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And in the dust be equal made
With the poor crooked scythe and spade ;

All heads must come

To the cold tomb:
Only the actions of the just
Smell sweet and bloffom in the dust.



From the mighty Pacific with soft-swelling waves,
That a thousand bright regions eternally laves,
'Mid rocks of red coral with shell-fish abounding,
The notes of the parrot and pigeon resounding,
Crown’d with grovesof banana and taper bamboo,
Rise the gay sunny shores of the Isles of Pelew.

From China returning with silk and with tea, The tall English vefsel sails over the sea; Ah! look how she heaves ! on the rocks she is i stranded! But the boats are thrown out, and the sailors are

landed. What black men are those in their slender canoe, Who gaze with such wonder?-Themen of Pelew,


Prince Leeboo.

109 How kindly they welcome the failors on shore ! | А’nd yams and sweet cocoanuts bring from their

store; But vain ev'ry effort to soften their anguish: For home, distant home, the poor Englishmen

.. languilh ; They build a stout ship, they fail off from Pelew, And away with the strangers fails young Prince

Leeboo. O! what is his rapture, and what his surprise, When in gay busy London he opens his eyes! “ Fine shops, houses, coaches, O! joy beyond

measure ! Yes, yes, my dear friends shall partake in my

' pleasure: Fine clothes, coaches, horses, I 'll bear to PelewWhat wonder for them, what delight for Leeboo !" *. Fond projects! In vain shall his father explore

The wide shipless waves-he shall see him no more. 0! chide not the English thy darling detaining,, Andchide not thy son’mid the strangers remaining: Know, death has arrested him far froin Pelew, i And the strangers have wepto'er the gentle l.eeboo !






The Winter Torrent.


PROUD and foolish, noisy stream!
Who to some muddy pool thy birth dost owe,

Which casually a brook became,
Allisted by the rain and melting snow:

'Tho' now thou boast thy swelling tide, August will soon be here, and end thy short-liv'd


Thou foam'st and boil'lt along the plain, The flocks and shepherds threat’ning by the way,

Thro' borrow'd waters, bafely vain, Lift'st up thy head, and doft regardless stray. Thy noisy pride is all that thou canst call thy own; )

I hy upstart stream will soon be gone, No drop remain of thy proud swelling flood;

But all the cattle of the plain Tread o'er the dusty fand, and spurn it with a disdain !



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HARK1 from yon covert, where those tow'ring oaks
Above the humble copse aspiring rise,
What glorious triumphs burst in ev'ry gale
Upon our ravish'd ears! The hunters shout,
The clanging horns swell their sweet winding

The pack wide op'ning load the trembling air
With various melody, from tree to tree
The propagated cry redoublirg bounds,
And winged zephyrs waft the floating joy
Thro' all the regions near: afflictive birch
No more the schoolboy dreads; his prison broke,
Scamp'ring he flies, nor heeds his master's call;
The weary traveller forgets his road,
And climbs th' adjacent hill; the plowman leaves
Th’ unfinish'd surrow; nor his bleating flocks
Are now the shepherd's joy; men, boys and

girls Desert th' unpeopled village; and wild crowds Spread o'er the plain, by the sweet phrensy seized.

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Come follow, follow me,
Ye fairy elves that be,
Light tripping o'er the green ;
Come follow Mab your queen:
Hand in hand we ’ll dance around,
For this place is fairy ground.

When mortals are at rest
And snoring in their neft,
Unheard and unespied
Through key-holes we do glide ;
Over tables, stools and shelves
We trip it with our fairy elves.

Then o’er a mushroom's head
Our tablecloth we spread;
A grain of rye or wheat
The diet that we eat;
Pearly drops of dew we drink
In acorn cups-fill'd to the brink.

The grasshopper, gnat, and fly,
Serve for our minstrelsy.


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