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AMATEUR Mechanical Society (journal Of).—Quarterly, Is. or Is. 6d. ANTHROPOLOGICAL Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland (journal Of).— Quarterly, 5s.

ARCHITECT (american) And Building News.—Contains General Architectural News, Articles on Interior Decoration, Sanitary Engineering, Construction, Building Materials, &c. &c. Four full-page Illustrations accompany each Number. Weekly. Annual Subscription, £1, lis. 6d. Post free.

ASIATIC SOCIETY (royal) Of Great Britain And Ireland (journal Of).— Irregular.

ATLANTIC MONTHLY.—Devoted to Literature, Science, Art, and Politics. Monthly, Is. Annual Subscription, 14s. Post free.

BIBLICAL ARCHSOLOGICAL SOCIETY (transactions Of).—Irregular.

BIBLIOTHECA SACRA.—Quarterly, 4s. 6d. Annual Subscription, 18s. Post free.

BRITISH ARCHffiOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (journal Of).—Quarterly, 8s.

BRITISH HOMEOPATHIC SOCIETY (annals Of).—Half-yearly, 2s. 6d.

CALCUTTA REVIEW.—Quarterly, 8s. 6d. Annual Subscription, 34s. Post free.

ENGLISHWOMAN'S REVIEW.—Social and Industrial Questions. Monthly, 6d.

GEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, or Monthly Journal of Geology, Is. 6d. Annual Subscription, 18s. Post free.

INDEX MEDICUS.—A Monthly ClassiBed Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World. Annual Subscription, 15s. Post free.

INDIAN ANTIQUARY.—A Journal of Oriental Research in Archieology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Folklore, &c. Annual Subscription, £2. Post free.

LIBRARY JOURNAL.—Official Organ of the Library Associations of America and of the United Kingdom. Monthly, 2s. Annual Subscription, 20s. Post free.

MATHEMATICS (american Journal Of).—Quarterly, 7s. 6d. Annual Subscription, 24s. Post free.


PRINCETON REVIEW.—Devoted to Theology, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Literature, and Art. Bi-monthly, 2s. Annual Subscription, 9s. Post free.

PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY.—The American Book-trade Journal. Annual Subscription, 18s. Post free.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.—Weekly. Annual subscription, 18s. Post free.

SUPPLEMENT to ditto.—Weekly. Annual subscription, 24s. Post free.

SCIENCE AND ARTS (american Journal Of).—Monthly, 2s. 6d. Annual Subscription, 30s.

SPECULATIVE PHILOSOPHY (journal Of).—Quarterly, 4s. Aunual Subscription, 16s. Post free, 17s.

SUNDAY REVIEW.—Organ of the Sunday Society for Opening Museums and Art Galleries on Sunday.—Monthly, Is. Annual Subscription, 4s. 6d. Post free.

TRUBNER'S American And Oriental Literary Record.—A Register of the most Important Works Published in America, India, China, and the British Colonies.

| With occasional Notes on German, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian Literature. Subscription for 12 Numbers, 5s. Post free.

TRUBNER & CO.'S Monthly List of New and Forthcoming Works, Official and

other Authorised Publications, and New American Books. Post free. WESTMINSTER REVIEW.—6s. Annual Subscription, 22s. Post free. WOMAN'S Suffrage Journal.—Monthly, Id.


Any of the following Catalogues sent per Mail on receipt of Stamps.

Anglo-British Philology and Literature. Id.

Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Books, printed in the East. Is.

Bibliotheoa Hispano-Americana. Is. 6d.

Brazil, Ancient and Modern Books relating to. 2s. Cd.

British Museum, Publications of Trustees of the. Id.

Educational Works. Id.

Guide Books. Id.

Homoeopathic Medical Publications. Id.

Important Works, published by Trubner & Co. 2d.

Linguistic and Oriental Publications. 2d.

Medical, Surgical, Chemical, and Dental Publications. 2d.

Modern German Books. 2d.

Portuguese Language, AncienVaad Modern Books in the. 6d.

Sanskrit Books. 2s. 6d.

Scientific and Agricultural Works. 2d.

[1,000. 20-0-79.

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