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4955 Tytler, Sarah, Pseud. (Henrietta Keddie)-A little lass and lad. 320 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 38.

S.P.C.K. 4956 Umber, George-Ayrshire idylls of other days: phases of Scottish life

and character. 241 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. A. GARDNER 4957* Van Dyke, Dr. Henry-The gospel for an age of doubt. The Yale lectures on preaching, 1896. 14 + 458 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 88. 6d.

MACMILLAN The author has attempted to show that religion and the outcomes of it, which cheer and uplift men and women, are the best subject-matter of the preacher. It is not so much in the art of preaching as it is in what that art embodies that we must seek for that which moves and inspires the hearts of men. Dr. Van Dyke, therefore, urges the question of the study of the Gospel as an all-important one,

in the fulfilment of the preacher's duties. 4958 Van Dyke, John Charles, ed.-Modern French masters: A series of

biographical and critical reviews by American artists. 262 pp. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 1896, buckram, 42s.

FISHER UNWIN 4959 Veitch, Prof.—Border essays. 246+8 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 48. 6d. net.

W. BLACKWOOD 4900 Vergil-Aeneid. Books I.-VI., translated by Sir Theodore Martin. 246+14 pp. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d.

W. BLACKWOOD 4901 Vergil-Aeneid. Book XI. A translation by A. A. Irwin Nesbitt, M.A. 29 pp. (University tutorial series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, ls.

W. B. CLIVE 4962 Vernon, Rev. J. R.-From the granary: sermons. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 38. 6d. .

J. NISBET 4963* Volkert, Chr.-Model of a horizontal steam engine furnished with

Meyer's variable expansion gear. Translated and edited by A. Philip. 6+ 26 pp. With model. Oblong, 1896, hoards, 2s. 6d. net. G. PHILIP

Contains a brief description of the parts and the method of working, and of discussing and explanation of Zeuner's valve diagrams. The work is written for

general readers, and for elementary engineering students. 4964 Vuillier, Gaston—The forgotten isles. Translated by F. Breton, 308 pp. Illus. Cr. 4to, 1896, cloth, 16s.

HUTCHINSON 4965* Waddington, Samuel-Poems. 12+124 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 48.

G. BELL None of these poems have appeared in either of the author's two previous volumes. A translation is given of the earliest sonnet known, that composed by

Lodovico della Vernaccia about 700 years ago. 4966 Wagstaff, W. H.-Metric system of weights and measures compared with the imperial system. 125 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

WHITTAKER 4967 Waldo, Cedric Dane–The ban of the Gubbe. 195+4 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

W. BLACKWOOD 4968* Wallace, William-The lighter life: dialogues and sketches. 228 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

J. MACQUEEN 4969 Waller, Augustus D.-An introduction to human physiology. 3rd

edition. 16+640 pp. Diagrams. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 188. LONGMANS 4970 Walsingham, Lord, and Durrant, John Hartley-Rules for regulating

nomenclature, with a view to secure a strict application of the law of

priority in entomological work. 18 pp. 8vo, 1896, paper, 6d. LONGMANS 4971 Walton, Izaak, and Cotton, Charles—The compleat angler. Edited by

Richard le Gallienne. illustrated by E. H. New. Parts 4 to 9. New edition. 1896, paper, ls. net each part.

John LANE 4972* Watson, E. H. Lacon—The unconscious humourist, and other essays. 8+248 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 4s. 6d. net.

A series of fifteen essays of a purely funciful and imaginative character. Several

of the essays have already appeared in various magazines.
. These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

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4973* Watters, T.-Stories of everyday life in modern China. Told by Chinese and done into English. 10+228 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

D. NUTT The stories here told are narratives of actual Chinese life of recent times in

several phases and stages. 4974 Webster, Rev. F. S.-Set to obey. (Deeper life series.) Sm. cr. 8vo,

J. NISBET 4975* Wedmore, Frederick-Orgeas and Miradou, with other pieces. 124 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, art canvas, 3s. 6d.

James BOWDEN A series of imaginative pieces written, as the author explains, in moods, “when that which was borne in most strongly on the mind was the unfashionable truth," that “the deepest need of nearly every human life is still human affection.” “Orgeas and Miradou" is repripted from the Nineteenth century, and “The Poet on the Wolds" from the Wörtnightly Review. The original form of “ To Nancy” appeared

in The Savoy. 4976 Wells office book : prime and hours, with other services. 132 pp. 1896, cloth, ls. 6d ; persian, 3s.

John HODGES 4977 Wenzell, A. B.-In Vanity Fair : seventy large cartoons. Obl. fol, 1896, half cloth, 15s. net.

John LANE 4978 West, Dr. Charles—The profession of medicine : its study and practice, its duties and rewards. 115 + 12 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 28. 6d.

Kegan Paul 4979* Weston, Rev. W.-Mountaineering and exploration in the Japanese

Alps. With maps and 35 illustrations. 14+348 pp. Roy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 21s.

John MURRAY The author has not dwelt in any way on those fascinating considerations which Japanese life affords, but has given a simple record of a four years' holiday wanderings

in the high mountain regions of Central Japan. 4980 Whishaw, Fred-A Boyar of the Terrible: a romance of the court

of Ivan the Cruel, first Tzar of Russia. 8+292 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

LONGMANS 4981 Whishaw, Fred–The emperor's Englishman. Illustrated by Warwick Goble. 352 pp. La.cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

HUTCHINSON 4982 Whishaw, Fred-Harold the Norseman. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

T. NELSON 4983 Whitaker, Rev. G. H.-The royal priesthood and its offering : simple

instructions before and after confirmation. 8 + 118 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

WARD & DOWNEY 4984 White, Gleeson. Ed.—The parade, 1897. 8 + 254 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, designed by Paul Woodroffe, 6s, net.

H. HENRY 4985 White, J. G.-History of the three royal exchanges, the Gresham

lectures, and the Gresham almshouses. 91 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, vellum, 26.

EFFINGHAM WILSON 4986* Whiting, Lilian-The world beautiful. Second series. 292 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 58.

S. Low A series of essays dealing with the moral culture of the soul, to the end that men and women may live harmoniously together in this world, and realise the life of the

world to come. 4987 Whittle, Major D. W.-Gospel pictures and stories for children. 128 pp. lllus. La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

MORGAN & SCOTT 4988 Whitty, Mrs. Irwine-Short plays and charades. 95 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, ls.

SXEFFINGTON 4989* Whyte, Alexander, D.D.-Bible characters, Adam to Achan. 301 pp. Pust 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

OLIPHANT, ANDERSON, & FERRIER The first of a series on Bible characters by the author of the well-known “Bunyan

characters." 4990 Wickham, A. E.-Fortune's fingers: novel. 310 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

HUTCHINSON 4991 Wicksteed, Rev. P. H.-The chronicle of Villarni for Dante students, 461 pp. Čr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

A. CONSTABLE * These books can be inspected by the public free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

** White and Irwine-Short plays

- 4992 Widdrington, George-Lady Levallion. 6 + 240 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, designed by Alan Wright, 5s.

H. HENRY 4993 Wilcox, Walter D.-Camping in the Canadian Rockies : An account

of camp life in the wilder parts of the Canadian Rocky mountains, together with a description of the region about Banff, Lake Louise, and glacier, and a sketch of the early explorations. 9 + 283 pp. Illus. Svo, 1896, cloth, 21s. net.

G. P. Putnam's Sons 4994 Williams, Leonard-Ballads and songs of Spain. 96 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

DIGBY, LONG 4995 Williams, T. C.-Principles of the law of real property. 18th edition. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cluth, 21s.

SWEET & MAXWELL 4996 Wilson, James W.-The new hygiene: a drugless remedy for the treat

ment of all diseases, the promotion of health and longevity. 317 pp.

Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d., paper, 2s. G. P. Putnam's Sons 4997* Windsor Magazine, The: An illustrated monthly for men and women.

Vol. IV., July to November, 1896. 6 + 604 pp. Roy. 8vo, 1896, cloth 6s.

WARD, Lock, & Co. 4998* Winser, Lilian-Lays and legends of the weald of Kent. With illustrations by Margaret Winser. 8 + 80 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1897, cloth, 5s, net.

ELKIN MATHEWS A volume of original poems. The edition is limited to 500 copies. 4999 Wise, Dr. P. M.-A text-book for training schools for nurses, includ.

ing physiology and hygiene, and the principles and practice of nursing.

2 vols. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s. each. G. P. Putnam's Sons 5000* Witherby, H. Forbes-Light from the land of the sphinx. With illustrations from the monuments. 16+320 pp. 4to, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d.

Elliot Stock.
Originally the writer's intention was to provide the student of the Bible a selec-
tion of important references explaining the history of the sojourn of the Israelites in
Egypt; but progress with the work compelled ihe writer to expand this original

idea, and he now presents the work as a handbook to the student of Egyptology. 5001 Wogom, Gilbert Totten-Parakites: a treatise on the making and flying

of tailless kites for scientific purposes and for recreation. 7+91 pp. Illus. 4to, 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d.

G. P. Putnam's Sons 5002 Wood, Henry-Ideal suggestion through mental photography. 6th edition. 163 pp. Frontispiece. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. 6d.

Kegan Paul 5003 Wood, Walter-Barrack and battlefield : tales of the service at home

and abroad. 315 pp. La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. Hurst & BLACKETT 5004 Woods, Rev. F. H.-The hope of Israel: a review of the argument from propbecy. 213 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

T. & T. CLARK (Edinburgh) 5005 Worthington, David-Equal shares. 348 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

Digby, LONG 5006 Wright, S.—The handy book of household law : being a simple digest of the law as it more especially relates to household matters. New edition.

Biggs & Co. 5007* Wrixon, Sir Henry-Socialism, being notes on a political tour. 12+ 332 pp. Med. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 103. 6d.

MACMILLAN The political tour here referred to is that which the author took as one of the delegates to the Canadian Colonial Conference, through Canada, England, and the United States. Sir Henry Wrixon simply supplies a record of this tour, and he writes as an observer and a reporter rather than as the instructor.

* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.Ç.

5008* Wroth, Warwick, and Arthur, Edgar_The London pleasure gardens

of the eighteenth century. With 62 illustrations. 20+335 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 158. net.

MACMILLAN The authors have divided the various London public places of resort into “groups.” Thus they have (1) The Clerkenwell and Central group, (2) Marylebone group, (3) North London group, (4) Hampstead group, (5) Chelsea group, (6) South London group. The illustrations are copies of contemporary prints. The work should form an important help in the study of the social life of England of the

period. 5009* Wyss, Rev. John Daniel--The Swiss Family Robinson. A new

version by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts. 2+392 pp. Roy. 8vo, 1897, cloth, gilt edges, 10s. 6d.

G. NEWNES A special edition-de-luxe, with 100 illustrations by J. Finnemore. Mr. Hodgett's version is an entirely new translation from the original German, which distinguishes it from the other editions of this children's classic. These have been trans

lations from the French. 5010 Yellow book : an illustrated quarterly. Vol. XI. 342 pp. Illus. Pott 4to, 1896, cloth, 5s. net.

John LANE 5011 York, Library of the dean and chapter. Catalogue of the printed books 488 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 5012 Young standard bearer, The: annual volume, 1896. 96 pp. Illus. Cr: 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

GARDNER, DARton, & Co: 5013 X Rays, pseud.—A psychic vigil in three watches. With preface by Rev. A. R. Haweis. 1+ 6 + 167 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

W. H. ALLEN 5014. Zimmermann, Dr. A.-Botanical microtechnique. Translated by J. Ellis Humphrey. 296 pp. Illus. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 128. net.

A. CONSTABLE 5015* Zimmerman, Marie-A woman at bay. 320 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.


5014 Zimmermann

Errata in New Book List, No. 5, No. 9, No. 10, 1896.

FOR 2250, 3512, 3757, 3901 READ— 2250 Victory, L. H.—The higher teaching of Shakespeare. 193 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 58.

STOCK 3512 Helps, Sir Arthur.-The life of Hernando Cortes. 2 vols. Vol. I.

14 + 280 pp. Vol. II. 8 + 308 pp. (Bohn's standard library.) Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. each.

G. BELL 3757 Adcock, A. St. John-Beyond atonement: a story of London life.

6 + 344 pp. (Waterloo series.) Cr. Svo, 1896, 4s. 6d. net. BELLAIRS 3901 Farrar, Rev. F.W.- Julian Home: a tale of college life. 431 pp. Frontispiece. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.


* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent Book Echibitio", 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

5016 Acland, Sir Henry W.-The inaugural Robert Boyle lecture,

delivered in May, 1892 45 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth. H. FROWDE 5017 Aimard, Gustave-Les Trappeurs de L'Arkansas. Edited by

Marguerite Ninet. 112 pp. (Modern French texts.) Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls.

BLACKIE 5018 Alden, William L.–The mystery of Elias G. Roebuck: a story 8+344 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

. A. D. INNES. 5019 Allcroft, A. H.- A history of Greece. Vol. II., The making of Athens,

495—431 B.C. (University tutorial series.) 11+209 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 4s. 6d.

W. B. CLIVE 5020 American Academy of political and social science, Annals of the.

Vol. 8, July-Dec., 1896. (Principal papers issued also separately, average price, ls.) Roy. 8vo, 1896, paper, 10s.

P. S. KING 5021 Andersen, Hans Christian—Tales. 194 pp. Illustrated by Helen Stratton. Imp. 16mo, 1896, vellum, gilt, 30 copies, 21s. net each.

A. CONSTABLE 5022 Animals and birds of the Bible. Twenty-four addresses to the young. 128 pp. Illus. Imp. 16mo, 1896, boards, 9d.

DRUMMOND TRACT DEPOT (Stirling) 5023 Anthony Blake's experiment: a novel. 2 vols. Vol. I., 4+297 pp.; Vol. II., 4+295 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s.

R. BENTLEY 5024 Arber, Prof. Edward-An English garner. Vol. VIII. Now edition. 636 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s. per vol.

A. CONSTABLE 5025 Austen, Jane—Emma. With an introduction by Austin Dobson. Illus.

trated by Hugh Thomson. 18+ 438 pp. (Illus. standard novels.) Cr.

8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. ; cloth extra (Peacock edition), 58. MACMILLAN 5026 Austin, Alfred-Leszke the bastard : a tale of Polish grief. 75 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 39. 6d.

ELKIN MATHEWS 5027* Avery, Harold -A boy all over: a story. 12+323 pp. Twelve Illustrations by Walter Buckley. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

S. Low

Stration. Hans Christianino, 1896, paper, por issned also allot the.

5028 Badminton magazine of sports and pastimes. Vol. III., July to

December, 1896. Edited by Alfred E. T. Watson. 8+748 pp. lllus. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

LONGMANS 5029 Baedeker, Karl-Central Italy and Rome. 12th edition. 438 pp. Maps and plans. (Baedeker's guides.) Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 7s.6d.

DULAU 5030* Bailey, G. H.-The tutorial chemistry. Part I., Non-metals. Edited by William Briggs. 8+226 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

W. B. CLIVE An elementary handbook to the study of the non-metals intended for the use of students who are preparing for the matriculation examination of the London

University. 5031 Bailey, L. H.-The survival of the unlike. 516 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 88. 6d.

MACMILLAN 5032 Balfour, Isaac Bayley, and others—Annals of botany. Vol. X. No. 40. 170 pp. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 1896, paper, 14s.

H. FROWDE 5033 Balzac, Honoré de-Béatrix. Translated by James Waring. Edited by George Saintsbury. 12 + 364 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

J. M. DENT 5034 Balzac, Honoré de-César Birotteau. Translated by Ellen Marriage.

Edited by George Saintsbury. 12 + 348 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

J. M. DENT • There books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Dook Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C,

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