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onies with foreign countries was with each other, was cut off by an cutt off by an Act of Parliament; act of Parliament; by another, and by another, several of them several of them were entirely prowere entirely prohibited from the hibited from the fisheries in the Fisheries in the neighbouring Seas seas near their coasts, on which near their coasts, on which they they always depended for their always depended for their Suste- sustenance; and large re-inforcenance; and large Reinforcements ments of ships and troops were of Ships and Troops were imme- immediately sent over to General diately sent over to General Gage. Gage.

With sueh + headlong heedless Fruitless were all the entreaties, Rage-fury were these outrageous arguments, and eloquence of an Proceedingshuriedon,' that all the illustrious band of the most disPrayers Fruitless were all the En- tinguished Peers, and Commoners, treaties, Arguments and Eloquence who nobly and strenuously asof the a very considerable an illus- serted the justice of our cause, to trious Band of the most distin- stay, or even to mitigate the heedguished Peers and Commoners, who less fury with which these accunobly confest and strenuously as- mulated and unexampled outrages serted the Justice of our Cause, to were hurried on.-Equally fruitstay or even to mitigate the heed- less was the interference of the less Fury of with which these ac- city of London, of Bristol, and cumulated and unexampled Out- many other respectable towns in rages were rapidly hurried on. our favour. Parliament adopted Equally fruitless was the interfer- an insidious maneuvre calculated ence of that the august City of to divide us, to establish a perLondon, supplieating of Bristol, petual auction of taxations where and many other respectable Towns colony should bid against colony, in our Favor. A Plan of Recon- all of them uninformed what ranciliation digested by the patriotic som would redeem their lives; and Cares of that great and good man thus to extort from us, at the point beforementioned, and which might of the bayonet, the unknown sums easily have been improved to pro- that should be sufficient to gratify, duce every Effect his generous if possible to gratify, ministerial Heart desired, was contemptuously rapacity, with the miserable indulrejected, to give way to an insidi- gence left to us of raising, in our ous Ministerial Maneuvre, calcu- own mode, the prescribed tribute. lated to divide us, to establish a What terms more rigid and huperpetual Auction of Taxation, miliating could have been dictated

Some illegible words here interlined.

where Colony should bid against by remorseless victors to conColony, all of them uninform'd quered enemies? In our circumwhat Ransom would redeem their stances to accept them, would be Lives, and thus to extort from us to deserve them. at the Point of the Bayonet Sums the unknown Sums that should be sufficient to gratify, if possible to gratify, ministerial Rapacity, with the miserable Indulgence left to us of raising in our own Modes the prescribed Tribute.

When the Intelligence of these Preeeedings arrived on this Conti nent, we perceived it appeared evident, that our Destruetion was determined upon, and that we had Ho Alternative or choice to make but of. Our choiee must be either an "peonditional Submission,” s one of the Ministry express't him self, or of Resistanee.

Soon after the Intelligence of Soon after the intelligence of these Proceedings arrived on this these proceedings arrived on this Continent, where General Gage, continent, General Gage, who in who in the Course of the last Year, the course of the last year had had taken Possession of the Town taken possession of the town of of Boston, in the Province of Mas- Boston, in the province of Massasachusetts Bay, and still occupied chusetts Bay, and still occupied it it as a Garrison, Plans, on the 19th as a garrison, on the 19th day of Day of last April last, sent out April, sent out from that place a of from that Place a large Detach- large detachment of his army, who ment of his Army, who made an made an unprovoked assault on the unprovoked Assault on the Inhab- inhabitants of the said province, at itants of the said Province, at the the town of Lexington, as appears Town of Lexington, as appears by by the affidavits of a great number the Affidavits of a great Number of persons, some of whom were of Persons, some of whom were officers and soldiers of that deOfficers and Soldiers of that De- tachment, murdered eight of the tachment, murdered Eight of the inhabitants, and wounded many Inhabitants, and wounded many others.

From thence the troops others. From thence the Troops proceeded in warlike array to the proceeded in warlike array to the town of Concord, where they set Town of Concord, where they set upon another party of the inhabupon another party of the Inhab- itants of the same province, killing itants of the same Province, kill- several and wounding more, until ing several and wounding others compelled to retreat by the counmore, until compellid to retreat by try people suddenly assembled to the People suddenly assembled to repel this cruel aggression. Hosrepell this cruel Aggression. Hos- tilities, thus commenced by the tilities thus commenc'd by the Brit- British troops, have been since ish Troops, have been since prose- prosecuted by them without recuted by them without Regard to gard to faith or reputation.—The Faith or Reputation. The Inhab- inhabitants of Boston being conitants of Boston being confined fined within that town by the Genwithin that Town by the General eral their Governor, and having, their Governorand having in order in order to procure their dismisto procure their Dismission entered sion, entered into a treaty with into a Treaty with him, it was stip- him, it was stipulated that the said ulated between the that the said inhabitants having deposited their Inhabitants having deposited their arms with their own magistrates, arms with their own Magistrates, should have liberty to depart, takshould have free Liberty to de- ing with them their other effects. part, out of the said Town, taking They accordingly delivered up with them their other Effects. their arms, but in open violation They accordingly delivered up of honor, in defiance of the obligatheir Arms, but in open violation of tion of treaties, which even savage Honor, in Defiance of the Obliga- nations esteemed sacred, the Govtions of # Treaties, which even ernor ordered the arms deposited savage Nations esteem sacred, as aforesaid, that they might be General Gage the Governor or- preserved for their owners, to be dered the Arms deposited as afore- seized by a body of soldiers; desaid that they might be preserved tained the greatest part of the infor their Owners, to be seized by a habitants in the town, and comBody of armed men, soldiers, de- pelled the few who were permitted tained the greater Part of the In- to retire, to leave their most valuhabitants in the Town, and com- able effects behind. pelled the few who were permitted to retire, to leave their most valuable Effects behind. By this per- By this perfidy wives are sepafidy, wives are separated from their rated from their husbands, chilHusbands, children from their dren from their parents, the aged Parents, the aged and sick from and the sick from their relations their Relatives and Friends who and friends, who wish to attend and wish to attend and relieve take care comfort them; and those who have of them; and those who have been been used to live in plenty and used to live with Elegance in Plenty even elegance, are reduced to deand even Elegance, are reduced to plorable distress. deplorable Distress. The General further emulating


The General, further emulating the his ministerial Masters, by his ministerial masters, by a proca Proclamation bearing Date on

lamation bearing date on the 12th the 12th Day of June, after vent day of June, after venting the ing the grossest Falsehoods and grossest falsehoods and calumnies Calumnies against the good People against the good people of these of these Colonies, proceeds to “de- colonies, proceeds to “declare them clare them all either by Name or all, either by name or description, Description to be Rebels and Trai- to be rebels and traitors, to supertors, to supercede the Course of the sede the course of the common Common Law, and instead thereof law, and instead thereof to publish to publish and order the Use and and order the use and exercise of Exercise of the Law Martial.” His the law martial.”--His troops have Troops have butchered our Coun- butchered our countrymen, have trymen; have burnt Charlestown, wantonly burnt Charles-Town, bebesides a considerable Number of sides a considerable number of Houses in other Places; our Ships houses in other places; our ships and Vessels are seized; and the nec

and vessels are seized; the necesessary supplies of Provisions are sary supplies of provisions are instopp'd intercepted; and he is not tercepted, and he is exerting his spreading Destruetion and Der utmost power to spread destrucAstation around him as far as he tion and devastation around him. ean, all the complieated Cat and he is exerting the utmost Power to spread Destruction and Devastation around him. We have We have received certain intelreceived certain Intelligence that ligence that General Carleton, the Governor General Carleton, the Governor of Canada, is instigatGovernor of Canada, by Orders ing the people of that province and from the Ministry is instigating the Indians to fall upon us; and the People of that Province and we have but too much reason to


the Indians to fall upon us; and apprehend, that schemes have been that Schemes have been form’d to formed to excite domestic enemies excite domestic Enemies against against us. In brief, a part of

In brief, a Part of the Colo- these colonies now feels, and all of nies now feels, and all of them are them are sure of feeling, as far as sure of feeling, as far as the Ven- the vengance of administration can geance of Administration can in- inflict them, the complicated calamflict them, all the complicated ities of fire, sword, and famine.Calamities of Fire, Sword and We are reduced to the alternative Famine. Byour The Suggestions of chusing an unconditional subof Duty and Affection can he mission to the tyranny of irritated longer lull us into a lethargie No ministers, or resistance by force.tion, too lately relinquished, that The latter is our choice.- We have Armies and Fleets are only to counted the cost of this contest, sign't te intimidate us. We are and find nothing so dreadful as volreduced to the Alternative of untary slavery.-Honor, justice, chusing an unconditional Submis- and humanity, forbid us tamely to sion to the Tyrannie Vengeance surrender that freedom which we of irritated Ministers who know received from our gallant anceswe-despise them and that they tors, and which our innocent posdeserve to be thus despiced are terity have a right to receive from therefore implacable Tyranny of

We cannot endure the inirritated ministers, or Resistance famy and guilt of resigning sucby Force. The latter is

The latter is our ceeding generations to that wretchChoice.

edness which inevitably awaits We know, that by an infamous them, if we basely entail herediSurrender of the Freedom and tary bondage upon them. Happiness of ourselves and our Postority, we might obtain that wretehed Honer, Justice and I manity forbid us basely to surren der_that Freedom Liberty and Happiness which we received from our gallant Aneestors, and which it is our Duty to transmit-undi minished to our Posterity. Called upon by the bawof self preserva tion implanted in our Nature by eurallwise-Creator, with prepared


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