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To the Right Honourable CHARLES, Earl of Orrery, these POEMS are most humbly dedicated by his Lordship's moft obliged, and most obedient Servant, E. FENTON.



For the NEW YEAR,


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"Augur, & fulgente decorus arcu

"Phœbus acceptufque novem Camœnis,
"Qui falutari levat arte feffos

Corporis artus;

"Alterum in Luftrum meliusque semper
"Proroget ævum.”


BEGIN, celeftial fource of light,

To gild the new-revolving fphere; And from the pregnant womb of night, Urge on to birth the infant year.

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Rich with aufpicious luftre rife,
Thou faireft regent of the skies,
Confpicuous with thy filver bow!
To thee, a god, 'twas given by Jove
To rule the radiant orbs above,

To Gloriana this below.


With joy renew thy deftin'd race,
And let the mighty months begin :
Let no ill omen cloud thy face,
Through all thy circle smile serene.
While the ftern minifters of fate
Watchful o'er pale Lutetia wait,
To grieve the Gaul's perfidious head;
The hours, thy offspring heavenly fair,
Their whiteft wings fhould ever wear,
And gentle joys on Albion shed.


When Ilia bore the future fates of Rome,
And the long honours of her race began,
Thus, to prepare the graceful age to come,
They from thy ftores in happy order ran.
Heroes elected to the lift of fame,
Fix'd the fure columns of her rifing ftate:
Till the loud triumphs of the Julian name
Render'd the glories of her reign compleat,
Each year advanc'd a rival to the rest,

In comely fpoils of war, and great atchievements dreft.



Say, Phœbus, for thy fearching eye
Saw Rome the darling child of fate,
When nothing equal here could vie
In strength with her imperious state;
Say if high virtues there did reign
Exalted in a nobler strain,

Than in fair Albion thou haft feen:
Or can her demi-gods compare
Their trophies for successful war,
To those that rife for Albion's Queen!


When Albion first majestic fhew'd
High o'er the circling feas her head,
Her the great Father fmiling view'd,
And thus to bright Victoria said :
Mindful of Phlegra's happy plain,
On which, fair nymph, you fix'd my reign,
This ifle to you ́ fhall facred be ;

Her hand fhall hold the rightful scale,

And crowns be vanquifh'd, or prevail,
As Gloriana fhall decree.


Victoria triumph in thy great increase!
With joy the Julian ftem the Tyber claims,
Young Ammon's might the Granic waves confess;
The Heber had a Mars, a Churchill Thames :
Roll, Sovereign of the ftreams! thy rapid tide,
And bid thy brother floods revere the Queen,
Whofe voice the hero's happy hand employ'd
To fave the Danube, and fubdue the Seine;

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And, boldly just to Gloriana's fame,

Exalt thy filver urn, and duteous homage claim.


Advanc'd to thy meridian height,

On earth, great God of Day, look down :
Let Windfor entertain thy fight,

Clad in fair emblems of renown :
And whilft in radiant pomp appear
The names to bright Victoria dear,
Intent the long proceffion view :
Confefs none worthier ever wore
Her favours, or was deck'd with more,
Than the confers on Churchill's brow.


But oh withdraw thy piercing rays,
The nymph anew begins to moan, '
Viewing the much-lamented space,
Where late her warlike William fhone:
There fix'd by her officious hand,
His fword and fceptre of command
To deathless fame adopted reft:

Nor wants three to compleat her woe,
Plac'd with refpectful love below,

The ftar that beam'd on Gloucefter's breast.


O Phœbus! all thy faving power employ, Long let our vows avert the destin'd woe, Ere Gloriana re-ascends the sky,

And leaves a land of orphans here below!


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