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whereupon seemed stamped the law of kindness. And he stood —there in their very midst;—the spot was nature's own: the only auditors the untutored children of the forest: and yet here was formed a treaty, such as Christendom never saw, such as Prince and Potentate might come and look upon—a treaty ratified without an oath!

Pointless were the arrows of the red man, hushed was the voice of the Indian, as they listened to his words of truth and soberness.

Years have rolled over us since that memorable day—lost is the trace of the savage, and felled the lofty elm under which they stood :—but the government then and there formed, resting on the two great columns of Religion and Virtue, still exists :— a prouder monument, a lofter mausoleum for him than the most classic Roman urn, than the stateliest Egyptian Pyramid. His monument is built on a more enduring base—the happiness of man! e. N.

Trt, and perchance thou mayst not err,
To sound the depth of ocean caves,

Where late and long the mariner,

Impels his barque o'er unknown waves.

But think not with thine utmost art,

To fathom all thy brother's heart!

There is an evil and a good

In every heart unknown to thee,

A darker or a brighter mood,

Than aught thine eye can ever see:

Words, actions, faintly mark the whole,

That lies within a human soul!

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