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Placing her hand on the cushion, her foot in the hand of her husband,

Gayly, with joyous laugh, Priscilla mounted her palfrey.


'Nothing is wanting now," he said with a smile, "but
the distaff;

Then you would be in truth my queen, my beautiful
Bertha !"

Onward the bridal procession now moved to their new habitation,


Happy husband and wife, and friends conversing to


Pleasantly murmured the brook, as they crossed the ford in the forest,

Pleased with the image that passed, like a dream of love from its bosom,

Tremulous-floating in air, o'er the depths of the azure abysses.

Down through the golden leaves the sun was pouring his splendors,


Gleaming on purple grapes, that, from branches above them suspended,

Mingled their odorous breath with the balm of the pine and the fir-tree,


Wild and sweet as the clusters that grew in the valley of Eschol.

Like a picture it seemed of the primitive, pastoral


Fresh with the youth of the world, and recalling Rebecca and Isaac,


Old and yet ever new, and simple and beautiful


Love immortal and young in the endless succession of lovers.

So through the Plymouth woods passed onward the bridal procession.

1018 Eschol: look up Numbers xiii. 23 and 24. 1015 Find the story in Genesis xxiv.

It will perhaps be pleasant to know that Captain Miles Standish was not permanently saddened by Priscilla's refusal of him. In the Anne, which arrived at Plymouth in August of 1623, there came a maiden by the name of Barbara, whom the doughty Captain wooed and won. Thereupon he built himself a home at a short distance from Plymouth and called the region Duxbury, after one of the ancestral homes of his family. There at the foot of Captain's Hill he lived for the rest of his life. He left six children who have numerous descendants. The tall shaft erected on Captain's Hill to his memory is a prominent object in the landscape for miles around.

There is a fitting monument erected to the Pilgrims at Plym outh.

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