States, seventeen for receipt of which, any clergyman or magistrate males and fourteen for females; in others, the is authorized to perform the ceremony. age for males is eighteen, for females, fourteen. In several States of the Union, the consent

Formerly in certain Eastern States, parties in- of the parents or guardians is required, before tending to marry were required by statute to re- the proper officer can issue a license, if the male cord a notice of such intent with the town clerk be under twenty-one years, or the female under for three weeks, at the expiration of which time, eighteen if no objection was interposed, the clerk was au- In some of the States, a license to marry must thorized to give a certificate to that effect, and the firs

first be procured of the city, town, or county clergyman or magistrate was empowered to per- clerk, empowering the clergyman or magistrate form the ceremony. In various States, the law to marry the contracting parties, which is wordrequires that parties intending marriage shall / ed as follows:



- State of

-County of


The people of the State of

any person legally authorized to solemnije Mariage, GREETING: You are hereby authorized to join in the holy bonds of Matrimony, and to celebrate the tiles and ceremonies of Marriage, between Mr. and M

according to the usual custom and laws of the State of

and you are required to return this license to me within thirty days, from the celebration of such Marriage, with a Certificale of the same, appended therelo, and signed by you, under the penalty of One Hundred Dollars.


out said Court and the Seal thereof, at his office,
in said County, this day of..



Clerk of

County Clerk.


State of


-, hereby certify that on the. day of

189 I joined in Marriage, Mr. and M

agreeable to the authority given in the above License, and the customs and laws of this State.

hand and seal, this

day of...

A. D., 1867...

Given under




The Ceremony.

ence of these witnesses, to love, bonor, comfort, and cherish each other

as such, so long as you both sball live; therefore, in accordance with The license procured, the ceremony of mar

the laws of the State of

I do hereby pronounce you bus

band and wife." riage may take place wherever it best suits the convenience of the parties marrying, and may

Short Form of Marriage. be performed by a clergyman, justice of the su- ( The justice will instruct the parlies to rise and join hands, and

then say:) preme court, judge of an inferior court, justice

"By this act of joining hands you do take upon yourselves the relaof the peace, or police justice; one or more wit

tion of husband and wife, and solemnly promise and engage, in the nesses being present to testify to the marriage.

prisence of these witnesses, to love and honor, comfort and cherish

each other as such, as long as you both shall live; therefore, in accordThe clergyman or magistrate may visit the ance with the laws of the State of

-, I do hereby pronounce

you husband and wife." candidates for matrimony at a private residence, hotel, hall, church, or other place; or the par

The form used by clergymen is essentially ties may call upon the clergyman at his resi

the same, though the wording may vary slightly dence, or visit the magistrate in his office, where

to suit the occasion and conform to the rites of the rite may be performed. When the ceremo- the church under which the parties marry. ny is conducted by the magistrate, the following

The marriage license is returned by the magis the usual form.

istrate or clergyman to the clerk that granted Form of Marriage.

it, for record. At the time of procuring the (The man and woman rising, the justice will say to the man:) license, however, the bridegroom or other per

Will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to live together son should obtain a blank marriage certificate, after God's ordinance, in the holy estate of Matrimony, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, and for- usually furnished by the clerk, which should saking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as you both shall

be filled by the clergyman or magistrate at the live?"

( Then addressing the woman, the justice will say :) close of the ceremony, certifying to the mar“Will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to live togeth- riage of the parties ; which certificate should be er after God's ordinance, in the holy estate of Matrimony, to love, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others

always preserved by the husband and wife, as keep thee only unto bim so long as you both shall live!”

proof of marriage, if necessary, when they (The parties answering in the affirmative, the justice will then instruct have removed to other parts of the country. them to join hands, and say :)

The following is the form of the marriage * By the act of joining hands you take upon yourselves the relation

certificate : of husband and wife, and solemnly promise and engage, in the pres

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That were at...

..of..........in the State of .......and ..........of .......... in the State of

in the said County, by me joined together in

On the

-, day of..

in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy....



SIDE from the entertainments of courtesy always to enclose, with the same, a

guests at the residence of the bride, dollar bill.
the expenses of the marriage are The wording of the marriage notice will de-
entirely borne by the groom, who pend upon circumstances. If the parties have
is understood to be the winner of a large circle of acquaintances, to whom they
the prize. If the parties marrying desire to offer an apology for not having invited
are wealthy and of undoubted them to the wedding, they will announce, with

standing and respectability in so- the notice, that no general invitation was exciety, they can appropriately celebrate the nuptial tended, thus: ceremony in an expensive manner, the occasion

MARRIED. being taken by the relatives and friends as an opportunity for the making of every description

LEONARD-REYNOLDS. - In this city, at the residence of the bride's

father, January 1, 1873, by the Rev. Chas. G. Robinson, rector of of present to the bride and groom. If, how

Christ Church, Mr. Theron D. Leonard_and Mrs. A. B. Reynolds,

daughter of Wm. Fairbanks, Esq., all of Philadelphia. No cards. ever, the parties move in the humbler walks of life, an expensive bridal tour, and very great Other marriage notices, according to circumdisplay at the wedding, are not advisable. It is

stances, will read as follows: much better for the newly wedded couple to

In this city, by the Rev. II. A. Henderson, CHARLES H. WILLIAMS commence life in a manner so plain and modest and MYRA B. COOLEY, both of Chicago. that succeeding years cannot fail to steadily in

On Tuesday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Belmont, at the residence

of the bride's uncle, Harvey Baker, Esq., Cyrus E. Maynard, of New crease their wealth and give them better oppor

York, and Miss Lizzie H. Wentworth, of Cleveland, Ohio. tunities. People always more highly respect

On Thursday, January 20th, at the residence of Mr. Asa Sprague, 144
Mayberry St., Anton D. Miller, of St. Joseph, Mich., and Harriet A.

Sprague, of this city. those persons who steadily go upward, no matter

St. Joseph papers please copy. how slowly, than those that attempt a display At the Leland House, Springfield, I., January 30, hy the Rev. J. L

Stoddard, Stephen M. Byron, of Detroit, Mich., and Carrie D. Paine, beyond their ability honestly to maintain.

of Springfield, ni. To legally marry in the United States, only a On the evening of the 30th, at the Revere House, by Winfield Gard

ner, Miss Emma Brown to William Wedgewood,

all of this city. few incidental expenses are really necessary. Of

In this city, on Monday, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. H. these, the license costs, in different States, from A. Waldron and Miss Agnes E. Willett. one to two dollars, and the magistrate, for per

The ceremonies took place at the residence of Henry Wil

lett, Esq., on Beverly Place, yesterday morning at nine o'clock, forming the ceremony, is allowed by law to

only a select company of friends being present. The happy charge two dollars. While no law regulates

couple departed at once on their wedding tour, with New York the price, it is customary to quietly present the as their main point of destination. Their visit will be protracted clergyman five dollars or more, according to the

until the middle of next month, when, upon their return, Mr. ability and liberality of the groom. In giving Mutual Insurance Company, of this city, to which position he

Waldron will assume the secretaryship of the Great Western notice of the marriage to the newspaper, it is has been recently called by the directors of the Company.

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How to Prepare the Register; giving Names of the Family, Births, Marriages and Deaths.


URING LIFE, a carefully prepared

N preparing the register, care should be record of the family, which should

taken to give the names of the family in be arranged by the head of the

full, the town and state where each was household, is of great convenience for

born, and date of birth; the state and reference. This register should con

town where each died, and date of death; tain the name, birth, marriage, and death

town and state where each married, and of each member of the family. It may be

date, together with the name of the kept in the Bible, on a paper prepared officiating clergyman, or magistrate, and of one or especially for the purpose, suitable for framing, or more witnesses to the marriage. In proving claims in any manner whereby the same may be preserved. to pensions, or heirship to estates, this is frequently It may also contain brief biographical sketches of of great importance. Observe carefully the form members of the family.

of record shown on the opposite page.

[blocks in formation]

UARDIANS and parents are also

HE child's record should be made very recommended to prepare in a book

full and explicit for many reasons, the of blank pages, made for the pur

principal being that it may be of great pose, a biographical sketch of each

service to the future biographer of the child under their charge, noting pecul

child; while the physiologist may draw iarities of birth, attending physician, color

an important lesson by a comparison beof hair, eyes, &c., when born; strength of

tween the habits of infancy and those constitution, subsequent disposition, age at of mature years. This record will certainly be a which the child first walks, talks, reads, writes, first matter of value to the family, and like the infantattends school, and so on upwards until the child picture, it will be of especial interest to the man and is able to take up the record itself.

woman as a daguerreotype of their early years.

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