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1905, Feb. 27 -1906, April 3

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I 2 mo,


By Benjamin Fiske Barrett
382 pages.
Bound in fine cloth with large type. Price, 75 cents.

Postage, io cents.

A strong and convincing word on this living theme. Some of the

The Essential Nature of Heaven.-Character of the Angels.-The Sure Way to

Heaven.-Environment in Heaven, and what Determines It.-Societies in Heaven. Chapters are: Friends in the Hereafter-personal appearance of the Angels - Rejuvenescence and Growth in Heaven.-Houses and Homes in Heaven.-Garments in Heaven.-Children in Heaven.-Sex and Marriage in Heaven.-Work in Heaven.- Eternal Progress in Heaven.

“Singularly pure and beautiful and rational is the spiritual atmosphere pervading the book, a perpetual invitation to cherish the good and reject the evil.”Boston Herald.

· A most readable and instructive volume it is."—Boston Evening Transcript.


By Jane Dearborn Mills I 2 mo. 317 pages. Handsomely bound in cloth. Price, 50 cents. Postage,

10 cents.

“The author has handled one of the most serious and important questions of the hour in a sane, wholesome and normal manner that is beyond praise, and that is only equaled by the delicacy with which the private home relations are touched upon. It is a story thạt deals largely with the most sacred and holy relations of wedded life, told in pure, simple language, and displaying a deep philosophic and rational insight."- The Arena.

“Deals in an unexceptionable and helpful way with the most delicate relations between husband and wife. As a story it is interesting, and the character study and analysis of motives and conditions is done with a strong hand.”Chicago Advance.

"An interesting novel dealing with some of the problems of to-day, in a manner that is convincing and delicate. Mrs. Mills has made a delightful story in plot, and in telling it she portrays some striking facts that bear incisively upon the marriage relation as it exists at the present time. Read this strong, convincing, truth-telling book."--Education, Boston.

I 2mo.


By Clarence Lathbury 219 pages.

Bound in blue and gold, with significant color design. Price, 50 cents. Postage, 7 cents. " Another beautiful book. A gentle, helpful spirit speaks in its pages.".

- Horatio Dresser, in The Higher Law. “It may be called a Guide to Happiness. It suggests a practical way to find God on purely logical lines." -Boston Evening Transcript.

“Of very vital thought and interpretation. It is like music — the score tells nothing until something like it has been learned and played out."-Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney, author of “ We Girls," · Faith Gartney's Girlhood," etc.

“It has a subtle and wholesome favor which is inspiring."-HENRY Wood, author of • The Symphony of Life,” “Ideal Suggestions " etc.

Address The NUNC LICET PRESS *? Vest Coulter Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

FEB 27 1505


" There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. Let a man then know his worth."


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Even at three the child had a dawning consciousness that life was not to be all play, and that it held mysteries to be fathomed. The great house was set in the midst of a garden where he gathered flowers for the daily offering in the temple, walking quietly at his mother's side, his slender little brown hand clasped in her delicate one, bowing with her as he laid his tribute on the altar, then, as she prayed, watching other worshippers curiously.

"A belief is a strand in the cord of our lives, that runs through every fathom of it, from the time that it is first twisted among the others till the time when life shall end.” The flowers, the calm, gently-smiling god, the rapt face of his mother, these were the first threads in the strand, a manycolored one, since all human experience was to blend with this first outlook on human life.

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