The Junior R.O.T.C. Manual: A Text Book for the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1922 - 562 страници

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Страница 14 - To the rear, 2. MARCH. At the command march, given as the right foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the left foot; turn to the right about on the balls of both feet and immediately step off with the left foot.
Страница 172 - Left: The left extremity or element of a body of troops. Line: A formation in which the different elements are abreast of each other.
Страница 388 - ... properly understood; the command of execution should be given at the instant the movement is to commence. The tone of command is animated, distinct, and of a loudness proportioned to the number of men for whom it is intended.
Страница 223 - ... forefinger resting lightly against the front of the trigger and taking up the slack; top of front sight is carefully raised into, and held in, the line of sight.
Страница 16 - When the facings, alignments, open and close ranks, taking interval or distance, and assemblings are executed from the order, raise the piece to the trail while in motion and resume the order on halting. Seventh. The piece is brought to the order on halting. The execution of the order begins when the halt is completed. Eighth.
Страница 232 - Inspection, 2. ARMS, 3. Right shoulder, 4. ARMS, and calls the roll. Each man as his name is called answers " here
Страница 41 - RIGHT (LEFT). The men preserve their intervals from the side of the guide, yielding to pressure from that side and resisting pressure from the opposite direction; they recover intervals, if lost, by gradually opening out or closing in; they recover alignment by slightly lengthening or shortening the step; the rear-rank men cover their file leaders at 40 inches.
Страница 223 - The magazine may be filled in whole or in part while " off " or " on " by pressing cartridges singly down and back until they are in the proper place. The use of the rifle as a single loader is, however, to be regarded as exceptional.
Страница 222 - ... and drops it into the left hand at the balance, left thumb extended along the stock, muzzle at the height of the breast, and turns the cut-off up.
Страница 176 - The alignments are executed as prescribed in the School of the Squad, the guide being established instead of the flank file. The rear-rank man of the flank file keeps his head and eyes to the front and covers his file leader. At each alignment the captain places himself in prolongation of the line, 2 paces from and facing the flank toward which the dress is made, verifies the alignment, and commands: FRONT.