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3964* Hirsch, Dr. William-Genius and degeneration: a psychological study;

translated from the 2nd edition of the German work. 8 + 334 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 17s. net.

HEINEMANN Dr. Hirsch attempts a re-statement of the scientific theory of degeneration. It is not as Herr Nordau has stated it. The productions of genius are necessary and inevitable. A discussion of the work of certain authors and artists, points to no “black plague of degeneration." The purpose of this work is to aid in elucidating certain anthropological moot questions, "and to clear up certain notions that are apt to create

confusion " in medical as well as laical circles. 3965* Hobson, Mrs. Carey-The farm in the karoo : or, what Charley Vyvyan

and bis friends saw iu South Africa. 2nd edition. 8 + 293 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

SONNENSCHEIN 3966 Hobson, Richard-Charles Waterton : his home, babits, and handiwork.

2nd edition. 408 pp. Cr. 8vo, cloth, reduced tc 2s. 6d. net. SIMPKIN 3967* Hodgetts, E. A. Brayley-Round about Armenia. Portrait and map. 14 + 296 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

S. Low The record of a journey across the Balkans through Turkey, the Caucasus, and

Persia made in 1895. 3968 Holland, T. E.-Elements of jurisprudence. 8th edition. 8vo, 1896, cloth 10s. 6d.

CLARENDON PRESS 3969 Holmes, Eleanor-In time to come: a novel. New edition. 328 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

HURST & BLACKETT 3970* Horace-Opera: with notes by T. E. Page, Arthur Palmer, and A. S. Wilkins. Abridged for use in schools. 23 + 648 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 8s. 6d.

MACMILLAN This edition is an abridgment of the three volumes devoted to Horace in

" Macmillan's Classical Series.” The notes occupy about two-thirds of the volume. 3971* Hossfeld's polyglot correspondent, whereby any mercantile letter may be

composed in either English, French, German, or Spanish. 462 pp. 24mo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

HIRSCHFELD The method adopted is that of combining sentences selected from the pages of this book. The volume contains also a vocabulary of technical expressions, business

words, and engineering terms. 3972 Housman, Rev. Henry-John Ellerton : being a collection of his writings

on hymnology, together with a sketch of his life and work. 428 pp. Portraits. Cr. 8vo, 1896. cloth, 5s.

S.P.C.K. 3973 Howatt, Rev. J. Reid- Jesus the poet. 279 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 68.

E. STOCK 3974 Howells, William D.-Impressions and experiences: reminiscences. 284 pp. Sm. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

D. DOUGLAS (Edinburgh) 3975 Hueffer, Ford M.-Ford Madox Brown: a record of his life and works. 20 + 458 pp. Illus. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 42s.

LONGMANS The volume contains forty-five full page plates and seven illustrations in the text, most of them being reproductions of the artist's pictures, executed by the autotype

process. 3976 Hume, David-A treatise on human nature. Reprinted from the original

edition, and edited, with an analytical index, by L. A. Selby-Bigge. 2nd edition. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 8s.

CLARENDON PRESS 3977 Humphreys, Jennett-Laugh and learn: a book of nursery lessons and nursery games. New edition. 256 pp. Illus. Sq. Evo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d.

BLACKIE 3978 Hunter, Sir W. W.-The old missionary. Edition de luxe, on large toned paper, with five illustrations. 4to, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. net.

HENRY FROWDE 3979* Hutcheson, John C.--Bob Strong's holidays; or, adrift in the channel. Illustrated by John B. Greene. 280 pp. Cr: 8vo, 1897, cloth, 3s. 6d.

JARROLD * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Perinanent Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

3980 Hutchinson, J. R.-The quest of the golden peari : adventure in Ceylon

and the South Seas. 288 pp. Eleven illus. by Hume Nisbet. Imp. 16mo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.


3981 Infants' Magazine, The Annual vol. 1896. 192 pp. Illus. Fcap. 4to, paper boards, ls. 6d. ; cloth boards, 28.; cloth, gilt edges, 2s. 6d.

S. W. PARTRIDGE 3982* Ironquill, Pseud, Some of the rhymes of: a book of moods. 6th edition. 12 + 326 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, 2s. 6d. net.

G. REDWAY 3983 Irvine, W. F.-Notes on the parish churches of Wirral. 4 + 32 pp. Frontispiece. 8vo, 1896, paper, ls. 6d.

JAGGARD (Liverpool)

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3984* Jackson, Alice F.-Our little sunbeams: stories for the little ones. Illus

trated by K. M. Skeaping. 186 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. JARROLD 3985 James, Charles-Where Thames is wide. 302 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth,

CHAPMAN & Hall 3986* James, Henry-The other house. 2 vols. Vol. I., 206 pp., Vol. II., 202 pp. Cr. 8vo., 1896, cloth, 10s, net.

HEINEMANN 3987 James, Ralph N.-Painters and their works : a dictionary of great

artists, who are not now alive: giving their names, lives, and the prices paid for their works at auctions. 3 vols. Vol. II. Ibbetson to Rysbregts. 558 pp. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 158.

L. UPCOTT GILL 3988 Jameson, Rev. John-Stories of my life and work. 112 pp. Illus. Imp. 16mo, 1896, cloth. ls.

T. CHAMPNESS (Rochdale) 3989 Job, The book of. With an introduction by Joseph Jacobs. Illustrated by H. Granville Fell. 18+104 pp. Small cr. 4to, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d. net.

J. M. DENT 3990 Jones, D. E.-Elementary lessons in heat. 12+112 pp. Illus. Globe 8vo. 1896, paper, ls.

MACMILLAN 3991 Jósika, Baron Nicholas.-King Mathias and the beggar boy. Adapted from the Hungarian by Selina Gaye. 124 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 1s.

T. NELSON 3992 Joyce, Samuel.-Physical and electrical engineering laboratory

manuals: examples in electrical engineering. 8+240. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 58.


3993 Keane, A. H.-Asia: Vol. II., Southern and Western Asia. Reissue of Stan

ford's compendium of geography and travel. 24+ 528 pp. Illus. Large cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 15s.

E. STANFORD 3994* Keeling, Anne E.-What he did for the convicts and cannibals. Some

account of the life and work of the Rev. Samuel Leigh. 216 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

C. H. KELLY 3995 Keenan, Rev. Stephen-Controversial catechism: with latest revisions

by Kev. G. Cormack, and a preface by Right Rev. Bishop Hedley. New

edition. 14+ 256 pp. Fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. BURNS & DATES 3996 Kelly's directory of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. 11th edition. i or 3 vols. 1,600 pp. Imp. 8vo, 1896, cloth 30s.

KELLY & Co. 3997 Kelly's directory of Lincolnshire: with the town of Hull and neighbour

hood. 10th edition. 1,100 pp. Imp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 308. KELLY & Co. 3998 Kerr, Howard-Leeway: novel. 352 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

A. D. INNES 3999 Kingston, W. H. G.–Paddy Finn. New edition. 430 pp. La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

GRIFFITH, FARRAN, BROWNE & Co * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.0.

4000 Kingston, W. H. G.–The rival Crusoes. Now edition. 399 pp. (Kingston series.) La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

GRIFFITH, FARRAN, BROWNE & Co. 4001 Kingston, W. H. G.–The three midshipmen. New edition. 414 pp. (Kingston series.) La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Griffith, FARRAN, BROWNE & Co. 4002 Kipling, Rudyard-Soldier tales: with head and tail pieces and 21 page

illustrations by A. S. Hartrick. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. MACMILLAN 4003* Klickmann, Flora-The rainy day picture book; or, sunny stories for dull

afternoons. (The Children's Picture Annual.) 68 pp. Sm. 4to, 1896, picture boards, ls.

WARD, LOCK & Co. 4004* Lancashire cookery book: being a collection of recipes for cookery classes. 72 pp. 8vo, 1896, paper, 2d.

W. E. CLEGG (Oldham) 4005 Langmead, Thomas Pitt Taswell-English constitutional history, from

the Teutonic conquest to the present time. 5th edition 669 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, 15s.

STEVENS & HAYNES 4006* Laughton, J. K.-Nelson and his companions in arms. (The Nelson

memorial). With 38 illustrations after the best artists, and 32 facsimile signatures. 16+352 pp. Small 4to, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d. net. G. ALLEN

While dwelling on the principal incidents in Nelson's life, and on the glories of his achievements, the author has endeavoured to describe some of the influences which tended to form Nelson's character; some of the men from whom he derived his inspiration ; and some of those who worked with him to secure the liberty and establish the greatness of England.

A Nelson bibliography is appended. 4007* Leaves from a diary in Lower Bengal. By C. S. (Retired). With map

and illustrations from sketches by the author : including etchings by Robert Farren. 15+283 pp. 4to, 1896, cloth, 21s. net. MACMILLAN

A chatty and anecdotal account of the daily life of a civilian in Lower Bengal, during the first eight years of Indian service. It amounts to a laudation of the “I.C.S." and of the work in connection with the English Government of

India. 4008* Le Blanc, Max-The elements of electro-chemistry. Translated by W.

R. Whitney. 10+284 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s. MACMILLAN

Intended as a text-book for science students, and contains an outline of the

present knowledge on the subject. 4009* Leibnitz, G. W.- New essays concerning human understanding,

together with an appendix consisting of some of his shorter pieces. Translated from the original Latin, French, and German, with notes by Alfred Gideon Langley. 20+861 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 149. net.

Consists of a translation of the entire fifth volume of Gerhardt's Die philosophischen Schriften, von G. W. Leibnitz. This includes an introduction by Gerhardt, several short pieces on Locke's Essay, and a translation of the Nouveaux essais sur l'entendement humain.

An Appendix embodies a translation of other short pieces of Leibnitz bearing on

the subjects discussed in the New Essays or referred to therein. 4010 Leith, W. Forbes.—The Gospel book of St. Margaret Queen of

Scotland: a facsimile. 68+16 pp. Illus. La. 4to and sm. 4to,

1896, vellum, large p., 1058.; small p., 63s. D. DOUGLAS (Edinburgh) 4011 Lely, J. M.-Statutes of practical utility passed in 1896, arranged in

alphabetical and chronological order in continuation of “Chitty's Statutes.” 12+191 pp. (Lawyers' Annual Library). Roy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 103.

SWEET & MAXWELL 4012 Leslie, C. R.-Life and letters of John Constable, R.A., with three

portraits of Constable, and 42 illustrations from Constable's pictures and sketches, together with some notes on his works, etc., by Robert C. Leslie. New edition. 18+416 pp. Illus. Dy. 4to, 1896, half vellum, 42s.

CHAPMAN & HALL * These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.


4013* L'Estrange, Roger. — Adventures of Roger L'Estrange, sometime

Captain in the Florida Army of the Marqués Hernando de Soto, Governor of Cuba, and Captain-General of all Florida : an autobiography, translated from the Spanish and edited by Dominick Daly. With a preface by Henry M. Stanley. 302 pp. Coloured route-map. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

SONNENSCHEIN 4014* Levi, Eliphas-Transcendental magic, its doctrine and ritual: a complete

translation of “ Dogme et rituel de la haute magie,” with a Biographical preface, by A. E. Waite. Including all the original engravings, and a portrait of the author. 26 + 406 pp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 15s. net. G. REDWAY

Lévi's well-known work is practically a compilation including all the features of Magic and divination which are contained in the Kabbalah, and the more important

of comparatively modern works. 4015 Life of a bear, The. 4 + 226 pp. Illus. La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

SEELEY 4016 Life of an elephant, The New edition. 4. + 224 pp. Illus. La. cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

SEELEY 4017 Long, James, and Benson, John-Cheese and cheese making—butter

and milk; with special reference to continental fancy cheeses. 8+ 150. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d.

CHAPMAN & HALL 4018 Longus, Heliodorus-Daphnis and Chloe: a pastoral. Translated by J

Amyot, with preface by Jules Claretie, of the Académie Français. Edition de luxe. Illus. (Fin de Siècle series). Roy. 8vo, 1896, silk 44. 4s.; cloth, £10 10s. net.

H. S. NICHOLS 4019* Low, Frances H.-The little men in scarlet. Illustrated by J. J. Guthrie. 238 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth 3s. 6d.

JARROLD 4020 Lucan-De bello civili-Book 7. Edited by J. P. Postgate. 38 + 104 pp.

(Pitt Press series.) Ex fcp. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s. 6d. CAMB. Univ. Press

4021 M, A.M.O.T.C.—The marriage question, a manual of notes for parsons. 142 pp. 18mo, 1896, boards, ls.

SIMPKIN 4022 M, C.D.Off and away, pictures and stories for grave and gay. 72 pp. Illus.

(Picture Books series.) Cr. 4to, 1896, paper, Is. S. W. PARTRIDGE 4023* M, J.— The hosier's and draper's pocket guide to costing, profit and discount. 44 pp. Dy. 32mo. 1896, cloth, 6d.

E. MARLBOROUGH 4024 Macaulay, Lord-Essays on English history. 248 pp. (School and Home Library.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, Is. 4d.

BLACKIE, 4025 Macaulay, Lord-Life and works. Vol. I. Edinburgh edition. 10 vols. Svo, cloth, 6s. each.

LONGMANS 4026 Macaulay, T. B.-Warren Hastings. Edited by A. D. Innes. 32 + 179 pp.

(Pitt Press series.) Ex. fcp., 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d. CAMB. Univ. Press 4027 Macleod, Fiona-Green fire: a romance. 285 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

A. CONSTABLE. 4028 McCundle, J. W.-Invasion of India by Alexander the great. New

edition. 432 pp. Maps. Dy. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s. 6d. net. A. CONSTABLE 4029* McCurdy, James Frederick-History, prophecy, and the monuments :

or, Israel and the nations. Vol. II. To the fall of Nineveh. 22+436 pp. Dy. 8vo, 1896., cloth, 14s. net.

MACMILLAN From a study of the monuments, Dr. McCurdy attempts a supplement to the narrative of the native historians of Israel. He traces the rise, direction, and issue of the hidden currents of the national life of the Hebrew community, and lays bare the distinctive character of its social and domestic institutions, its political, evolution, and its progress in the interdependent spheres of society, morals, and religion.

* These books can be inspected by the public, free, at the Publishers' Permanent

Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

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4030 McKay, F. E. and Wingate, E. L.-Famous American actors of to-day. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 10s.

GAY & BIRD 4031 M'Neile, E. H.-Our goodly heritage. Short notes on the second lessons

at evening prayer for daily meditation. 378 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

SIMPKIN 4032 Magruder, Julia-The violet: a novel. With illustrations by C. D. Gibson. 8 + 210 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 6s.

LONGMANS 4033* Mahaffy, J. P.-The social life of the Greeks, II.: Greek life and thought

from the death of Alexander to the Roman Conquest. 2nd edition. 42 + 670 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d.

MACMILLAN 4034 Mallandaine, C. E.-Flower and thorn. 160 pp. 3 illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, ls. 6d.

S.P.C.K. 4035 Mallandaine, C. E.-A harbour light. 224 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth,

S.P.C.K. 4036 Mansergh, Mrs.-A girl in spring-time. With illustrations by Gertrude Demain Hammond. 192 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 28.

BLACKIE 4037* Mansford, Charles J.-Bully, fag and hero; or, in playground and

schoolroom. Illustrated by S. H. Vedder. 278 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1897, cluth, 3s.

JARROLD 4038 Manwell, M. B.-Nobly planned: story. 160 pp. Illus. (Reward series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, le. 6d.

Š. W. PARTRIDGE 4039 Marchetti, Guiseppe--Italian and English commercial correspondence.

Edited by Signor G. Dalla Vecchia and C. A. Thimm. 3rd edition. 92 pp, (The Marlborough series of foreign commercial correspondence.) Cr. 8vo. 1896, cloth, ls. 6d. ; paper, ls.

E. MARLBOROUGH 4040 Markby, Sir William-Elements of law considered with reference to principles of general jurisprudence. 5th edition. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 12s. 6d.

CLARENDON PRESS 4041 Marryat, Captain-Joseph Rushbrook the poacher. Edited by R. Brimley Johnson. 16 + 346 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

J. M. DENT 4042 Marryat, Captain-Percival Keene. Edited by R. Brimley Johnson. 8 + 412 pp. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3s. 6d. net.

J. M. Dent 40424* Marryat, Captain-The phantom ship. “Peacock ” edition. 18 + 388

pp. (Illustrated standard novels.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 3. 6d. ; cloth, extra gilt, 5s.

MACMILLAN 4043 Marshall, Emma-A fight with the swallows: child's story. New edition. 96 pp. Illus. (Reward series.) Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 9d.

S. W. PARTRIDGE 4404 Martin, Mrs. Herbert-Daddy Samuel's darling. Illustrated by John H. Bacon. 192 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, 2s.

BLACKIE 4045* Martin, S. B.—The morals and emotions of a doll. Illustrated by K. M. Skeaping. 258 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1897, cloth, 3s. 6d.

JARROLD 4046 Maspero, Prof.—The struggle of the nations : Egypt, Syria, and Assyria.

Translated by M. L. McClure. 800 pp. Over 400 illus. Dy. 4to, 1896, cloth, 25s.

S.P.C.K. 4047* Matriculation French. (The University Tutorial series.) 4 + 176 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth..

W. B. CLIVE Contains the last thirty-six papers set at the Matriculation Examination of the

University of London, with model answers to the paper of June, 1896. 4048 Meade, L. T.-Catalina: art student. 366 pp. Illus. Post 8vo, 1896, cloth, 5s.

W. & R. CHAMBERS 4049* Meade, L. T.-The minister. Illustrated by G. D. Hammond. 160 pp. Cr. 8vo, 1896, cloth, Is. 6d.

JARROLD * These books can be inspected by the public free, at the Publishers' Permanent Book Exhibition, 10, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

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