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The order of the day was postponed and the Congress adjourned till to Morrow at 8 o'Clock.

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1775

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Agreeable to the order of yesterday the Congress resumed the consideration of the report of the Committee on the militia, and after some debate, the same was referred till to Morrow ||for farther consideration.||

A motion being made by Doct! [Benjamin] Franklin and seconded,

Resolved, that the same be taken into consideration to Morrow morning.

The order of the day was postponed and the Congress adjourned till to Morrow at 8 o'clock.


The Congress met according to adjournment.

Agreeable to the order of yesterday, the motion made by M: F[ranklin] was taken into consideration, and after some debate they came to the following Resolution:

Whereas, the government of Great Britain hath prohibited the exportation of arms and ammunition to any of the plantations, and endeavoured to prevent other nations from supplying us:

Resolved, That for the better furnishing these colonies with the necessary means of defending their rights, every vessel importing Gun powder, Salt petre, Sulphur, provided they bring with the sulphur four times as much salt petre, brass field-pieces, or good muskets fitted with Bayonets, within nine Months from the date of this resolution, shall be permitted to load and export the produce of these colonies, to the value of such powder and stores aforesa, the non-exportation agreement notwithstanding; and it is recommended to the committees of the several provinces to inspect the military stores so imported, and to estimate a generous price for the same, according to their goodness, and permit the importer of such powder and other military stores aforesaid, to export the value thereof and no more, in produce of any kind.

Ordered, That a copy of the above be delivered to the delegates of the Colony of Pensylvania, who are desired to request the committee of this city to forward the same in hand bills to the West Indies and such places as they think proper, taking care that it be not published in the news papers.

Extracts from sundry intercepted letters from L? Dartmouth to Gov! Wright and Gov! Martin were laid before the Congress, and read.

The Congress then resumed the talk to the Stockbridge [Indians], which was agreed to, and is as follows:

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Met according to adjournment.

A letter from General Schuyler, with sundry papers were laid before the Congress, and read, and the same being taken in [to] consideration,

Resolved, That the president write to Gen? Worster directing him to send in the most expeditious manner one thousand of the Connecticut forces under his command to Albany, there to remain encamped, until they shall receive orders from General Schuyler as to their future proceedings.

Resolved, That a commissary of stores and provisions be appointed for the New York department, during the present campaign.

By unsanimous] vote Walter Livingston was chosen.

That a deputy quarter master general be appointed for the said department.

M: Donald Campbell unanimously elected.

Ordered, That M! Campbell, have the rank of Colonel in the army

. That a deputy muster master be appointed for so department.

M? Gunning Bedford elected.

Resolved, That the Convention of New York be desired to recommend to Gen! Schuyler, a proper person for a deputy adjutant general or a Brigade Major, for the army in the New York department.

Upon motion, Resolved, That M[Thomas] Cushing, M? [Patrick] Henry and M? [Silas] Deane be a committee to confer with M[Samuel] Kirkland, and report what in their opinion is an adequate compensation for his services among the Indians.

1 This letter, dated July 11, and inclosures, are in the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 153, I, folio 18.

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The address from the deputies of the several parishes of the Islands of Bermuda being again read,

Ordered, That the president return them an answer acknowledging the rec of the Address, and informiņg them that it will be considered, and desiring them to send an acco' of the provisions imported for some years past for the use of the inhabitants of that island, and also inclose them a copy of the resolves entered into on Saturday last respecting the importation of gunpowder, &c.

Adjourned till to Morrow.

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1775

Met according to adjournment.

The Committee appointed to confer with MP (Samuel] Kirkland brought in their report which being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That there be and there is hereby allowed to the Rev! M! Samuel Kirkland three hundred dollars to discharge the expences he has been at among the Indians of the Six Nations, and to defray the expences of his Journey from and to the Oneida Country and that he receive the same out of the Continental Treasury.

And it is hereby recommended to the Commissioners of the Northern Department to employ the s! MKirkland among the Indians of the Six Nations, in order to secure their friendship and to continue them in a state of Neutrality with respect to the present controversy between Great Britain and these Colonies.

The Congress resumed the report of the Committee for putting the Militia into a proper state of defence and after debating the same by paragraphs came to the following resolutions:

Resolved, That it be recommended to the inhabitants of all the united English Colonies in North America, that all able bodied effective men, between sixteen and fifty years of age in each colony, immediately form themselves into regular companies of Militia, to consist of one Capt", two lieutenants, one ensign, four serjeants, four corporals, one clerk, one drummer, one fifer, and about 68 privates.

That the officers of each company be chosen by the respective companies.

That each soldier be furnished with a good musket, that will carry an ounce ball, with a bayonet, steel ramrod, worm, priming wire and brush fitted thereto, a cutting sword or tomhawk, a cartridge-box, that will contain 23 rounds of cartridges, twelve flints and a knapsack.

That the Companies be formed into Regiments or Battalions, officered with a Colonel, lieutenant Colonel, two Majors, an Adjutant, and Quarter Master.

That all officers above the Rank of a captain, be appointed by their respective provincial assemblies or conventions, or in their recess, by the committees of safety appointed by s! assemblies or conventions.

That all officers be commissioned by the provincial Assemblies or conventions, or in their recess by the committees of safety appointed by sa Assemblies or conventions.

That all the Militia take proper care to acquire military skill, and be well prepared for defence by being each man provided with one pound of good gun powder, and four pounds of ball, fitted to his gun.

That one fourth part of the Militia in every Colony, be selected for minute men, of such persons as are willing to enter into this necessary service, formed into companies and Battalions, and their officers chosen and commissioned as aforesaid, to be ready on the shortest notice, to march to any place where their assistance may be required, for the defence of their own or a neighbouring

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