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246, STRAND.



246, STRAND.



A Dissertation on Seals—by Mrs. White-250 Madame Scarron, her Friends and Relatives—by
Amicable Intervention in the Question of Slavery, Hannah Clay-137

May Doings in Mona (a Letter to a Friend), 247

Amusements of the Month:-January, 53; Feb- Menoir of Madame de Grafigny

by the late

ruary, 109; March, 165; April, 219; May, 275; Countess of Blessington-10, 79

June, 331

Miss Johnson's Lover-by Pauline Forsyth-304

A Ride among the Clouds-by One who is often | Montague Lovell--by Lieut.-Col. Hort, 98, 150


Mrs. Baltour's “Sketches of English Literature"-

A Story of Valentine's Day--by Mrs. Abdy-70 140

Feasts and Festivals—by Mrs. White-66

Myra Bell; or, Second Love-by J. W. Bryce--16


Gossip from Paris—by our own Correspondent Britain mourns her Hero gone, 53
45, 103, 158, 216, 269, 323

Dig! Dig! Dig !-a Song, 222
Harwood Hall-by Mary Davenant-127

I sleep, but my Heart waketh, 330

Let it flow, so it ripple-a Duet, 222

Letters to a friend on Teaching the Piano-by Mother, they talk of a Soldier's Grave-Ballad,

Johanna Kinkel-87, 135, 195


Life of Robert Nicoll-by Maria Norris-308

My beautiful, sweet, smiling Boy, 275


Patience, 274

Sueno's Dreams, 222

Agatha's Husband, a Novel-by the author of The Christmas Fairies-a Glee, 53


There's nothing like One's own Home, 53

Estelle; a Tale of the Massacre of St. Bartho- The Great Nugget Polka, 330

lomew_by Mrs. George Smith-221

The Pleasures of Memory Quadrilles, 274

&C.-by the Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley- The Sailor's Farewell - a Duet, 222


Topsy's Lament for Eva-Ballad, 274

Forest and Fireside Hours- by Westby Gibson Notices to Correspondents—56, 112, 168, 224, 280,



Cyclopædia of Poetical Quotations-by H. G.



History in Ruins—by George Godwin -- 1 64

An Actress of the last Century, 106

Home Thoughts, 221

A beautiful Tribute to a Wife, 327

Influence; or, the Evil Genius, 164

A French Police Court, 161

Juvenile Delinquents-by Mary Carpenter-

A great Man among little People, 105


A Parting, 49

Older and Wiser; or, Steps into Life, 52

A Room to be avoided, 161

Physical Education of Children-by Samuel

A woman of Spirit, 49


Books in the Seventeenth Century, 272

Practical Hints to Sunday School Teachers, 52

Etna at Sunrise, 272

Proposed London Railway and Centrifugal

Happiness, 326

Station-by P. M. Parsons-109

Humanity and Common Sense, 327

Ruth-by the authoress of “Mary Barton”-

Louis the Eighteenth at Hartwell, 273


Madame Maderspach, 327

Select Specimens of English Prose-by Edward

Moore's first Poem, 48


Ruins of an Ancient City in the North Pacific,

Stories for Summer Days and Winter Nights,


63, 165, 274

Set a Thief to catch a Thief, 328

The Boyhood of Great Men, 164

The Warden of the Cinque Ports, 161

The Bridges of London-by Francis Bennoch-

The Young Poet in London, 49


Warning to fidgetty Wives, 49

The Forest Queen, and other Poems, 165

Wellington and the Commissary, 162
The Family Economist, 108

Seen and Unseen-by Mrs. Octavius Freire Owen-

Three Years with The Duke-by an Ex Aide-



Sketches of Character; or, Man as he is by Mrs.

The History of an Adopted Child-by Miss

Octavius Freire Owen-314


Story of Gian Batista, 262

The Greenhouse, 52

Story of a Toilet-cushion-by M. E. Selinda Byers

Woman's Record; or, Sketches of Distin-


guished Women-by Sarah Josepha Hale The Race for Gold by Miss Pardoe-1, 57, 113,


169, 227, 281

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