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Life is a fleeting moment, snatched—and given
Again to Yesterday's eternity!
But I could smile at fame, the phantom heaven
Of my enthusiast boyhood, so that I
Might near thee live, and, dearer, near thee die:
So in my failing grasp thy hand might be:
Thine the last form to meet my closing eye;

So I might feel my Spirit could not filee
Away—its life, and love, existing still in thee !




The Apennines: Florence. Apostrophe to Italy; illustrious men
born, or residents at Florence. The Piazza Gran’Duca. Perseus : Cosmo.
The Duomo and the Campanile. The Tribune: the Venus. Niobe :
the Mercury : Genius of Death : Plato. Love and Psyche: The Dan-
cing Fawn: The Medusa : St. John of Raffaelle. The Day and Night,
Santa Crocè: Galileo : Michael Angelo : Dante : A Vision of the Dead.

Fiesole : Apostrophe to Nature : to the Air. The Vale of Arno, and
Florence in the distance. Farewell to Youth : remembrances of its
joys and sorrows. Ascent to Vallambrosa · moral influences of Nature on
the soul: on Liberty. Wild and sublime Scenery of Vallambrosa : analo-
gies ; remembrances of Milton : Eulogy on that Great Poet. Farewell
to Vallambrosa ; The Adriatic: Apostrophe to England, recalling its na-
tional glories : Conclusion.


If thou wert aught, Time-hallowed phantom, Muse! Save the creation of immortal mind, Here, throned apart, thy temple would'st thou choose : Oh! never on Parnassus' heights enshrined, 'Mid Ida's woods, or Delphic shades reclined, Was a sublimer, worthier Altar thine Than where I stand, companion of the Wind, Cloud-folded on the stormy APENNINE !Than where I feel thee linked with Nature's life and II.


Else, wherefore, Vision of the Soul! wert thou
Embodied ever from mankind apart,
Throned on the mountain's heaven-encircled brow?
Save that the Poet felt thou wert and art
From Nature's forms created by the heart :
The crag, the cloud, the spirit-stirring Air!
All elements that kindred Power impart;

Thou, who her gentler communings would'st share, The vale, or brooklet seek, and thou shalt find her there!


Stand—for unseen beneath a world lies shrouded :
An upper and a nether heaven ; behold
Above-the boundless azure spreads unclouded :
Beneath-the mists voluminous enrolled
In wave-like ridges, fold enwrapped o'er fold :
Now, broken, feathering up the mountain's side
In billowy wreaths of gusty vapour rolled ;

Now, through its yawning gorges spreading wide, Like smoke whose eddying palls those rocky cauldrons

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