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5567 Zangwill, I.-Without prejudice: essays. 384 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

FISHER UNWIN 5568 Ziegler, Prof. Ernst-A text-book of special pathological anatomy.

Translated and edited from the eighth German edition by Oswald
MacAlister and Henry W. Cattell. Sections I. to VIII. 20+ 576 pp.
Subject index, 31 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, 17s. net.


INFORMATION RECEIVED ON GOING TO PRESS. 5569 Behenna, Kathleen-The history of a soul: poem. 104 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, artistic cloth, 5s. net.

DIGBY, LONG 5570 Catholic diary for 1897; with Saints' days, etc., and Catholic almanack

four days to each page. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls, net; cloth boards, ls. 6d. net.

Art & Book Co. 5571 Church door almanac; in twelve sheets, mounted to hang, with red border. Fcp. fol., 1896, 1s. net.

ART & Book Co. 5572 Debrett's diary for 1897. 2. ins. x 21 ins. 1896, gilt leather, ls. DEAN 5573 Fenwick, G. L.-A history of the ancient city of Chester from the

earliest times. Large paper edition. 586 pp. Roy. 4to, 1896, cloth. 52s. 6d., 31s. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 5574 Osgood, Irene—The chant of a lonely soul and litanies to Tanit.

Illustrated by Reginald Machell. Limited edition, 250 copies. Dy. 4to, 1896, padded cloth, perfumed, 21s. net; 12 vellum copies in portfolio, £3 38.

Gay & BIRD 5575 Gale, J. R. C., and Cadett, J.- First aid in photography. 62 pp, Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 5576 Harvey, R.–The Shannon and its lakes: or, a short history of that

noble stream from its source to Limerick. 206 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 38. 6d.

SIMPKIN 5577 Haes, H.-Tales of Astonishus. 64 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 18. 4d.

HODDER Bros. 5578 Knight, Francis A.-In a west country. Edition de luxe. 278 pp. Roy. 16mo, 1896, white vellum, 21s. net.

SIMPKIN 5579 Luigi—Vamba : an historical drama. 60 pp. 4to, 1896, cloth, 3s. net.

SIMPKIN 5580 Musters, L. Chatworth—The foxhunter's birthday book: being chip.

and shavings of hunting lore from published and unpublished sources.

264 pp. 16mo, 1896, cloth, 3s. net; morocco, 78. d. net. SIMPKIN 5581 Paper mills directory of England, Scotland and Ireland for 1897.

37th annual edition. 62 pp. 8vo, 1896, boards, 2g. 6d. net. SIMPKIN 5582 Powell, H.-Lyrics of the white city (Winchester). 82 pp. 12mo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 5583 Pritt, F. E.-An angler's basket. 162 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

SIMPKIN 5584 Review of Reviews. Vol. XIV. July-Dec., 1896. 570 pp. Illus. Cr. 4to, cloth, 5s.

“REVIEW OF Reviews” OFFICE 5585 Selous, F. C.-Sunshine and storm in Rhodesia. 320 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s. 6d. net.

ROWLAND WARD 5586 Sharp, Peter-Flax, tow, and jute spinning. 3rd edition. 234 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

SIMPKIN * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publis) ers' Permanent Buok Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

5587 Simmel, Quinton.—The will that wins : novel. 184 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

DIGBY, LONG 5588 Stead, W. T.-The history of the mystery. Review of Reviews annual for 1897. 134 pp. Cr. 4to, 1896, ls.

“REVIEW OF Reviews” OFFICE 5589 Studio, The Winter number. Illus. 113 x 8 in. 1896, paper, ls.

STUDIO OFFICE 5590 Studio, The.- Vol. VIII. 258 pp. Illus. ll} ins. x 8 ins. 1896, 10s. 6d.

STUDIO OFFICE 5591 Surgery.-Part IV. 64 pp. (Catechism series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, ls.

E. & S. LIVINGSTONE (Edinburgb) 5592 Tait, James.-Home trade guide and seamanship. 164 pp. Cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

SIMPKIN 5593 Toxicology.—48 pp. (Catechism series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, ls.

E. & S. LIVINGSTONE (Edinburgh) 5594 Urwick, Rev. W.-Nonconformity in Worcester. 260 pp. Imp. 16mo, 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d.

SIMPKIN 5595 Wainwright, Samuel. - Loose leaves from a minister's manuscripts:

meditative musingr. 168 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. SIMPKIN 5596 Whittaker's Windsor peerage, 1897: 840 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s. 6d.


Errata in New Book List, No. 11, 1896. 4283 Bartholow, Dr. Roberts-A practical treatise on materia medica

and therapeutics. 9th edition. 20 + 866 pp. La. 870, 1896, cloth, 21s.

H. K. LEWIS 4315 Brock, Rev. William-A young Congo missionary : memorials of Sidney Roberts Webb. 104 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

H. R. ALLENSON 4360 Cleland, Dr. John, and Mackay, Dr. John Yule-Human anatomy,

general and descriptive: for the use of students. 20 + 834 pp. Illus. Med. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 283. net.

MACLEHOSE (Glasgow) 4375 Co-operative congress, proceedings of the first international, held in

London, August, 1895, with reports on co-operation in various countries. 432 pp. Portraits. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s.

P. S. King 4660 MacCunn, John-Ethics of citizenship. 3rd edition. 12 + 146 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

MACLEHOSE (Glasgow) 4664 McKechnie, William Sharp—The State and the individual: an intro

duction to political science, with special reference to socialistic and individualistic theories. 16 + 452 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s. 6d. net.

MACLEHOSE (Glasgow) 4847 Saint Sulpice : method of, for the organizing of catechisms. Translated from the French. 370 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 58.

Griffith, FARRAN, BROWNE & Co.

* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

Subject and Title Index.

The figures refer to the numbers of the books in the Catalogue.



A B C Catalogue of the world's postage stamps, African market manuals—2821 ; missions—4801
envelopes, etc.-361

Afrikander, The--1458
Abbe Birotteau—2621

After death-166
Abbot, The_3265, 2537

After-glow : poems and sermons—2122
Abenteur der neujahrsnacht, Das—1388

After long waiting-4743, 5434

Against Killing customs—2761
Abdominal surgery-2991

Against the metric system-2220
Abigail Templeton; or brave efforts-3593 Agassiz, Louis, Life, letters and works-1169
Ab-o' th' Yate: sketches and other short stories Agaves of the United States—2484

Age of reason, Vol. 2-1688
About the feathered folk-5502

Ages ago, the ancestry of animals-4344
About Paris-3119

Agency, digest of the law of—925
Abraham Lincoln: a poem-4237

Abraham, Testament of—5348

Agitated Japan—2522
Absurd A B C, The 4389

Agnes Grey—932

Academy architecture 1895–152

Agricultural chemistry and geology-955; law,
Account book for the year 1897, Housekeeper's 2033; rates act_3253 ; science-5528'

Agriculture-1330, 2096, 3017, 4667; and trade
Acoustics—790, 4222

3252; Report on the establishment of a
Across the Channel-4065

department of, for Ireland—5408
Across Greenland's ice-fields—5154

Aide-de-camp of Napoleon : memoirs—1291
Across Siberia—4209

Aids to medicine-3116
Across an Ulster Bog-2022

Ailments, everyday—3160; pf dogs_4901 ; of
Across the Zodiac-4752

Actors-4030, 4220

Airy, Sir George Biddell: autobiography—3759

Alabama, two years on the—753
Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena-5348

Alaric at Rome and other poems-2615
Ada : love at Jerusalem-2002

Alchemy-3727, 4231
Adam Johnstone's son-1473

Aldershot, school of instruction, Guide-1737
Adam to Achan : Bible characters—4989

Alembic Club reprints, No. 12-1976
Adams, John Conch: scientific papers-4228 Aleph the Chaldean—-3387
Addresses-3520; to Students of the Royal Alethear2364

Academy-4640; on Vedanta philosophy, Alexander the Great, Invasion of India by_4028 ;
2251, 2252, 2253

life and exploits-370, 942
Admiral Guinea : play-1088

Alexander's horse and the first Bengal cavalry-
Admirals, British -4529


Alexandrian erotic fragment and other Greek
Adolph: how he found the beautiful lady-4927 papyri-1065
Adoption of Public Libraries Acts in England and Algebra—1881

Alhambra, The-5270
Advaita : The imitation of Sankara-447

Alice of the Inn-4143
Advent, The-2500

Alice's toys and treasures—70
Adventure of the wooden horse and Sancho Panza Alida Craig-4621
in Baratoaria-5101

Alimentary canal, Surgery of_4686, 5343
Adventure series, Vol. 193416

Alison's ambition–3496
Adventures in criticism-2673

All about bicycling—2797 ; income tax and house
Adventures of Don Lavington—1978; of John duty-1983

Jewitt-1517; of Martin Hewitt-4063; of All fellows : seven legends of lower redemption-
Mr. Verdant Green-16; of Roger L'Estrange 4569

All one : papers on Christian unity-4763
Advertiser's “ABC”_367

Advice to a son–4745

Allotments and small holdings—1063
Aeromancy and other poems—5558


All's well that ends well—2556
Affinities of atoms, Cosmopolitan Review of the Almanacks—736, 3935; Catholic-5570; Church
Universal Law of—2455

door-5571; Edinburgh-668; Leicester
Africa, East-1912, 2777 ; Geological sketch map 767 ; Rural_379; Scottish Church_743

of-2571; Mid, Naturalist in-453; Mungo Almer, Christian Fuhrerbuch, facsimile_428
Park's travels—1227 ; South-179, 183, 273, Alpha and Omega-2120
427, 1183, 2581, 2966, 3190, 3233, 3240, 3282, Alphabets—1323
3308, 4345, 4641; Bechuana of—1936; Direc- Alpine climbing_2685
tory—1310; English and Dutch in--2273; Alps, Flora of the 1858 ; Glaciers of the--1352;
Map of Johannesburg–5416; Map of Mata- Japanese-4979; Sport in the 2404
beleland—5185; Political laws of the Re- Alterations of personality—3794
public_2099; Rhodesia5585, 5501; Trans. Alternating and interrupted electric currents-
vaal—5501 ; and Orange Free State-2141 1524; machinery_4599

Subject and Title Index-rontinued.

Altogether lovely—5074

Angling—3729, 4200, 4971, 5525; days_1480:
Alton Locke-5296


Anglo-American war of 1900—1061

Anglo-Saxon primer—5495
Amaryllis at the fair-2058

Animal and vegetable fats and oils, fixed ani
Amateur gardening-4881

Amazing marriage, An-2117, 2118
Ambassador of the vanquished-1430

Animal episodes and studies in sensation-5414

Animal-life readers_47, 48, 49, 50; magnetist

1540; sagacity—3874; symbolism
Ambulance lectures on home nursing and hygiene

in eccle

siastical architecture-1973
America-3623. 4471 : Central_3120 : Buccaneers Animals--1829, 4344, 4914 ; and birds_4189;
01-2365; Kemble's coons-5288; Northmen

the Bible-5022; Art anatomy of_4183 ; *
in--5378; Picturesque--2645; Prehistoric-

work and play-2671; domestic-235; Friend
2497 ; South-675; United States—474, 1415,

ship of–1905, 2343; in the wrong places-

1904 ; on strike-47; story book-4632
American-actors of to-day-4030 : authors' homes Anna Karenina--1342
-4646; Biography_4070 ; Character-27; Ar

Annals of the American Academy of political an
Charities---3025 ; Church history--1753; Civil

social science, Vol. VIII.-5020
war-1373, 4174; Discourses-886; Grape Anna

Annals of botany, No. 37–892, 3059, 3362, 5032:
growing-2432; Hardware store--3331 ; His-

of Garelochside-2860
tory_4433. 4535 : Orations-4241: Sacred Anne Hereford-5553
songs-5250 ; Steam and hot water practice

Anne of Geierstein—3262
-306; Theatres—1864; Writers of to-day-

Annuaire Francaise des Mines d'Or Transvaal Sud
271; Year book of medicine and surgery-


Annuals --Civil Service, 1896–1917; Art, 4271 ;
American heiress, The_4407

Art Journal_4258; Dog owners_4705;
American Monte Cristo, An—-5232

Christian progress-5068; Colonial Office list
Ammon and Gilead-4095

-1928; Darton's leading strings-5138;

Digest—1181; Form at a glance-5188;
Among—the bracken-2158; British birds_4638 ;
Pagodas and fair ladies--3924; the freaks-

Labour-5163; medical-1178; Naval-1878;

The pageant-4866; practice-4153; Register
875; the Menabe—4151 ; the untrodden ways

--1830; Review of reviews-5588; Statutes
-4480 ; the water lilies_917

of practical utility—585; Temperance-5374;
Amphibians, The development of the Mullerian

War Office list-2257
duct of-2270

Annuities to the blind—144
Analysis, Commercial organic-3052

Anthrologies, Angling—4329; Nptial_4346
Analytic psychology-2230

Anthony and Cleopatra-2978
Analytical concordance to the Bible-871
Analytical statics-4125

Anthony Blake's experiment-5023
Anatomy-994, 1937, 1961, 2178, 3744, 3951, 4183, Antichrist. The 2915 : legend_2063

Anthropology-4050, 5251
4184. 5568: Comparative-1140; Equine Antigua, Island of-2923
1614; Eye_3239, 4808; Human-4360:

Antimachus of Colophon and the position of
Splanchnology-215; Veterinary-1325, 3075

women in Greek poetry—2631
Anatomy of melancholy-2322

Anatomy of a railroad report, The857

Ancestry of animals_4344
Ancient history~1629, 4244

Antiquities of Athens, Handbook to-2320

Antonina :' or, the fall of Rome-5116
Ancient Mariner, Rime of the-4117

Antrim, Rhyolites of the county of_2351
Ancient monuments, Preservation of-5369

Ancient religion and modern thought-2452

Apocalypse of Baruch, and of St. Peter-4352; of
And a little child shall lead them—285

the Virgin and Sedrach-5348
And they two-5516

Apocrypha Sinaitica-1050
Anderson, Mary : memories--880
Andes, over the, from the Argentino to Chili-

Apollonius of Perga: treatise on conic sections-

Andrew Sargeant's wedding_5345

Apology of Aristides—5348
Andrewes, Lancelot, and his private devotions

Apostles' creed, The-1008

Apostolic gospel-21

Appassionata: a musician's story_3552
Anecdota Oxoniensia-511

Apperson, Minnie M. (Mrs. 8. H. Phillips)—1648
Andecdotes-2905; of animals and birds_4189;

Apples of gold-706
of horses-3400


Aquarium, The-2236
Angels, Tales of the 2380; The vision of—2434

Angis neurosis-2992
Angler. The compleat—3018, 3020; Complete-

Arabian nights entertainments-310
Arabic grammar-244, 520, 2282

Ararat, Transcaucasia and—5079
Angler's basket, An-5583

Arcadia, Life in—2720
Anglia Sacra: map_5243

Arch of Titus, The, and the spoils of Jerusalem-
Anglican-movement-941; orders-1624, 4295


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Subject and Title Index-continued.

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Archæology-483, 3650, 4113, 4583, 4665, 5273, Art Bible: Old Testament—3057

Art of controvery–2197 ; of getting on-1276; of
Archangel, Father-500

preaching-1037; of taking a wife--180
Archbishop Wake and the project of union, 1717 Art of Velasquez-4251
to 1720-1157

Articles of Christian instruction in Favorlang-
Arches, Oblique and skew-3063

Formosan Dutch, and English–3397
Architect's compendium, 1896—2792; and builder's Artillery-and naval guns--2087; field—1707 ;
price book-872

Architects of fate-181

Artistic and scientific taxidermy and modelling-
Architecture-academy-152; animal symbolism in 1433

ecclesiastical-1973; castles of England - Artists--Painters and their works—2436, 3987 ;
4665; catalogue of Avery library-964; cathe Ford Maddox Brown-3975; John Constable,
dral cities-7347; cottages and country build R.A.-4012; Velasquez—4252; Meissonier
ings-5135; cyclopedia of Italian-593 ; eccle-

4513; early English water colour painters,
siastical of Scotland-607, 4662; European 4713; Correggio—4811; modern French
4167; for general readers—773; history of masters_4958; Michael Angelo5214; Sir
1523–2023; London churches of 17th and Anthony Van Dyck—521; Frederick Walker
18th centuries-1863; modern opera houses -5333; Frederick Sandys-5444
and theatres--2963; of the renaissance in Artists' wives—2683
Italy-4245; painting sculpture and—699; Aryan medical science—5461
parish church of Wirral-3983; suggestions As happy as a king_5376
in architectural design-2672

As others see us series-4065
Archives of clinical skiagraphy-5433, 1722 As you like it—1296, 2555
Arctic discovery, Handbook of–1062

Ascent of woman, The-2690
Arctic night, The_3630

Asenath of the ford—711
Arditi, Luigi : reminiscences—3354

Asceptic surgery-1153
Are Anglican orders valid-1624; Are these things Ashantee-2649; Sport in—3672

Asia—2443; South and West-3993
Argentine, The_5126

Ass, The : his welfare, wants, and woes—2342
Argon and helium-3237

Aristophanes—725; the birds_3355; Plutus— Avenged on Society—3335
1395, 1396; Ranae—2292

Avery architectural library, Catalogue-964
Arithmetic—2983, 2988, 2582; Graphic—455; Ayres of Studleigh, The --2574
Visual-861, 862

Ayrshire idylls-4956 ; Village sketches and poems
Armada, The year after the 3531
Armenia–173, 3375, 3763, 3967, 4221, 4941 Azimuth tables for the higher declinations-2396
Armenian question-5079, 5325-rebellion-414 Assyrian and Babylonian letters belonging to the
Armorial book, plates-542

K. collection of the British Museum, Parts
Armour, Indian and Oriental-1964 "

III., IV.--3947
Arms, lectures on-4150

Asteck's Madonna, and other stories—377
Army, British—1453 ; Guide to promotion-690 Astronomers-3759
Arnold, Matthew (studies in interpretation)-4576 Astronomy - Telecospic - 476; comets — 602;
Around the camp fire_4815

Satellite evolution-663; Lunar theory—934;
Around the tea table-262

stars-1244, 4553; other suns than ours-
Arranged marriage, An-2758

1246, 3231 ; Southern skies—1247, 2175; of
Arriving guest, The: sermons—4185

Milton's "Paradise lost”-1217 ; meridian
Arrows of song-3580

circle work—1620; Mars-2090; azimuth
Arsenal of devotion, The-2933

tables for the Higher declinations—2396;
Arstragica Sophoclea cum Shaksperiana comparata eclipses—2459; goneral indexes to Vols. 30

to 52 of the Royal Astronomical Society-
Art-modern painting—199, 4683; modern Eng 2596; Solar system-3093; Jupiter, garnet

lish~317; painting sculpture and architecture spot on–3236; elements of_3363 ; popular
as represented in-699; studio_1329; 4092; Aurora borealis-4248; our own planet
Houghton's works in black and white-2429; -4306; Cordoba observations-4376; naviga
hopes and fears for-2880; pictures of the tion and nautical-3284; navigation for
year 1896–2939; Salon, 18963255; nude in yachtsmen-5522
-4075; studies in the art and anatomy of At Agincourt: White hoods of Paris-3957
animals-4183 ; Walker art gallery, Liverpool At home in the Transvaal—1097
autumn exhibition-4192; Gothic wood At random: essays and stories-4263
carving—4387; sculpture-4672; art addresses At Stratford festival : poem-2312
to the students of the Royal Academy-4640; At the ebbing of the tide_1407
Correggio_4811 ; catalogue of paintings in the At the gate of the fold—3468
Museo del Prado, Madrid-5302; pictures At the mercy of Tiberius-3334
from Greek vasės-5523; annual-4271; At the sign of the cross keys-1474
etching—1694; Elder Pliny, The history of Athanasian creed-1438
3775; of the house_5531 ; Italian - 252; Atheist's mass, and other stories—323
journal-4257, 4258; ornamental-1814; Athens, Antiquities of-2320; Making of-5019
painting—1743; sculpture_1742; Venetian Athletics—1591; Boxing_4952; Fencing and
820; Year's-863


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