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ried advanced by the Virtues and Abilities of one Man, are at Length distracted by the present most most alarming Convulsions, that now shake it to its lowest deepest Foundations. The new Ministry finding the brave brave Foes of Brit ain subdued, took up the unfor bunate Idet of defeated bravely1 tho frequently defeated, yet bravely still contending, took up the unfortunate Ideas of granting them a hasty Peace and these to them, and then of subduing her faithful Friends.

They judged these devoted Cot enies were judged to present to then

[A paragraph of some nine lines incomplete and not legible is omitted. The sense and a good part of the very words seem to have been used in the next paragraph.]

These devoted Colonies were These devoted colonies were judged to be in such a State as to judged to be in such a state, as to present = Prospeet Victories with- present victories without bloodout Bloodshed, and all the easy shed, and all the easy emoluments Emoluments of statutable Plunder. of statuteable plunder.—The uninThe uninterrupted Tenor of their terrupted tenor of their peaceable peaceableand respectful Behaviour and respectful behaviour from the from the Beginning of Coloniza- beginning of colonization, their tion, their dutiful, zealous and dutiful, zealous, and useful servuseful services during the War, ices during the war, though so that has been mentioned, tho so recently and amply acknowledged recently and amply acknowledged in the most honorable manner by in the most honorable Manner by his majesty, by the late king, and his Majesty, by the late King, and by Parliament, could not save them by Parliament, could not avail te from the meditated innovations.

Another line, illegible, is here inserted but was stricken out. The words "struggle," "contending” and “defeated” may be deciphered.

save them from the meditated In- Parliament was influenced to adopt novations. Parliament was influ- the pernicious project, and assumenced to adopt the pernicious ing a new power over them, have, Project, and to facilitate its Exo in the course of eleven years, given eution by assuming a new Power such decisive specimens of the over them, have in the Course of spirit and consequences attending eleven Years, given such decisive this power, as to leave no doubt Specimens of the Spirit and Con- concerning the effects of acquiessequences attending this Power, cence under it. They have underas to leave no Doubt concerning taken to give and grant our money the Effects of Acquiescence under without our consent, though we it. Statutes have been passed for have ever exercised an exclusive taking our Money from us with- right to dispose of our own propout our own Consent, tho every erty; statutes have been passed Colony on this Continent has from for extending the jurisdiction of its Beginning always we have ever courts of Admiralty and Vice-Adexercised an exclusive Right to miralty beyond their ancient limdispose of our own Property; for its; for depriving us of the accusextending the Jurisdiction of tomed and inestimable privilege Courts of Admiralty and Vice ad- of trial by jury, in cases affecting miralty beyond their antient Lim- both life and property; for susits; for depriving us of the accus- pending the legislature of one of tomed and inestimable Priviledge the colonies; for interdicting all of Trial by Jury in Cases affecting commerce to the capital of another; both Life and Property; forinter and for altering fundamentally the dieting all Commerce to one'-of form of government established eur principal Towns; forexempt by charter, and secured by acts of ing the Murderers of colonists its own legislature solemnly confrom legal Punishment, for sus- firmed by the crown; for exemptpending the Power of Legislature ing the “murderers" of colonists of one of the Colonies; for inter- from legal trial, and in effect, dicting all Commerce of another; from punishment; for erecting in and for altering fundamentally the a neighboring province, acquired Form of Government in one of by the joint arms of Great Britain the Colonies, Form seeurod es- and America, a despotism dangertablished by Charter, and con ous to our very existence; and for

Some words that are illegible were interlined at this point.

2 Although the manuscript shows no omission here, the words “to the capital” were printed.

6521-VOL 2-05—10

firmed secured by Acts of its own quartering soldiers upon the coloLegislature solemnly and assented nists in time of profound peace. te confirmed by the Crown; for It has also been resolved in parliaereeting in a neighbouring for ex- ment, that colonists charged with empting the “Murderers” of col- committing certain offences, shall onists from legal Punishment; be transported to England to be for erecting in a neighbouring tried. Province, conquered acquired by the joint Arms of Great Britain and America, a Tyranny Despotism dangerous to the our very existence of the Colonies and for quartering Officers and Soldiers upon the Colonists in time of profound Peace. It has also been declared resolved in Parliament that Colonists charged with committing certain Offences, shall by Virtue of # Statute made before any of be transported to England to be tried.

But why should we enumerate But why should we enumerate our Injuries in Detail? By one our injuries in detail? By one Aet of Parl Statute it is declared, statute it is declared, that parliathat Parliament can “of right ment can "of right make laws to make Laws to bind us IN ALL CASES bind us IN ALL CASES WHATSOWHATSOEVER. What is to defend EVER.” What is to defend us us against sueh so enormous against so enormous, so unlimited Power so enormous, so unlimited a power? Not a single man of a Power! The persons Assuming those who assume it, is chosen by thom Not one of a single Man of us; or is subject to our controul those who assume it, is chosen by or influence; but, on the contrary, us; or is subject to our Controul or they are all of them exempt from Influence; but on the contrary is the operation of such laws, and an they are all of them exempt from American revenue, if not diverted the Operations of such Laws, and from the ostensible purposes for actually lighten their own Bur- which it is raised, would actually dens, in exact proportion to those lighten their own burdens in prothe Burdens they impose on us. portion as they increase ours. We These Temptations might put saw the misery to which such desseuree ore too great to beeffered potism would reduce us. We for te Characters of the severest ten years incessantly and ineffec

tually besieged the Throne as supplicants; we reasoned, we remonstrated with parliament, in the

most mild and decent language. Administration, sensible that we But Administration, sensible that should regard these oppressive we should regard these oppressive Measures as Freemen ought to do, measures as freemen ought to do, sent over Fleets and Armies to sent over fleets and armies to enenforce them. The Indignation force them. The indignation of of the colonies was rous'd by their the Americans was roused, it is Virtue Americans was rous'd, it is true; but it was the indignation of true: but it was the Indignation of a virtuous, loyal, and affectionate a virtuous, peaceable, loyal, sub people. A Congress of Delegates jeets and affectionate People. A from the United Colonies was asCongress of Delegates from the sembled at Philadelphia, on the United Colonies was assembled at fifth day of last September. We Philadelphia on the fifth Day of resolved again to offer an humble last September. We felt saw the and dutiful petition to the King, Weapons levell’d at our Brea Bos- and also addressed our fellow-suboms, but we perceiv'd them at the jects of Great Britain. We have same Time held in grasp'd by a pursued every temperate, every Parent's Hands. We cast our- respectful measure: we have even selves upon our Knees prostrate at proceeded to break off our comthe Foot of the Throne our Sover- mercial intercourse with our feleign. Tho for ten years we had fa- low-subjects, as the last peaceable tigued the besieged the Throne admonition, that our attachment Ears of Authority with Petitions, to no nation upon earth should supSupplieations,' vot the ineffectu- plant our attachment to liberty.ally besieged the Throne as Sup- This, we flattered ourselves, was plicants, yet we resolved again to the ultimate step of the controoffer an humble and dutiful Peti- versy: But subsequent events have tion to the King, and agreed also shewn, how vain was this hope of to send an Address to our Fellow finding moderation in our enemies. Subjects in Great Britain, informing them of our agreement at a certain Days to break off all our Commercial Intercourse with our

The words “ineffectual and despis'd” are here interlined.

Follow Subjeets in Great Britain
As the last peaeeable them as a
peaceable Admonition, that our
Attachment to no Nation


the Earth shoud supplant our Attachment to Liberty. This, we flattered ourselves, was the ultimate Step of the Controversy: But subsequent Events have shewn, how vain was this last Hope of Moderation in the Ministry our Enemies.

Our Petition was treated with Several threatening expressions Contempt. Without the least against the colonies were inserted Mention of its our Application in his Majesty's speech; our petiseveral threatening Expressions tion, though we were told it was a against the Colonies were inserted decent one, and that his Majesty in his Majesty's Speech to both had been pleased to receive it grathe two Houses of Parliament; ciously, and to promise laying it and afterwards the Petition was before his Parliament, was hudhuddled into the House of Com- dled into both houses amongst a mons the last amongst a neglected bundle of American papers, and Bundle of American Papers. The there neglected. The Lords and Lords and Commons in their Ad- Commons in their address, in the dress to his Majesty, in the Month month of February, said, that “a of February, said, that “a Rebel- rebellion at that time actually lion at that Time actually existed existed within the province of within the Province of Massachu- Massachusetts bay; and that those setts Bay; and that those con- concerned in it, had been countecerned in it, had been counte- nanced and encouraged by unlawnanc'd and encouraged by unlawful ful combinations and engagements, Combinations and Engagements entered into by his Majesty's subentered into by his Majesty's Sub- jects in several of the other colojects in several of the other Colo- nies; and therefore they besought nies; and therefore they besought his Majesty, that he would take his Majesty, that he would take the most effectual measures to enthe most effectual Measures to en- force due obedience to the laws force due Obedience to the Laws and authority of the supreme legand Authority of the Supreme islature.”—Soon after, the comLegislature.” Soon after the com- mercial intercourse of whole colomercial Intercourse of whole Col- nies, with foreign countries, and

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