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Beautifidly Illustrated and strongly Bound,

PRIMER, Parti.,32pp. 2d.

„ „ II., 32pp. 2d.

Two Parts in One, strongly

bound in linen 4d.

FIRST READER, 64 pp. 4d.

SECOND READER, 128 pp. 6d.
THIRD READER, 160 pp. 9d.
FOURTH READER, 272 pp. ls.4d.
FIFTH READER, 368 pp. Is. 9d.
SIXTH READER, 384 pp. 2s. 6d.


"This series may be recommended for the freshness and variety of its materials." The volumes are well got op and furnished with good illustrations at a moderate price."— Atheneeum.

"Nothing could be better than the' Public School Series,* commencing from the simplest materials and proceeding gradually to the more complex."— Westminster Review.

"A singularly good and complete series. The passages for reading are well selected, and present a great variety. For Government Code purposes it is in short a complete encyclopaedia."—Guardian.

* We can heartily commend them to school-boards and teachers as the leading books of the age."National Education Gazette.

"As a set of reading-books adapted for school use, these contain every requisite."— Schoolmaster.

"A series of Readers for public schools, which we have no hesitation in saying is superior to anything of the kind that has come under our notice."—Bradford Observer.

"The series is one of the best and most carefully compiled extant; indeed, there are few that approach it in excellence."—Scotsman.

"From the * Primer'to the last reading book there is so much novelty in selection, arrangement, and illustration that we envy the coming generation of school children who will have such kindly guides into the upper regions of literature, science, and art."— Glasgow Herald.

"The editor has introduced freshness into the reading lessons generally, by abandoning the old sources of this class of literature, and translating unfamiliar juvenile pieces from the German. Of these he has made an excellent selection."—School Board Chronicle.

"An excellent series of graduated class-books. We cordially commend them to the notice of all interested or engaged in the work of school instruction."—Inquirer.

"The works are exceedingly well graduated, and made to suit the different capacities of their readers. The passages are selected with care and clear good taste, and adapted to give a high moral tone to the mind, aa well as information of the most useful kind to the understanding."— Standard.

"We can heartily recommend them, as exhibiting taste, wisdom, and good sense."— Echo.

** This is one of the best series of school books that has come into our hands. Nothing could be more engaging for a child than these Primers, the type is so distinct, the lessons so simply progressive, along with first-class woodcuts, lessons in written characters, and an easy arithmetic."—Edinburgh Daily Review.

"A practical teacher who has examined the series, assures us tbat it is beyond all question the very best yet issued."—Norwich Mercury.

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Shaen's (Mrs. William) School Lessons in Household Economy.

Sewed, 6d.

Smith's (Dr. Edward, F.R.S.) Health. A Handbook for Households
and Schools. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d.

Studies In French Prose. Specimens of the Language from the
Seventeenth Century to the Present Time. With Chronological and Critical
Notices, Explanatory Notes, &c. 12mo, 8s. 6d.

Studies in Frenoh Poetry. Specimens of the Language from the
Seventeenth Century to the Present Time. With Chronological and Critical
Notices, Explanatory Notes, &c. 12mo, 8s. 6d.

Tate's (W.) Elements of Commercial Arithmetic. 12mo, 2s. (id.
KEY to the above, 3s. 8d.

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