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4050* Mercer, Henry C.-The hill-caves of Yucatan, with 74 illustrations 184 pp. 8vo, cloth, 1896, 10s. 6d. net.

G. REDWAY. An account of the Corwith Expedition of the Department of Archæology of the University of Pennsylvania, in a search for evidence of man's antiquity in the caverns

of Central America. 4051* Metcalfe, William Charles-On the face of the deep; or, the bird-borne

missive. Illustrated by S. H. Vedder. 292 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1897, cloth, 38. 6d.

JARROLD 4052* Miall, Prof., L. C.-Round the year: a series of short nature studies. 8 + 296 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

MACMILLAN A volume intended to interest young science students in careful observation of the natural events of a year. The year chosen by the authoris 1895, and although he has written on things which interested him personally, he hopes his record of observe

tions may serve as a stimulus for original research. 4053 Miller, W. J. C.-Mathematical questions and solutions from the

educational times. Vol. 65. 126 pp. 8vo, paper, 6s. 6d. Francis HODGSON 4054 Miller, William - The Balkans: Roumania, Bulgaria, Servia, and Monte

negro. 476 pp. Illus. (Story of the Nations, Vol. 44.) Cr. 8vo, 1896 cloth, 58.

FISHER UNWIN 4055 Minchin, G. M.-A treatise on statics with applications to physics.

Vol. 1. Equilibrium of coplanar forces. New edition, 1896. Cloth, 108. 6d.

CLARENDON PRESS 4056 Molesworth, Mrs.-Friendly Joey, and other stories. 96 pp. Coloured illustrations. Sm. 4to, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

S.P.C.K. 4057 Molesworth, Mrs.-Philippa. 357 pp. Illus. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 58.

W.& R. CHAMBERS 4058* Moorat, Joseph S.—The second book of nursery rhymes, set to music.

Illustrated by Paul Woodroffe. 14 + 48 pp. Oblong 4to, 1896, half cloth, 58.

G. ALLEN To thirty-two nursery rhymes Mr. James Moorat has composed original tunes, and throughout the book Mr. Woodroffe has appropriately pictured in black and

white the features of the songs which have specially struck him. 4059 Moore, F. Frankfort-Highways and high seas: Cyril Hartley's adven

tures on both. With six page illustrations by Alfred Pearse. New

and cheaper edition. 350 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. BLACKIE 4000 Morgan, W. J.-Nursery rhymes and fables. 64 pp. Illus., 30 in colours, 30 in monochrome. Sm. 4to, 1896, paper, Is. 6d.

S.P.C.K. 4061 Morris, William-The well at the world's end : a tale. 2 vols. Vol. I. 8 + 378 pp. ; Vol. II., 6 + 279 pp. 8vo, 1896, paper boards, 28s.

LONGMANS 4062* Morris, William, and Bax, E. Belfort-Socialism : its growth and outcome. 2nd edition. 8 + 335 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

TENSCHEIN This work originally appeared as a serial in the Commonweal. The authors have dealt with the subject from the historical point of view, and their volume forms a

continuous sketch of the development of history in relation to Socialism. 4063* Morrison, Arthur-Adventures of Martin Hewett: detective stories.

Third series. Illustrated by T. S. C. Crowther. 8 + 354 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, 58.

WARD, Lock, & Co. 4064 Mothers' Companion, The Annual vol., 1896. 192 pp. Imp. 8vo, paper

boards, ls. 6d.; cloth boards, 2s.; cloth gilt edges, 23. 6d. S. W. PARTRIDGE 4065* Mourey, Gabriel-Across the Channel : life and art in London. Translated

by Georgina Latimer. (As Others See Us series.) 14 + 208 pp. Cr.
8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Mr. Mourey's work, so far as regards English life, refers to that of London alone.
The most important portion of the volume relates to the development of modern
English art, particularly the so-called Pre-Raphaelite movement, and the

renaissances of industrial art.
* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

4066 Munroe, Kirk-Through swamp and glade: a tale of the Seminole war. With 8 illustrations by Victor Perard. 352 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

BLACKIE 4067 Murray, Henry-The ordeal of Thomas Taffler : costermonger. New

edition. 4 + 140 pp. 2 illustrations by B. S. Le Fanu. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

WARD & DOWNEY 4068 Murray, Dr. James A. H. ed.-A new English dictionary on historical 4009

principles. New section of Vol. III. Disburdened-disobservant, edited by Dr. A. H. James. Section of Vol. IV., Fish-Flexmore, edited by Henry Bradley. 64 pp. each. 4to, 1896, paper, 28. 6d. each.


4070 National Cyclopædia of American Biography, The. 12 vols. Vol. IV.

Each volume has over 1,000 portraits. Royal 8vo, 1896, half Russia, £2 28. per volume.

Gay & BIRD 4071 Needham, E. S.-Imaginary symposium and other papers. 158 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 28. 68.

8. R. ALLENSON 4072 Norris, W. E.-Misadventure: novel. Now edition. 472 pp. (Select

novel series). Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. GRIFFITH, FARRAN, BROWNE & Co. 4073* North, W.-Roman fever. 40 plates. 20 + 420 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth.

S. Low In 1883 the author was appointed to one of the Research Scholarships in Sanitary Science of the Grocers' Company of London. The present volume contains the results of an inquiry during three years' residence on the spot, into the origin, history, distribution, and nature of malarial fevers of the Roman Campagna. It has been compiled with special reference to the supposed connection of these fevers with pathogenio

organisms. 4074 Norway, G.–The loss of John Humble : what led to it and what came

of it. With 6 page illustrations by John Schönberg. New and cheaper edition. 351 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s.

BLACKIE 4075 Nude in art, The: a collection of 45 photogravure reproductions of best works

of modern artists. Introduction by Clarence Lansing. Atlas folio, 1896, silk cloth, £4 4s. net.


4076* Old English ballads : a book of, with an accompaniment of decorative

drawings by George Wharton Edwards, and an introduction by Hamilton W. Mabie. 185 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

MACMILLAN Mr. Mabie's introduction amounts to an essay on English ballad poetry. The ballads pictorially treated are “Robin Hood,“The Twa Corbies,” “The Battle of

Otterburn," "The Banks o' Yarrow,etc. 4077 Oliphant, Mrs.—The unjust steward; or, the minister's debt. 312 pp. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, extra gilt, 6s.

W. & R. CHAMBERS 4078 Ookhtomsky, Prince E.-Travels in the East, of his Imperial Majesty

Czar Nicholas II. of Russia, when Cesarewitch, 1890-91. *2 vols. Illus.
Imp. 4to, 1896, cloth, £5 58.

A. CONSTABLE 4079* Overton, Robert-Friend or fortune ? the story of a strange year. Illus

trated by Enoch Ward. 246 pp. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 1897, 28. 6. JARROLD 4080* Overton, Robert-New reciter and reader. Portrait. 142 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1897, cloth, ls.

JARROLD 4081* Overton, Robert-Waterworks! temperance readings and recitations for

the platform, the library, and the fireside. 3rd edition. 122 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, 18.

JARROLD 4082 Oxford-Statuta Universitatis Oxoniensis, 1896 New edition. 16+ 446 Imp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

CLARENDON PRESS * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

4083 Oxley, J. Macdonald-Baffling the blockade: American civil war. 375 pp. Illus. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

T. NELSON 4084 Oxley, J. Macdonald-Making his way. 317 pp. Illus. Post 8vo. 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

T. NELSON 4085 Oxley, J. Macdonald-The romance of commerce. 242 pp. Illus. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2g. 6d.

W. & R. CHAMBERS 4086 Oxley, J. Macdonald-Two boy tramps. 313 pp. Illus. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.


4087 Paine, Mrs. G. W.-A sunset idyll, and other poems. 96 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

HODDER BROS. 4088 Parry, Admiral Sir W. E.-Third voyage for the discovery of a

North West Passage in the years 1824 and 1825, with an account
of the Esquiinaux, edited from Parry's First Edition of his Voyage with a
Biographical Introduction. 232 pp. Illus. (Famous Books for Boys and
Girls.)" Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

BLACKIE 4089 Parsons, Charles R.–Caleb and Beckey. 190 pp. Cr. Evo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

C. H. KELLY 4090 Passsages in the life of a galley-slave. Translated from the French by M.

Betham-Edwards. 192 pp. Illus. (Famous Books for Boys and Girls.)
Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

BLACKIE 4091* Pater, Walter-Gaston de Latour. 12 + 200 pp. Ex. cr. 8vo, 1896, · cloth, 7s. 6d.

MACMILLAN The present work is a fragment. Had Mr. Pater lived to complete it, it would have been a parallel study of character to his “ Marius the Epicurean”; only in this Case it would have dealt with the spiritual development of a cultivated mind at a time of transition, and when an old order of belief was about to make way for an

entirely new one. 4092 Payne, W. W., and Willard, C. R., eds.- Popular astronomy. Vol.

111. September 1895 to June 1896. 548 pp. 22 plates and engravings. 8vo, in ten numbers, paper 12s. 6d. net.

W. WESLEY 4093 Pease, Howard–The white-faced priest, and other Northumbrian episodes. 290 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

Gay & BIRD. 4094 Peddie, Dr. William-On torsional oscillations of wires. 20 pp. 2 plates.

(Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Vol. 38, No. 18.) 4to, 1896, paper, Is. 6d.

WILLIAMS & NORGATE 4095 Percy, Algernon Heber-Moab, Ammon, and Gilead. 110 pp. With illustrations and a map. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

SIMPKIN 4096 Phillips, Joseph--Wood-carving: being a carefully graduated educational

source for schools and adult classes. 94 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

CHAPMAN & HALL 4097* Photograms of 'go. 112 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. net. PHOTOGRAM, LTD.

A pictorial and literary record of ibe best photographic work of the year, compiled

by the editors and staff of “ The Photogram.” 4098 Pigott, Mostyn T.-Songs of a session : verse. 8 + 120 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. net

A. D. INNES 4099* Pistis Sophia : a Gnostic Gospel (with extracts of the books of the Saviour

appended). Originally translated from Greek into Coptic, and now for the first time Englished. 16 + 394 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 7s. 6d. net.

THEOSOMHICAL PUBLISHING SOCIETY The present translation is from Schwartze's Latin version of the only-known Coptic MS., and has been checked by Amélineau's French version. It is furnished with an introduction by G. R. S. Mead, wbich deals with a general exposition of

gnosticism. These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

2099* Pistis pended English

4100* Plehn, Carl C.-Introduction to public finance. 12 + 364 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. 6d. net.

MACMILLAN An elementary text book on the subject, containing, as the author states in his preface," a simple outline of those things which are necessary to prepare the student for independent research ; a brief discussion of the leading principles that are generally accepted ; a statement of unsettled principles with the grounds for

controversy; and sufficient references to easily accessible works." 4101 Pollard, Eliza F.—The minister's money. 160 pp. lllus. (Reward series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, Is. 6d.

S. W. PARTRIDGE 4102 Pollen, Rev. J. H.-Life and letters of Father John Morris, 1826-1893.

294 pp. Illus. (Quarterly series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. Burns & OATES 4103 Poole, R. Lane-Historical atlas of modern Europe. To be issued

in 30 monthly parts. Part I., containing the following maps :-Map 2 : Europe, 395-527, A.D. By Professor Bury Map 15: Roman Britain. By F. Haverfield. Map 44: The Swiss confederation. By the Rev. W. A. B. Coolidge. From the decline of the Roman Empire. Comprising also maps of parts of Asia and of the New World connected with European history. Imp. 4to, 1896, 3s. 6d. net each part.

CLARENDON PRESS 4104 Pownall, Mrs. Beatty S.-A book of sauces. 280 pp. Cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

CHAPMAN & Hall 4105 Price, Eleanor C.-Poor little mother. 224 pp. Illus. Cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

S.P.C.K. 4106 Pupil teacher and scholarship student, The. Vol. V. 328 pp. Folio, 1896, cloth, 4s.



propos de pertele on the de la Det er

4107 Raleigh History Reader, The Fourth standard. Stories from English

history, B.C. 55-A.D. 1603. 232 pp. Illus. (Raleigh History Reader-.) Cr. 8vo, cloth, ls. 4d.

BLACKIE 4108 Rawnsley, H. D.-Ballads of brave deeds. With a frontispiece and

preface by G.
preface by G. F. Watts, R.A. 10 + 184 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

J. M. DENT 4109 Reade, F. E.-Emma's marriage. 224 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

S.P.C.K. 4110 Ramakrishna, T.-Tales of Ind, and other poems. 106 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

Fisher UNWIN 4111 Reagan, H. C.-Locomotive mechanism and engineering: with an

appendix on the modern electric locomotive. 2nd edition, revised and enlarged. 10 + 420 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ss. 6d. not.

CHAPMAN & Hall 4112* Reid, Stuart J.-The life and times of Sydney Smith: based on family

documents and the recollectiou of personal friends. 4th edition, enlarged. Portrait and 31 illustrations. 20 + 382 pp. Cr. 8vo 1896, cloth, 6s.

S. Low 4113* Reliquary, and illustrated archæologist, The : a quarterly journal and

review devoted to the study of the early pagan and Christian antiquities of Great Britain, etc. Edited by J. Romilly Allen, F.S.A. New series. Vol. II. Ulus. 4 + 260 pp. Imp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s. net. BEMROSE

List of principal subjects : Thornton Abbey, Lincs.--Some forms of Greek Idolatry-Cap and Ring Sculptures of Ilkley-Old Stone Crosses of Somersetshire

-Churchyaru Games in Wales. 4114 Renan, Ernest-Poetry of the Celtic races, and other studies. 38+226 pp. (Scott Library.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

WALTER SCOTT 4115* Richmond, Rev. Wilfrid - Experience: a chapter of prolegomena. 4+64 pp. Fop. Svo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

SONNENSCHEIN The author considers experience to be the beginning of a sound philosophy. He, therefore, calls his little volume a “chapter of prolegomena." He combats the

current doctrine that experience cannot give us the knowledge of reality. 4116 Riley, James Whitcomb-A child-world : poems. 151 + 36 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

LONGMANS 4117 Rime of the ancient mariner. Edited, with notes and introduction, by

Herbert Bates, with a preface by P. A. Barnett. 48 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 4d.

LONGMANS 4118 Rippon, Claude and Rolfe, Benedict-Oxford rides: an illustrated

account of some of the main roads. Part 1.-The South-east. 18 pp. 16mo, 1896, paper, 6d.

SIMPKIN 4119 Rivington, Rev. Luke- Rome and England ; or, ecclesiastical continuity. 193 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

BURNS & OATES 4120* Robertson, George Croom-Elements of general philosophy. Edited

from notes of lectures delivered at the college, 1870-1892, by C. A. Foley Rhys Davids. (University extension manuals.) 16 + 366 pp, Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

John MURRAY Mrs. Rhys Davids has attempted, from notes and material supplied by students, a mystematic presentation of the late Prof. Robertson's exposition of general philosophy. A concrete statement is thus presented of a philosophy based on psychology, and developed on the Schopenhauerian lines—that we know in so far as we act, and only

as we act may re claim fully to be. 4121 Robinson, B. Fletcher-Rugby football. 14 + 324 pp. Illus. (Isthmian Library.) Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

A. D. INNES 4122 Rod, Edouard-The private life of an eminentpolitician (rendered into

English from “ La Vie Privée de Michel Teissier”). 3rd edition. 1 + 332 pp.
Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

W. H. ALLEN 4123 Rokeby, Charles-Dorcas Hobday: a novel. 280 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

LONGMANS 4124 Rosebery, Earl of- Robert Burns : two addresses delivered at Glasgow

and Dumfries on the centenary of the poet's death, July 21st, 1896. 2nd edition. 34 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, paper, 6d. vet.

D. Douglas (Edinburgh) 4125 Routh, E. J.-A treatise on analytical statics. Vol. I. 2nd edition. 12 + 391 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 14s.

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS 4126 Royal crown infant reader: No. 2. 88 pp. (Royal School Series.) Cr. Svo, 1896, cloth, 6d.

T. NELSON 4127 Royal portfolio of pictures and diagrams: third series. (Royal School series.) 1896, 12s. 6d.

T. NELSON 4128 Ruth, The Book of. With an introduction by Ernest Rhys. 16 + 52 pp. Illustrated by W. B. Macdougall. Sm. cr. 4to, 1896, cloth, 10s. 6d. net.

J. M. DENT 4129 Rutherford, E. M.--The king's baby : fairy story. Illus. Imp. 16mo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Gay & BIRD

412 Rod, Edouard

4130 St. Leger, Hugh- An ocean outlaw: a story of adventure in the good

ship, Margaret. With six page illustiations by William Rainey, R.I. 319 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 4s.

BLACKIE 4131 Saintsbury, G.-Primer of French literature. 4th edition. Ex. fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

CLARENDON PRESS. * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

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