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650 Mortimer, John-Mercantile Manchester, past and present, reprinted

from “Diary and Buyers' Guide” for 1896. 146 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s.

PALMER Howe & Co. (Manchester) 651 Mosse, Rev. W. G.–Forty days. 110 pp. Sm. post 8vo, 1896, cloth, is.

S.P.C.K. 652 Mossman, T. W., translator – The great commentary of Cornelius à Lapide. 5th edition of Vols. I and 3. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s, net.

JOHN HODGES 653 Moulton, Prof. R. G.–The literary study of the Bible. 12 + 533 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ios. 6d.

ISBISTER 654 Muddock, J. E.-Basile the jester. 8 + 376 pp. Frontispiece by Stanley Wood. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

CHATTO & WINDUS 655 Muir, Dr. Pearson McAdam-History of the church of Scotland. 13 + 231 pp. (Guild library series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, is. 6d. net.

A. & C. BLACK 656 Muir, Sir William-The mameluke or slave dynasty of Egypt, 12601517 A.D. 32 + 246 pp. 12 plates, i map. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ios. 6d.

Smith ELDER 657 Müller, F. Max, ed.—The Vedanta-Sûtras, with the commentary

by Sankârakarya. Translated by George Thibaut. Pt. 2, containing fusi index by Dr. M. Winternitz to pts. i and 2. 8 + 508 pp. (Sacred books of

the East series. Vol. 38.) Svo, 1896, cloth, 125. 6d. CLARENDON PRESS 658 Muntz, Eugène-Raphael : his life, works and times. Translated by Walter

Armstrong. New edition, revised, corrected and condensed. 8 + 236 Illus.
Roy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d.

CHAPMAN & HALL 659 Murray, Rev. Andrew-Eagle wings. 92 pp. (Upward life series). Long 12m10, 1896, leatherette, 6d, cloth, is.

MARSHALL BROS. 660 Murrell, William-A manual of pharmacology and therapeutics. 657 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ios. 6d.


66: Nicholson, J. Shield-Strikes and social problems. 238 pp. Cr. 8vo. 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

A. & C. BLACK 662 Noble, W. M.-Huntingdonshire and the Spanish Armada. 8+64 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, parchment, 3s. 6d.

STOCK 663 Nolan, James-Satellite evolution : the evident scope of tidal friction : the

meaning of Saturn's rings. 114 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 35. 6d. SIMPKIN 664 Norway, G.--Tregarthen. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 215.


665 O'Donoghue, David J.-Life of William Carleton. 2 vols. Illus. La. post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 25s.

DOWNEY 666 O'Grady, Standish-Ulrick the Ready; or, The chieftain's last rally. 289 pp. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

DOWNEY 667 Oliphant, Mrs.-A child's history of Scotland. 233 pp. Frontispiece. (No. I of children's study series). Long 8vo, 1896, cloth, 25. 6d.

FISHER UNWIN 668 Oliver and Boyd-Edinburgh almanac and national repository, 1896. 1182 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. 6d.

SIMPKIN 669 Oppenheim, E. P.—The mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown. 6 + 572 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

BENTLEY 670 Oppenheim, E. Phillips-The modern prometheus. 185 pp. Long 8vo, 1896, paper, is. 6d.


671 Ortmans, J., ed.—Cosmopolis. Ist edition. No. 1, vol. 1. 320 pp. Dy. Svo, 1896, paper, 2s. 6d. net.

FISHER UNWIN 672 Otway, Sir Arthur, ed.-Autobiography and journals of Admiral Lord Clarence E. Paget. 16 + 366 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 16s.

CHAPMAN & HALL 673 Ouida—Two offenders. New edition. 4+254 pp. Post Svo, 1896, boards, 25.

CHATTO & WINDUS 674 Ovid-Heroides, I., V., XII. Edited by A. H. Allcroft and B. J. Hayes. Intro

duction, text, notes, vocabulary and test questions. 83 pp. (Preceptors series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, is. 6d.

W. B. Clive

675 Pacific line guide to South America. 162 pp. Illus. and maps. Svo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 676 Parr, Mrs. — The Squire. 480 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 35. 6d. CASSELL 677 Parts of the Pacific, by “A Peripatetic Parson.” 10 + 388 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 1os. 6d.

SONNENSCHEIN 678 Peacock, T. L.-Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey. 24+244 pp. Illus. (Illustrated standard novels series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

MACMILLAN 679 Penn, Sylvia-The Curse of the Fevrills. 2nd edition. 282 pp. Illus. (Popular books for boys and girls series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

JARROLD 680 People's poultry book, The, or eggs and chickens for profit. 40 pp. Illus. 8vo, 1896, paper covers, id.

John LENG & Co. 681 Peterborough diocesan kalendar, 1896. 432 pp. Cr: 8vo, 1896, paper, 1s.

SIMPKIN 682 Philpotts, Eden-My laughing philosopher: novel. 352 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

A. D. INNES 683 Piccadil-Piccadilly tales. 150 pp. Dy. 12mo, 1896. paper, is.

Unwin BROS. 684 Plumptre, Charles John-King's College lectures on elocution; or

the physiology and culture of voice and speech, and the expression of the emotions by language, countenance and gesture. Fifth edition. 16 + 493 pp. Illus. . Dy. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 155.

KEGAN PAUL 685 Pocock, J.-The brewing of non-excisable beers. 68 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 2s. 6d.

SIMPKIN 686 Pole, William-The theory of the modern scientific game of whist. 19th edition. 14 + un pp. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

LONGMANS 687 Pollock, Sir Frederick.-The land laws. 10 + 234 pp. (English citizen series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

MACMILLAN 688 Pope, Alexander-Essay on criticism. Annotated by A. S. West. 8 + 170 pp. (Pitt press series). Ex. fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS 689 Portfolio, The Artistic monographs. Vol. 8. 240 pp. Illus. Super roy. 8vo, 1895, cloth, ios. 6d.

SEELEY 690 Pratt, Lieut.-Col. Sisson C.-Guide to Promotion. Pt. 1.-Ranks of

lieutenant, captain and major. 2nd edition. 20 + 211 pp Cr. 8vo, 1896, boards, 7s.

STANFORD 691 Prime, Priestley-Solos in verse. 64 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 35.

SONNENSCHEIN 692 Pryce, Richard–The burden of a woman: a novel. 2nd edition. 317 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

A. D. INNES 693 Public schools year book, 1896. 7th edition. 364 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

SONNENSCHEIN 694 Pullieblank, Joseph-The teacher's handbook of the Bible: a syllabus

of Bible readings. 7th thousand. 16 + 427 pp. Crown 8vo, 1896, cloth, 35. 6d.


695 Queen's London, The: a pictorial and descriptive record of the streets,

buildings, parks and scenery of the great Metropolis. 384 pp. Illus. Oblong 4to, 1896, cloth, 9s.

CASSELL 696 Questions on English history and literature : sixteenth series. Inter

mediate English, 1896. 40 pp. (University tutorial series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, is. 6d.

W. B. CLIVE 697 Quetteville, P. W. de-The empty tomb and other poems. 256 pp. Cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 5s.


_The finding of a biography and half vellum, 50.

698 Radcliffe, Reginald-Recollections of, by his wife Jane Radcliffe. 8 + 248

Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 4s. 6d., cloth gilt, 6s. MORGAN & SCOTT 699 Raymond, George L.-Painting, sculpture and architecture as

representative arts: an essay in comparative Æsthetics. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth gs.

PUTNAM's Sons 700 Reade, Charles-Autobiography of a thief and the wandering heir. New

edition. 8 + 312 pp. (Library edition of Reade's works series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

CHATTO & WINDUS 700 Reeves, Arthur Middleton—The finding of Wineland the Good. Edited

and translated from the earliest records, with a biography and correspondence of the author by W. D. Foulke. 72 + 205 pp. Illus. 4to, 1896, half vellum, 5os.

FROWDE 702 Reichel, Oswald J.-Complete manual of canon law. 7 + 416 pp. Frontispiece. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s. net.

John HODGES 703 Reid, G. A.-The present evolution of man. 8 + 370 pp Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 75. 6d.

CHAPMAN & HALL 704 “Review of Reviews.” Vol. 12. 588 pp. Illus. Cr. 4to, July-Dec., 1895, cloth, 5s.

“REVIEW OF REVIEWS” OFFICE 705 Richards, Joseph W.-Aluminium. 665 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 305.

25. 6d. net. 706 Richardson, J. M.-Apples of gold or talks with the children. 207 pp.

Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. net, cloth limp, is. 6d. net. HEADLEY Bros. 707 Richardson, J. M.-Six generations of friends in Ireland. 3rd edition. 300 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1895, limp, is. 6d. net, cloth limp, 25. net, cloth, 2s. 6d.

HEADLEY Bros. 708 Richter, Henry–The corn trade invoice clerk. 30 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, paper, is. net.

EFFINGHAM WILSON 709 Richards, M. S. C.-The exiles: a romance of life. 4 + 142 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 4s. 6d. net.

G. BELL 710 Riehl, W. H.-Culturgeschichtliche novellen. 14 + 302 pp. (Pitt Press series). Ex. fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, reduced to 35.

Camb. Univ. PRESS 711 Rita-Asenath of the ford. 3rd edition. 376 pp. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, 1896, art linen, 35. 6d.

GRIFFITH & FARRAN 712 Ritchie, Frank-Easy continuous Latin prose. 8+ 200 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

LONGMANS 713 Robertson, Prof.—The Old Testament and its contents. 10+ 186 pp. (Guild library series) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, is. 6d. net. A. & C. BLACK

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714 Robinson, C. H.-Hausaland. 7+ 304 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 145.

Low 715 Robinson, Rev. F. D.-Driven by the spirit : a manual for Lent. 208 pp. 16mo, 1896, paper, is. 6d.

CHARLES TAYLOR 716 Robinson, Henry-Sewerage and sewage disposal. 192 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 125. 6d.

E. & F. N. SPON 717 Rockwell, Alfred Perkins-Roads and pavements in France. 6+107 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s. 6d. net.

CHAPMAN & HALL 718 Rogers, Lieut.-Col. E.-A modern sphinx. 2nd edition. 3 vols. in 1. 925 pp.

Illus. 1896, cloth, 75. 6d. AUTHOR, 20, Buckingham Street, Strand. 719 Rosenberg, F.-The preceptor's mechanics. 280 + 8 pp. Illus. (The preceptor's series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

W. B. CLIVE 720 Routledge, Robt.- Discoveries and inventions of the nineteenth century. Ith edition. 720 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 75. 6d.

ROUTLEDGE 721 Rowe, S.-A perambulation of the antient and royal forest of Dartmoor

and Venville precincts. 3rd edition. 16 + 516 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 15s. net.

GIBBINGS 722 Royal Society-Catalogue of scientific papers. Vol. 11. New series for 1874-83. 602 pp. Roy. 4to, 1890, cloth, 255. net, half morocco, 325. net.

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS 723 Rubbee, K. F.-The origin of the Musalmans of Bengal. 132 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 5s.

W. THACKER 724 Russell, W. Clark-Emigrant ship. New and cheaper edition. 400 pp. Cr. 8vo 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

Low 725 Rutherford, W. G.-Scholia Aristophanica. 2 vols. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5os. net.

MACMILLAN 726 Ryan, Charles E.-With an ambulance: a narrative of personal experiences

during the Franco-German war. 364 pp. Portrait and maps. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, gs.


esgb, cloth, is. 6d. paba: Eight lectures on Bampton lect

727 St. Botolph's church, Boston, in the county of Lincoln, concise sketch

of the history of. 114 pp. Illus. Svo, 1895, cloth, 2s. 6d. SIMPKIN 728 Saintsbury, George-A history of nineteenth century literature,

1780-1895. 12 + 477 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 7s. éd. MACMILLAN 729 Sala, George Augustus—The life and adventures of, written by himself. Cheap edition. 776 pp. Portrait. Ex. cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 75. 6d.

CASSELL 730 Salvo, D.-Spanish and English commercial correspondence. New edition. 103 pp. (Foreign commercial correspondence series). Dy. 8vo,

E. MARLBOROUGH 731 Sanday, W.-Inspiration : Eight lectures on the early history and origin of the

doctrine of Biblical inspiration. Being the Bampton lectures for 1893. Third edition enlarged, with a new preface. 30 + 477 pp. 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d.

LONGMANS 732 Sanders, Amanda-Bent ironwork for beginners and proficients. 8 + 48 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 2s. 6d., paper, is. 6d.

CHAPMAN & HALL 733 Sanders, T. W.- Encyclopædia of gardening. 435 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 3s. 6d.

COLLINGRIDGE 734 Sanitary Institute. Examinations in sanitary knowledge. 24 pp. Illus. Svo, 1896, paper, 6d.


735 Sanitary Institute, Journal of. Pt. 4. Vol. 116. I pp. Illus. 8vo, 1896, paper.

STANFORD 736 Sarum almanack and diocesan kalendar, 1896. 270 pp. Fcp 8vo, 1896, sewed, is.

SIMPKIN 737 Saunders, Howard, and Salvin, Osbert-Catalogue of the birds in the

British Museum, vol 25. Gaviae : terns, gulls, and skuas, by H. Saunders. Tubinares : petrels and albatrosses, by O. Salvin. 15 + 475 pp. Illus. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 21s.

LONGMANS 738 Schmoller, Gustav—The mercantile system and its historical

significance. Illustrated chiefly from Russian history. Being a chapter from the Studien über die wirthschaftliche Politik Friedrichs des Grossen. 10 + 95 pp. (Economic classic series). Globe 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. net.

MACMILLAN 739 Schoenhof, John-A history of money and prices : being an inquiry into

their relations from the beginning of the 13th century to the present time. 17 + 352 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

PUTNAM's Sons 740 Schooling, William-Bourne's Insurance Directory, 1896. 658 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth gilt, 5s.

LIBRARY BUREAU 741 Scott, Sir Walter-Waverley novels. Standard edition. The black dwarf and a legend of Montrose. 24 + 382 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

A. & C. BLACK 742 Scott, Sir W.-A legend of Montrose, annotated by H. F. M. Simpson. 19 + 272 pp. Map. (Pitt Press series). Ex. fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS 743 Scottish church and University almanac. 254 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, boards, is.

MACNIVEN & WALLACE (Edinburgh) 744 Scoville, Wilbur L.-The art of compounding : a text book for students and

a reference book for pharmacists at the prescription counter. 8 + 264 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1895, cloth, 12s.

KEGAN PAUL 745 Searle, Mrs. Walter—“Sarah Deck's victory.” 5th edition. 371 pp. Illus. (Windsor library series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

JARROLD 746 Sears, Lorenzo—The history of oratory from the age of Pericles to the

present time. 5 + 440 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 75. 6d. KEGAN PAUL 747 Seeley, Sir J. R.-Introduction to political science : two series of lectures.

16 + 387 pp. (Eversley series). Globe 8vo, 1896, cloth, 55. MACMILLAN 748 Senex-The millennium. 110 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, parchment, 2s. 6d. STOCK 749 Sharp, W. H.-Babel; or, the scientific frontier of religion. 2 + 104 pp. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

JAGGARD (Liverpool) 750 Sharp, W. H.-Universal attraction and its relation to the chemical

elements. The key to a consistent philosophy. 2 + 54 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

JAGGARD (Liverpool) 751 Shipbuilding and marine work of the whole world. 82 pp. Fcp. 4to, 1896, paper, is. net.

EFFINGHAM WILSON 752 Simpson, Mrs. Jane A. H.-Centennial edition of the works of Henry

Heaviside, of Stockton-on-Tees, with portrait and memoir. 470 pp. Illus.

Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 75. 6d. Mrs. SIMPSON (1, Hargwyne St., Stockwell) 753 Sinclair, Arthur-Two years on the Alabama. 344 pp. Illus. La. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 155.

GAY & BIRD 754 Skerry, G. E. Practical indexing and précis writing. New edition. 184 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth limp, 2s.



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