Drill Regulations for the Hospital Corps, United States Navy: Prepared Under the Direction of the Surgeon General, U. S. Navy

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - 61 страници

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Страница 6 - Heels on the same line and as near each other as the conformation of the man permits.
Страница 15 - Each man steps off in a direction 45° to the right of his original front. He preserves his relative position, keeping his shoulders parallel to those of the guide...
Страница 14 - At the command march, given as the right foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the left foot, then face to the right in marching and step off in the new direction with the right foot.
Страница 18 - In case of fracture of the lower extremities, he is carried uphill feet foremost and downhill head foremost to prevent the weight of the body from pressing down on the injured part.
Страница 7 - About, 2. FACE. Carry the toe of the right foot about a half foot-length to the rear and slightly to the left of the left heel without changing the position of the left foot; face to the rear, turning to the right on the left heel and right toe; place the right heel by the side of the left.
Страница 8 - The length of the full step in quick time is 30 inches, measured from heel to heel, and the cadence is at the rate of 120 steps per minute. The length of the full step in double time is 36 inches; the cadence is at the rate of 180 steps per minute. The instructor, when necessary, indicates the cadence of the step by calling one, two, three, four...
Страница 8 - ... out ; at the same time throw the weight of the body forward, and plant the foot without shock, weight of body resting upon it ; next, in like manner, advance the right foot and plant it as above ; continue the march, keeping the face to the front. The instructor indicates from time to time the cadence of the step by calling one, two, three four ; or, left, right...
Страница 5 - ... purpose of correcting them, except when they are unable to correct themselves. He avoids keeping them too long at the same movement, although each should be understood before passing to another. He exacts by degrees the desired precision and uniformity.
Страница 17 - In an injury of the upper extremity, calling for litter transportation, the best position is on the back, with the injured arm laid over the body or suitably placed by its side, or on the uninjured side, with the wounded arm laid over the body. In injuries of the lower extremity the patient should be on his back, or inclining toward the wounded side; in...
Страница 7 - FACE. Raise slightly the right heel and left toe and face to the right, turning on the left heel, assisted by a slight pressure on the ball of the right foot; replace the right foot. The facings to the left are also executed upon the left heel.