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REveALED IN THE UNITED society. At NEw LEBANoN, county of
columbia, state of NEw-York, UNITED STATEs or AMERICA.

Read and understand all ye in mortal clay.


REceived by THE CHURCH of this communion,

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The publishers of this work, feel that it is their duty to say unto all who may read the contents of the same, that in the compilation and arrangement of it, they have copied the style in which it was originally written by the pen of inspiration; that the subject matter is preserved entire, and wherever supply words have been added to the original matter, they are inclosed in brackets. The contents of each chapter, and a part of the leading captions have been added also for convenience' sake. Some of the chapters have been divided for the sake of perspicuity, and many of the sections also, where it could be done without injuring the sense. Throughout the work, it has been the object to follow the inspired diction, and, in a great measure the original manuscript, rather than conform to the customs of the present age and day. In fine, it has been the labor of those engaged in the publication of this work, to preserve the sense as purely original as possible; and it has been many times carefully compared with the original for this purpose. As this is the first printed book ever issued by the United Society at Canterbury, among whom there is no regular printer, the mechanical execution may not be perfect in all respects. We would also add, that the Society who have published the first edition of these sacred books, feel that they have, by so doing, answered the requirement of God unto them, in that respect, and will in no case become responsible for any expense that may be incurred on account of reprinting them hereafter. All printers who may wish to reprint them, must do it at their

own risk. September, 1843. - THE PUBLISHERs.

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