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Discharge thy shafts, this ready bosom rend,
And to the shades a ghost triumphant send.
But for my country, let my fate atone ;
Be mine the vengeance, as the crime my own."

Merit distress'd impartial Heav'n relieves ; 780
Unwelcome life relenting Phæbus gives :
For not the vengeful pow'r that glow'd with rage,
With such amazing virtue durst engage.
The clouds dispers'd ; Apollo's wrath expir'd;
And from the wond'ring god th' unwilling youth

785 Thence we these altars in his temple raise, And offer annual honors, feasts, and praise ; These solemn feasts propitious Phæbus please ; These honors, still renew'd, his ancient wrath

appease. “ But say, illustrious guest !” (adjoin'd the King) “ What name you bear, from what high race you spring ?

791 The noble Tydeus stands confess'd, and known Our neighbor prince, and heir of Calydon. Relate your fortunes, while the friendly night, And silent hours, to various talk invite.” 795

The Theban bends on earth his gloomy eyes, Confus'd and sadly thus at length replies : • Before these altars how shall I proclaim (O gen'rous Prince !) my nation, or my name, Or through what veins our ancient bloom has rollid ?

800 Let the sad tale for ever rest untold !

Yet if, propitious to a wretch unknown, You seek to share in sorrows not your own, Know then from Cadmus I derive my race, "Jocasta's son, and Thebes my native place.' 805 To whom the King, (who felt his gen'rous breast Touch'd with concern for his unhappy guest) Replies; “ ah ! why forbears the son to name His wretched father, known too well by fame ? Fame that delights around the world to stray, 810 Scorns not to take her Argos in her way. Ev’n those who dwell where suns at distance roll, In northern wilds, and freeze beneath the pole, And those who tread the burning Lybian lands, The faithless Syrtes, and the moving sands; 815 Who view the western sea's extremest bounds, Or drink of Ganges in their eastern grounds; All these the woes of dipus have known, Your Fates, your Furies, and your haunted town. If on the sons the parents' crimes descend, 820 What prince from those his lineage can defend ? Be this thy comfort, that 'tis thine t'efface With virtuous acts thy ancestors' disgrace, And be thyself the honor of thy race. But see! the stars begin to steal away, 8:5 And shine more faintly at approaching day : Now pour the wine ; and in your tuneful lays Once more resound the great Apollo's praise.”

“O Father Phæbus ! whether Lycia's coast, And snowy mountains, thy bright presence boast ;


nthis sighs, i replies ; orm bemoan, our own, ) relate fate. compare the fair; ad pride,

bride.) ho rules the day, e obey, all those charms er arms. g banks around, yrtles crown'd; ates, she sought, ds brought;

shes ds brought

Whether to sweet Castalia thou repair 831
And bathe in silver dews thy yellow hair ;
Or pleas'd to find fair Delos float no more,
Delight in Cynthus and the shady shore ;
Or thus thy seat in Ilion's proud abodes, 835
The shining structures rais'd by lab'ring gods.
By thee the bow and mortal shafts are borne.;
Eternal charms thy blooming youth adorn;
Skill'd in the laws of secret Fate above,
And the dark councils of Almighty Joye, 84
'Tis thine the seeds of future war to know,
The change of sceptres and impending woe;
When direful meteors spread through glowing air
Long trails of light, and shake their blazing hair.
Thy rage the Phrygian felt, who durst aspire 845
T'excel the music of thy heav'nly lyre;
Thy shafts aveng'd lewd Tityus guilty flame,
Th' immortal victim of thy mother's fame;
Thy band slew Python, and the dame who lost
Her num'rous offspring for a fatal boast; 850
In Phlegyas' doom thy just revenge appears,
Condemn'd to furies and eternal fears ;
He views his food, but dreads, with lifted eye,
The mould'ring rock that trembles from on high."

" Propitious hear our pray'r, O Pow'r divine !
And on thy hospitable Argos shine ; 856
Whether the style of Titan please thee more,
Whose purple rays th' Achæmenes adore :
Or great Osiris, who first taught the swain
In Pharian fields to sow the golden grain ; 860

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