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1884. Jan. q.

The Patent bilire. PREFATORY NOTE.

The present volume comprises the additions to the Library of the Patent Office from May 1, 1878, to May 1, 1883, about 12,000 volumes, making the total number of volumes, including pamphlets, 40,000.

Several duplicate sets of foreign patents have been added, especially those of France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy, and English subject-matter indexes to them, have been prepared; and it is hoped that very soon the duplicates will be so perfect that complete files of all foreign patents will remain in the Library aside from those in the examiners' rooms.

A very large increase has been made in the number of periodicals, and especially those devoted to the industrial arts, the list now amounting to over five hundred.

It will be noticed that during the five years since the last Catalogue was issued the Library has nearly doubled in extent, and probably more than that in value; the selections having been made with more care and system and with special reference to the work in the Office. This gratifying result has been made possible by a specific annual appropriation for the purchase of books, contemplated by law in founding the Library, but not fully carried into effect until 1878, when the amount was fixed at $5,000.

The general plan of the former Catalogue has been followed for the sake of uniformity, both in the arrangement and printing, though the proportion of subject matter entries has been largely increased.

As a repertory of industrial literature and applied science in general, this Library may now, perhaps, compete with any other of its kind, although further improvement is to be expected in the completeness of its collection, and better methods of indexing to make the mass of information gathered, more accessible to the Office and the public.



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The types used are as follows:
Authors, full-face, as: Aaron, Charles H.

First-word entry, biography, editors, manufacturers' catalogues, and ordinary references in antique, as: Accessory art, etc.; Panizzi, Anthony. Life of. See Fagan, L.; Fleming, W. Vocab. philos. Ed. by; Bradley and Smith. Trade price-list, etc.

Subjects, antique caps, as: ACIDS.

Geographical names and references, Roman small caps, as: Alps. See MISSOURI. Iron ores of.

References to volumes in a set, first word in antique, without the word See, as: Smithsn, contrib., v. 9.




A., A. Introduction to the study of Abbott, John Loraine. The home-book

painted glass. 120. London and Orford, of wonders in nature, science, and art; a 1878. pp. 7 + 80.

description of the wonderful phenomena AACHEN. Königl. rheinisch - westfälische of nature and the achievements of science

technische Hochschule. Erster Nachtrag, and art. Mus. 80. Hartford, 1870. pp.816. Katalog der Bibliothek. 1872 bis 1878. | Abbott, W. H. The management of grass80. Aachen, 1879.

land. Ed. by. See Roland, Arthur. Aaron, Charles H. Practical treatise on

A. B. C. (The) of bee culture. See Root, testing and working silver ores. 16o.

A. I. San Francisco, 1876. pp. 114.

-- (The) universal commercial electric telAbbot, Henry L. Report upon experi

egraphic code. See Clauson-Thue, W. ments and investigations to develop a

Abel, F. A. Modern history of gunpowder. system of submarine mines for defending

Science lectures for the people, series 10. the harbors of the United States. Sub. mitted to the board of engineers by.

Aberdeen, George, Earl of. Inquiry into Illus. 4o. Washington, 1881. pp. 444. Sce

the principles of beauty in Grecian archiUNITED STATES. War department. Bu

tecture; with an historical view of the rean of engineers. Professional papers,

rise and progress of the art in Greece. etc., No. 23.

Extracted from Wilkin's translation of - Siege artillery in the campaigns against

Vitruvius, to which it is an introduction. Richmond, with notes on the 15-inch gi,

12°. London, 1860. pp. 8 + 110 + 16 + 32. including an algebraic analysis of the tra

Weale's series, No. 130. jectory of a shot in its ricochets upon Abernathey, R. James. Practical hints smooth water. Illus. 89. New York, 1868. on mill building. Illu8. 89. London, pp. 183. See UNITED STATES. War de 1880. pp. 298. partment. Bureau of engineers. Profes Ablett, William H. Arboriculture for sional papers, No. 14.

amateurs; being instructions for the Abbott, Austin. The legal remembrancer,

planting and cultivation of trees for orcontaining concise statements of the law

nament or use, and selections and descripas it now is, on subjects of general im

tions of those suited to special requireportance, particularly adapted to the

ments as to soil, situation, etc. Illus. State of New York. Ed. by. 12. Vero 120. London, n.d. Amateur series, v. 6. York, 1871. pp. 288.

pp. 120. Abbott, Benj. Vaughn. Dictionary of

- Dairy farming. Ed. by. See Roterms and phrases used in American or

land, A. English jurisprudence. 2 v. 8°. Boston,

- English trees and tree-planting. 8o. 1879. pp. 43 +680; 738. Abbott, John. Exposition of the princi.

London, 1880. pp. 9 + 434. ples of Abbott's hydraulic engine, with

- Reminiscences of an old draper. 16o. tables and engravings: an illustration of London, 1876. Pp. 237. the power of wheels heretofore used. Abney, Capt. Photography. South Ken80. Boston, 1835. pp. 132.

sington Museum. Science lectures, v. 1, 1904— 1

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Abney, W. de. Wiveleslie. The practical ACOUSTICS-continued. working of the gelatine emulsion process. - in relation to architecture and buildIllus. 120. London, 1880. pp. 82.

ing. See Smith, T. R. Weale's series, - Treatise on photography. Illus. 16o.

No. 116. New York, 1878. Text-books of science, — light and heat. See Lees, W. Putv. 14. pp. 326.

nam's advanced sc. ser., v. 8. ABSORPTION of light. Die Absorption - - See Lees, W. Putnam's element.

des Lichtes in isotropen Mitteln. See sc, ser., v. 8. Wüllner, A.

-- See Piper, Thomas W. ABSTINENCE, Total. See Richardson, - Mechanism of the ossicles of the ear, B. W.

etc. See Helmholtz, H. Abuse (The) of the steam jacket. See - Musical. See Broadhouse, J. Fletcher, William.

- Power of sound. See Gurney, E. ACADEMIES. Die Forstschule in Hohen - Summary of researches in sound. See heim, Geschichte und Beschreibung. See

Henry, J. Forstschule.

- Theoretical. See Donkin, W. T. Accessory art. Original and suggestive - Theory of sound. See Strutt, J. W.

examples of ornament. See Day, L. A. – Wonders of. See Radau, R. Tlus. ACCIDENTS. Les accidents; secours à library of wonders, v. 14.

donner. See Smée, A. Actuals. scients. | ACTINISM. What is it? Half hour rec2e sér. 3.

reations in pop. sc., 1st ser. - and sickness, Guide in. See First ACTINOLOGY. Sea-anemones; or, tanks help.

and theirinhabitants. See Sea-anemones. - casualties, etc. See Hints.

ACTINOMETRY. Actinométrie. See — Etiology, pathology, and treatment of. Radau, R. Actuals, scients., 64. See Howe, J. W.

Acton, William. The functions and disHome nursing, and how to help in cases orders of the reproductive organs in childof. See Benton, S.

hood, youth, adult age, and advanced life - in mines. See Bagot, Alan.

considered in their physiological, social, - on railroads. See Adams, C. F.

and moral relations. 6th ed. Illus. 80. - railroad. See Turnbull, Lawrence, and Philadelphia, 1875. pp. 266. McRea, Wm. C.

Actual lateral pressure of earthwork. - or poisoning. What to do first. See See Baker, B. Van Nostrand's sc. ser., Dulles, C. W.

No. 56. - Railway signals and. See Dawnay, | Actualités scientifiques. Illus. 1re sér., A. D.

t. 1-85; 2e sér., t. 1-6 12°. Paris, ACCLIMATION. Bulletin de la société 1866–81. d'acclimatation. See PARIS (1st Cat.)


1re série. ACIDS and salts, Chromic. Reactionen

1o. Analyse spectrale des corps célestes, par W. der Chromsäure und der Chromate. See

Huggins. Trad. par l'abbé Moigno. Illus. Perwolf, E.

1866. — Mineral. Die Mineralsäuren. See Pick, 20. Radiation. Calorescence. Influence des cou. S. Chem.-Tech. Bib.; B. 56.

leurs. Par. J. Tyndall. Trad. par Moigno. Ackland, Henry W., Stokes, W., and

Illus. 1867.

30. Matière et la force. Par J. Tyndall. Trad. others. Medicine in modern times, or

par Moigno. 1873. discourses delivered at a meeting of the British Medical Association at Oxford. With a report on mercury, by Dr. Hughes Bennett. 120. London, 1869. pp. 255 +6.

8o. Sur la radiation. J. Tyndall. 1868. ACOUSTICS, electricity, magnetism.

See Lardner, D. Hand-book of nat. phil., 10o. Faraday, inventeur. Par J. Tyndall. 1868. v. 5.

11°. Saccharimétrie optique, chimique, mélagsi.

métrique. Par l'abbé Moigno. Illus. 1868. - Elementary treatise on. See Foster, J.

129. Science anglaise; son bilan au mois d'août, - in connection with ventilation, Trea

1869. Par l'abb6 Moigno. 1872. Réunion tise on. See Saeltzer, A.

à Exeter,

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