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Whence claim they praise, these piles, which,

strown on earth A steril burthen, mock their former state ? "Tis from remembrance of their youthful

worth; They once were beautiful!--they once were .: great!

Those charms alone survive that deck the

heart, Comniand respect which growing years in.

crease, Bloom when the roses from the cheek depart And ebbiug life's tumultuous raptures cease!

Forgive the Muse, if, with presumptuous love, · She wooes your ears to attend her moral lays; Lest faithless to themselves your pleasures

And useless time steal unimproved away!

For know, your bosoms feel a flame as bright
As cheers a dying Cato's latest hour,
A youthful AMMON warms to lead the fight,
Or lights a JULIUS to the goal of power

Oh! trust not then the force of radiant eyes, Those whort-lived glories of your spoitive

banil: " ? Pleased with its stars, though laughing morn

arise, A steadier beam meridian skies demand !

Reflect, ere, victor of each lovely frame, Time bids the external fleeting graces fade, 'Tis Reason's base supports the poblest claim, 'Tis sense preserves the conquests Beauty


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The following Works are also Sold


A WALK through SOUTHAMPTON: • By Sir Henry C. Englefield, bart, F.R.S. & F. A.8.

Second edition, considerably augmented; to which is added, some account of the Roman Station, Clausentum. Price 7s. 60, 8vo; or 145, 410with proof impressions of the plates. A Companion in a TOUR round SOUTHAMPTON;

Comprehending various Particulars, ancient and modern, of New Forest, Lymington, Christchurclı, Romsey, Bishop's Waltham, Titchfield, &c; and a Tour of the Isle of Wight; with Notices of the Vila lages, Gentlemen's Seats, Curiosities, Antiquities, &c; occurring in the different Roads. By John Bullar. Third edition, improved and enlarged. Price 3s. 6d.

Ditto, with a map, 5s. fil.
TOUR with GUIDE to the ISLE of WIGHT, toge-

ther, in extra bourds, 5s: 611.
Ditto with wap round Southampton and Isle of Wight,

10.se “No parts of the kingdom, indeed, are more the objects of admiration, than the environs of Southampton, New Forest, and the Isle of Wight, which this Tour embraces; and, from a local knowledge of the track, we can afirm that the present publication is as authentic as it is agreeable." .

New London Review, May, 1800, p. 477. Sir H. Englefield also speaks of the above work, in his preface to the “ Walk through Southampton," in the following very flattering terms :--.

****** And to whose accurate pen the investigators of the beautiful environs of the town of Southampton are already obliged, for on of the best digested and most instructive of those useful tracts commonly known under the name of Guides ..

1 GUIDE to the ISLE of WIGHT: .

By John Bullar. Third edition, corrected and improved. Price 2s. 6d ; or, with a map neatly engraved and coloured, 4s. 6d.

A NEW PICTURE of the ISLE of WIGHT; Illustrated with thirty-six plates of the most beautiful and interesting views throughout the island, in imitation of the original sketches ; drawn and engraved by William Cooke. To which is prefixed, an introductory account of the island, and a voyage round its coast. · Price £1: Is. 8vo, with proof impressions of the plates. An edition in duodecimo is in the press, and will shortly be published.

HISTORY of the ISLE of WIGHT; Military, ecclesiastical, civil, and natural ; to which is added, a view of its agriculture : by the Rev. R. Warner. Price 63. in boards.

SOUTHAMPTON GUIDE ; Comprising an account of the ancient and present state, with every particular necessary for the informa. tion of the stranger and traveller. A new and en, larged edition. Price Is; or with plates Is. 6d. A MAP of the Roads, Gentlemen's Seats, &c, twelve miles round Southainpton; with the Isle of Wight : intended as a directory to gentlemen in their rides round Southampton, and in the Isle of Wight. Price 2s. 60, coloured, A PLAN OF SOUTIIAMPTON,

· Price 1s. 6d. This will be useful ag an accompaniment to the “Walk through uthampton,” and also to the “ Southampton Guide."

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