The History of Taunton, in the County of Somerset

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J. Poole, 1822 - 608 страници

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Страница 209 - It is a worthy, edifying sight, And gives to human kind peculiar grace, To see kind hands attending day and night, With tender ministry from place to place. Some prop the head, some from the pallid face Wipe off the faint, cold dews weak nature sheds, Some reach the healing draught, the
Страница 535 - one. Come forth, Mr. Trimmer ; turn you round, and let us see your shape ; and at that rate talked so long, that the poor fellow was ready to drop under him ; but at last the bill was dismissed with costs, and he went
Страница 201 - for the private bringing up of youth in gentlemen and noble, men's houses ; and commodious also for all such as have forgot the latin tongue, and would by themselves, without a schole.master, in short time, and with small paines, recover a sufficient
Страница 450 - Now let us play the men for our people» and for the cities of our GOD ; and the Lord do that which seemeth good unto him.
Страница 536 - feigned a cough, and turned to the wall, with his pot in his hand. But .Mr. Trimmer went out, and gave notice that he was there ; whereupon the mob flowed in, and he was in extreme hazard of his life ; but the lord mayor,
Страница 58 - his or her copyhold tenements, the same having been surrendered to such uses as should be declared by such last will and testament, every disposition or charge made or to be made by any such last will and testament by any person
Страница 535 - come out inflamed, and staring like one distracted. And that visage he put on when he animadverted on such as he took offence at, which made him a terror to real offenders, whom also he terrified with his face and voice, as if the thunder of the day of judgment broke over their heads. He loved to insult, and was bold without check
Страница 535 - He loved to insult, and was bold without check ; but that only when his place was uppermost. One of these intemperances was fatal to him. There was a scrivener of Wapping brought to hearing for relief against a bond.
Страница 40 - 1574, for inquiring into the lands and goods of all her bondmen and bondwomen, in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Gloucester, in order to compound with them for their manumission or freedom, that they might enjoy their own lands and goods as
Страница 599 - some place within a few miles of that part he designs to go unto, they have left keeping of horses, and travel without servants ; and York, Chester, and Exeter stage-coaches, each of them with forty horses a.piece, carry eighteen passengers a week from London to either of these places, and, in like manner, as many in