Memoirs of the War of Independence in Hungary, Том 1

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C. Gilpin, 1850 - 334 страници

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Страница 243 - Report, we regret to say, is all that we know of the ' Campaner Thai,' one of Richter's beloved topics, or rather the life of his whole philosophy, glimpses of which look forth on us from almost every one of his writings. He died while engaged, under recent and almost total blindness, in enlarging and remodelling this 'Campaner Thai.
Страница 241 - Mr. Capper's book may be regarded as a monument of diligence, of fairness, and of Christian benevolence ; and it will find its Way, we doubt not, into the library of every man who wishes to be informed on what must, after all, be one of the great controversies, if not the greatest controversy, of the times upon which the Church of CHRIST is entering.
Страница 245 - We say to all, read it, imbibe its spirit, and learn, like the writer, to work for and with God, towards the regeneration of your race." — Nottiny ham Review. " Reader, if you have not read the ' Sparks from the Anvil,
Страница 236 - This constitutes one of the most tender, beautiful, instructive, and edifying narratives that for a long time has come under our notice. * * * We anticipate for it a very extended popularity and usefulness among the mothers and daughters of England.
Страница 20 - The commanders of the various corps have hitherto taken it upon themselves to remove, translocate, appoint, and grant medals and orders to, military officers. For the future, they are bound to appeal to the War Office, and in the higher grades to the Governor of the country for confirmation. On the field of battle alone shall the commanders be entitled to reward the merits of individuals, according to the best of their opinion.
Страница xxv - ... members, as giving a promise of an efficient protection against the Turks. But their reign in Hungary was a direct contradiction of their promises. Large provinces were left to the Turks. For one hundred and forty-five years did the Crescent rule over more than one-half of the country. The chiefs of the malcontents, in 1667, were fully justified in protesting, that ' It was an open question : which was worse — Turkish or Austrian sovereignty?
Страница 156 - I am old. I have nothing to lose ! If Pesth is again given up, I shall again be the last who leaves it. Perhaps I'll go to Szegedin, and even to Arad ; but beyond Arad I will not go. I am too old to be an exile. I do not care what will happen to me, — it is the thought of my country which harrows my soul...
Страница 174 - ... hand. In order, therefore, amid the political intrigues which are likely to prey upon our unfortunate country, to maintain an unshaken and legal position, the corps of the Upper Danube makes the following public declarative profession: Firstly. The corps of the Upper Danube, faithful to its oath for the maintenance of the Constitution of Hungary, as sanctioned by King Ferdinand the Fifth, intends to defend that Constitution against all foreign enemies. Secondly. But the corps of the Upper Danube...
Страница 45 - ... to spring a mine under the suspension bridge, by the explosion was cast a mutilated corpse at a distance from his ghastly commander. Aulich, Knezich, and young, gallant Leiuingen, covered themselves and the arms of Hungary with glory. It was a dazzling victory for the despised rebels. Kossuth issued the following proclamation : " Praise to the holy name of God ! Praise to the heroes of the National army, who sacrifice their lives to the liberation of our country ! " The fortress of Buda is in...
Страница 141 - The Governor of the Commonwealth to General Klapka. " By these presents, I inform you, that, by the authority which the country has given me, and with the counsel and assent of the council of ministers, I have this day, in the name of the people, appointed the Field-Marshal-Lieutenant Lazarus Meszaros to be Commander-inchief of all the troops of our country.