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"Alas! were this fubdued, thoud'st find
"Millions of more fuch still behind;
"Which might employ, ev'n to eternity,
"Both you and all your whole fraternity."

The PEASANT in Search of his HEIFER.


T fo befell: a filly fwain


Had fought his heifer long in vain;
For wanton fhe had frisking stray'd,
And left the wn, to feek the fhade,
Around the plain he rolls his eyes,
Then, to the wood, in hafte he hies;
Where, fingling out the fairest tree,
He climbs, in hopes to hear or fee.
Anon, there chanc'd that way to pafs
A jolly lad and buxom lass :

The place was apt, the paftime pleasant;
Occafion with her forelock prefent :
The girl agog, the gallant ready;
So lightly down he lays my lady.
But fo fhe turn'd, or fo was laid,
That the fome certain charms difplay'd,
Which with fuch wonder ftruck his fight
(With wonder, much; more, with delight)
That loud he cry'd in rapture, "What?
"What fee I, gods! What fee I not!"


But nothing nam'd; from whence 'tis guefs'd,

Twas more than well could be exprefs'd.

The clown aloft, who lent an ear,
Strait ftopt him fhort in mid career:
And louder cry'd, "Ho! honeft friend,
That of thy feeing feeft no end;
Doft fee the heifer, that I feek?
If do ft, pray be fo kind to speak.'


ING, Mufe, the force and all-informing fire Of Cyprian Venus, goddess of defire : charms th' immortal minds of gods can move, tame the ftubborn race of men to love. wilder herds and ravenous beast of prey influence feel, and own her kindly fway. ough pathlefs Air, and boundless Ocean's space, rules the feather'd kind and finny race; ole nature on her fole fupport depends, far as life exifts, her care extends. fall the numerous hoft of gods above, three are found inflexible to love. e-ey'd Minerva free preferves his heart, irgin unbeguil'd by Cupid's art; hining arms the martial maid delights, rwar prefides, and well-difputed fights; th thirt of fame fhe firft the hero fir'd, firft the fkill of useful arts infpir'd; N


Taught artists firft the carving tool to wield,

Chariots with brafs to arm, and form the fenceful fhield;

She first taught modest maids in early bloom

To fhun the lazy life, and spin, or ply the loom.
Diana next, the Paphian queen defies,

Her fmiling arts and proffer'd friendship flies:

She loves, with well-mouth'd hounds and chearful horn

Or filver-founding voice, to wake the morn,

To wound the mountain boar, or roufe the wood-land deer:
To draw the bow, or dart the pointed spear,
Sometimes, of gloomy groves the likes the fhades,
And there of virgin nymph the chorus leads;
And fometimes feeks the town, and leaves the plains,
And loves fociety where virtue reigns.

The third celeftial power averse to love

Is virgin Vefta, dear to mighty Jove;

Whom Neptune fought to wed, and Phœbus woo'd;
And both with fruitlefs labour long pursued;

For fhe, feverely chafte, rejected both,
And bound her purpose with a folemn oath,

A virgin life inviolate to lead;

She fwore, and Jove affenting bow'd his head.
But fince her rigid choice the joys deny'd
Of nuptial rites, and bleffings of a bride,
The bounteous Jove with gifts that want fupply'd.
High on a throne she fits amidst the skies,
And firft is fed with fumes of facrifice :
For holy rites to Vefta firft are paid,
And on her altar firft-fruit offerings laid;
So Jove ordain'd in honour of the maid.




Thefe are the powers above, and only thefe,
Whom Love and Chytherea's art displease :
Of other beings, none in earth or skies
Her force refifts, or influence denies.

With eafe, her charms the thunderer can bind.
And captivate with love th' almighty mind:
Ev'n he, whofe dread commands the gods obey,
Submits to her, and owns fuperior sway ;
Enflav'd to mortal beauties by her

He oft defcends, his creatures to adore;
While, to conceal the theft from Juno's eyes,
Some well-diffembled fhape the gods belies.
Juno, his wife and sister, both in place
And beauty, first among th' ætherial race;
Whom, all-tranfcending in fuperior worth,
Wife Saturn got, and Cybele brought forth :
And Jove, by never-erring counsel sway'd,
The partner of his bed and empire made.

But Jove at length, with juft refentment fir'd,
The laughing queen herself with love infpir'd.
Swift through her veins the sweet contagion ran,
And kindled in her breaft defire of mortal man;
That she, like other deities, might prove
The pains and pleasures of inferior love;
And not infultingly the gods deride, ·
Whose fons were human by the mother's fide:
Thus, Jove ordain'd fhe now for man should burn,
And bring forth mortal offspring in her turn.
Amongst the fprings which flow from Ida's head,
His lowing herds the young Anchifes fed:

[blocks in formation]

Whofe godlike form and face the smiling queen
Beheld, and lov'd to madness foon as feen,
To Cyprus ftrait the wounded goddefs flies,
Where Paphian temples in her honour rife,
And altars fmcke with daily facrifice.
Soon as arriv'd, the to her fhrine repair'd,
Where entering quick, the thining gates fhe barr'd.
The ready Graces wait, her baths prepare,
And oint with fragrant oils her flowing hair,
Her flowing hair around her fhoulders fpreads,
And all adown ambrofial odour fheds.

Last, in transparent robes her limbs they fold,
Enrich'd with ornaments of pureft gold.
And thus attir'd, her chariots the afcends,
And, Cyprus left, her flight to Troy the bends.
On Ida fie alights, then feeks the feat
Which lov'd Anchifes chofe for his retreat:
And ever as the walk'd through lawn or wood,
Promifcuous herds of beafts admiring stood,
Some humbly follow, while fome fawning meet,
And lick the ground, and crouch beneath her feet.
Dogs, lions, wolves, and bears, their eyes unite,
And the fwift panther flops to gaze with fix'd delight,
For, every glance she gives, soft fire imparts,
Enkindling fweet defire in favage hearts.
Inflam'd with love, all fingle out their mates,
And to their fhady dens each pair retreats.
Meantime the tent the fpies fo much defir'd,
Where her Anchifes was alone retir'd;

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