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Paced up and down the sands, and bared his head to

the east-wind, Cooling his heated brow, and the fire and fever within

him. Slowly, as out of the heavens, with apocalyptical

splendors, Sank the City of God, in the vision of John the Apostle, So, with its cloudy walls of chrysolite, jasper, and sapphire,

345 Sank the broad red sun, and over its turrets uplifted Glimmered the golden reed of the angel who measured

the city.

Welcome, O wind of the East!” he exclaimed in

his wild exultation, “ Welcome, O wind of the East, from the caves of the

misty Atlantic! Blowing o'er fields of dulse, and measureless meadows of sea-grass,

350 Blowing o'er rocky wastes, and the grottos and gardens

of ocean! Lay thy cold, moist hand on my burning forehead,

and wrap me

844 Look up Revelation xxi. 10-21. 849 Caves: in mythology the winds are supposed to be kept in


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Close in thy garments of mist, to allay the fever

within me!” Like an awakened conscience, the sea was moaning

and tossing, Beating remorseful and loud the mutable sands of the sea-shore.

355 Fierce in his soul was the struggle and tumult of pas

sions contending; Love triumphant and crowned, and friendship wounded 7

and bleeding, Passionate cries of desire, and importunate pleadings

of duty! “Is it my fault,” he said, “ that the maiden has chosen

between us ? Is it my fault that he failed, - my fault that I am the victor ?"

360 Then within him there thundered a voice, like the

voice of the Prophet: “It hath displeased the Lord !”. and he thought of

David's transgression,

862 David, king of Israel, fell in love with Bathsheba, the beautiful wife of his friend Uriah. And he sent Uriah away to the war that he might be killed. Afterward the king married Bathsheba. But Nathan, the prophet, announced to David, “It hath displeased the Lord!”

What resemblance is there between this situation and that of John Alden?

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Bathsheba's beautiful face, and his friend in the front

of the battle! Shame and confusion of guilt, and abasement and self

condemnation, Overwhelmed him at once; and he cried in the deepest contrition :

365 “It hath displeased the Lord! It is the temptation

of Satan!”

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Then, uplifting his head, he looked at the sea, and

beheld there Dimly the shadowy form of the Mayflower riding at

anchor, Rocked on the rising tide, and ready to sail on the

morrow; Heard the voices of men through the mist, the rattle of cordage

370 Thrown on the deck, the shouts of the mate, and the

sailors' “ Ay, ay, Sir!” Clear and distinct, but not loud, in the dripping air of

the twilight. Still for a moment he stood, and listened, and stared

at the vessel, Then went hurriedly on, as one who, seeing a phantom, Stops, then quickens his pace, and follows the beckoning shadow.


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“ Yes, it is plain to me now,” he murmured ;

hand of the Lord is Leading me out of the land of darkness, the bondage

of error,

Through the sea, that shall lift the walls of its waters

around me,


Hiding me, cutting me off, from the cruel thoughts

that pursue me. Back will I go o'er the ocean, this dreary land will abandon,

8 Her whom I may not love, and him whom


heart has offended. Better to be in my grave in the green old churchyard

in England, Close by my mother's side, and among the dust of my

kindred; Better be dead and forgotten, than living in shame

and dishonor ! Sacred and safe and unseen, in the dark of the narrow chamber

385 With me my secret shall lie, like a buried jewel that

glimmers Bright on the hand that is dust, in the chambers of

silence and darkness,

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Yes, as the marriage ring of the great espousal here


Thus as he spake, he turned, in the strength of his

strong resolution, Leaving behind him the shore, and hurried along in the twilight,

390 Through the congenial gloom of the forest silent and

sombre, Till he beheld the lights in the seven houses of

Plymouth, Shining like seven stars in the dusk and mist of the

evening. Soon he entered his door, and found the redoubtable

Captain Sitting alone, and absorbed in the martial pages of Cæsar,

395 Fighting some great campaign in Hainault or Brabant

or Flanders. “ Long have you been on your errand,” he said with a

cheery demeanor, Even as one who is waiting an answer, and fears not

the issue.

888 The great espousal: look up Revelation xix. 7.

396 Hainault, Brabant, Flanders: all counties of the Netherlands which are now incorporated in Belgium and Holland.

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