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surname, viz. A.P.E. and they give you the same idea of an ape as his face *, &c.

An Ass.] It is my duty to pull off the lion's skin from this little ass t.

A Frog.7 A squab short gentleman a little reature, that, like the frog in the fable, swells, nd is angry that it is not allowed to be as big as nox.

A COWARD.] A lurking, way-laying coward J.

A KNAVE.] He is one whom God and Nature ave marked for want of common honesty ll.

A Fool.] Great fools will be christened by le names of great poets, and Pope will be called omer 1. A THING.] A little abject thing **..

"Dennis's Daily Journal, May 11, 1728. + Dennis's Rem, on m. pref. Dennis's Rem. on the Rape of the Lock. pref. p.

2 Char. of Mr. P. p. 3. Ibid. Dennis's Rem. on Homer, 37. ** Ibid. p. 3.




The Numerals shew the Book, the Figures the Verse.

Ambrose Philips, i. 105. ii. 326.
Attila, iii. 92.
Alaric, iii. 91.
Alma Mater, iii. 338.
Annius, an antiquary, iv. 347.
Arnall, William, ii. 315.

BLACKMORE, Sir Richard, i. 104, ii. 268.
Bezaleel Morris, ii. 126, iii. 168,
Banks, i. 146,
Broome, ibid.
Bond, ii. 126.
Brown, iii. 28.
Bladen, iv. 560.
Budgel, Esq: ¡i. 397.
Bentley, Thomas, ii. 205.
Boyer, Abel, ii. 413.
Bland, a gazetteer, i, 231,

Breval, J. Durant, ü. 126. 238.
Benlowes, iii. 21.
Bavius, ibid.
Burmannus, iv. 237.
Benson, William, Esq. iii. 325, 410..
Burgersdyck, iv. 198.
Bæotiaus, iji. 50.
Bruin and Bears, i. 101.
Bear and Fiddle, i. 224.

CIBBER, Colley, Hero of the poem, passim.
Cibber, jun. iii. 139, 326.
Caxton, William, i. 149.
Curl, Edm. i. 40. ii. 3, 58, 167, &c.
Cooke, Thomas, ii. 138.
Concanen, Matthew, ii. 299.
Centlivre, Susannah, ii. 411.
Cæsar in Egypt, i. 251.
Chi Ho-amti, emperor of China, iii. 75.
Crouzaz, iv. 198.
Codrus, ii. 144.

De Foe, Daniel, i. 103. ii. 147.
De Foe, Norton, ii. 415.
De Lyra, or Harpsfield, i. 153.
Dennis, John, i. 106. ii. 239. ii. 173.
Dunton, John, ii. 144.
D'Urfey, iii. 146.
Dutchmen, ii. 405. iii. 51.

Doctors, at White's, i. 203.
Douglas, iv. 394.

Eusden, Laurence, Poet-Laureate, i. 104.
Eliza Haywood, ii. 157, &c.

FLECKNO, Richard, ii. 2.
Faustus, Dr. iii. 233.
Fleetwood, iv. 326.
Free-masons, iv. 576.
French Cooks, iv. 553.

GILD'on, Charles, i. 296.
Goode, Barn. ii. 153.
Goths, iii. 90.
Gazetteers, i. 215. ii. 314.
Gregorians and Gormogons, iv. 575.

HOLLAND, Philemon, i. 154.
Hearne, Thomas, iii. 185.
Horneck, Philip, iii. 152.
Haywood, Eliza, ii. 157, &c.
Howard, Edward, i. 297.
Henley, John, the Orator, ii. 2, 425. iii. 199, &c.
Huns, iii. 90.
Heywood, John, i. 98.
Harpsfield, i, 153.
Hays, iv. 560.

John, King, i. 252.

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