The Antiquities of England and Wales, Том 4

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Hooper & Wigstead, N0: 212, Hight-Holborn, facing Southhampton Street, Bloombsury-Square., 1784

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Страница 152 - With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Страница 47 - Nothing can be more striking than the effect at first entering within the walls from the town; when, through a dark gloomy gateway of considerable length and depth, the eye suddenly emerges into one of the most splendid scenes that can be imagined; and is presented at once with the great body of the inner castle, surrounded with fair semi-circular towers, finely swelling to the eye, and gaily adorned with pinnacles, battlements, etc.
Страница 152 - when entire it was far from being destitute of strength, yet its appearance does not excite the idea of one of those rugged fortresses destined solely for war." Warkworth was anciently the seat and barony of the Claverings; and was bestowed upon Henry Percy, the ancestor of the earls of Northumberland, by Edward III., and, after several temporary forfeitures, has remained in the Percy family from the twelfth year of Edward IV.
Страница 96 - One Lancelot Errington, a, man of an ancient and respectable family in Northumberland, and of a bold and enterprising spirit, entered into a conspiracy for seizing this castle for the pretender, in which, it is said, he was promised assistance, not only by Mr. Forster, the rebel general, then in arms, but also by the masters of several French privateers. At this time, the garrison consisted of a sergeant, a corporal, and ten or twelve men only.
Страница 39 - ... of other buildings, which lay in a different direction from the present, and some of the stones appeared to have Roman mouldings. The dungeon or keep of the present' castle is believed to have been, founded in the Saxon times.
Страница 96 - ... invited him and the rest of the men, who were not immediately on duty, to partake of a treat on board of the ship of which he was master, then lying in the harbour; this being unsuspectedly accepted of, he so well plied his guests with brandy, that they were soon incapable of any opposition.
Страница 97 - ... escaped ; but most of the latter were soon after taken. The two Erringtons, however, had the good fortune to make their way to the Tweedside, where they found the custom-house boat ; they rowed themselves over, and afterwards turned it adrift.
Страница 58 - Sharp, when it was fitted up for the reception of the poor. The upper parts were formed into granaries, whence in times of scarcity corn is sold to the indigent, without any distinction, at four shillings per bushel. A hall and...
Страница 169 - Before I goe any farther, I must take notice of the tower with a gate and common passage underneath, called Fryer Bacon his Study ', which standeth on this bridge neare to the end next the city. A name though meerly traditionall and not in any record to be found ; yet neverthelesse their might be some matter of truth in it, being soe delivered from one generation to another.
Страница 97 - A reward of £500. was now offered to any one who would apprehend them ; notwithstanding which, Lancelot was so daring as soon after to come into England, and even to visit some of his friends in Newgate. After the suppression of the rebellion, when every tiling was quiet, he and his nephew took the benefit of the general pardon, VOL.