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From the low prayer of want and plaint of woe,
O never, never turn away thine ear!
Forlorn in this bleak wilderness below,
Ah! what were man, should Heaven refuse to

hear ! To others do (the law is not fevere) What to thyself thou wishest to be done. Forgive thy foes; and love thy parents dear, And friends, and native land: nor those alone; All human weal.and woe' learn thou to make thine own.




The holy power that clothes the senseless earth With woods, with fruits, with flowers, and ver

dant grass, Whose bounteous hand feeds the whole brute

creation, Knows all our wants, and has enough to give us.


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What is grandeur ? what is power?
Heavier toil, superior pain.
What the bright reward we gain ?
The grateful memory of the good.
Sweet is the breath of vernal show'r,
The bee's collected treasure sweet,
Sweet music's melting fall,---but sweeter yet
The still small voice of gratitude.



GREAT minds, like heav'n, are pleas'd with doing

good, Tho' the ungrateful subjects of their favours Are barren in return. Virtue does still With scorn the mercenary world regard, Where abject souls do good, and hope reward. Above the worthless trophies men can raise, ) She seeks nor honours, wealth, nor airy praise, But with herself, herself the goddess pays. J


Gandour, Fortitudes



Ler universal cạndour still,
Clear as yon heav'n-reflecting rill,

Preserve my open mind;
Nor this nor that man's crooked ways
One fordid doubt within me raise

To injure human-kind.



The gen'rous mind is by its suff'rings known,
Which no affliction tramples down,
But when oppress’d will upward move,
Spurn its own clog of cares, and soar above.
Though ills assault thy breast on ev'ry side,
Yet bravely stem th' impetuous tide;
No tributary tears to fortune pay,
Nor add to any loss a nobler day;
But with kind hopes support thy mind,
And think thy better lot behind :
Amidst afflictions let thy soul be great,
And show thou dar'st deserve a better fate.




WITH blue cold nose and wrinkled brow,
Traveller, whence comest thoa ? ·
From Lapland woods and hills of frost
By the rapid rein-deer croft ;
Where tap’ring grows the gloomy fir,
And the stunted juniper ;
Where the wild hare and the crow
Whiten in surrounding snow;
Where the fhiv'ring huntsmen tear
His fur coat from the grim white bear;
Where the wolf and arctic fox
Prowl among the lovely rocks ;
And tardy funs to deserts drear
Give days and nights of half a year.
From icy oceans, where the whale
Toises in foam his lashing tail ;
Where the snorting sea-horse shows
His ivory teeth in grinning rows;
Where tumbling in their feal-skin boat
Fearless the hungry fishers float,
And from teeming feas fupply
The food their niggard plains deny. ..




A SHOWER of soft and fleecy rain
Falls, to new-clothe the earth again:
Behold the mountain-tops around,
As if with fur of ermine crown'd:

And lol how, by degrees,
The universal mantle hides the trees,

In hoary fakes, which downward fly, As if it were the autumn of the sky,

Whose fall of leaf would theirs supply. Trembling the groves sustain the weight, and bow

Like aged limbs, which feebly go, Beneach a venerable head of snow.


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Now all is hush'd, as nature were retird,
And the perpetual motion standing still;
So much the from her work appears to cease;
And every jarring element's at peace :
All the wild herds are in their coverts couch'd ;
The fishes to their banks or ooze repair'd,



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