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4.—Let us, then, as corroborative evidence, have recourse, cursorily, to the authorised version of a geiriadur, by J. W. Thomas, of Arfon, in order to summarily condense their significations, Ciminerice and Anglice, independently of my own elementary deductions on certain fixed principles.


A ei hystyr yw "mynediad gogwyddawl gyda pharaad o unrhyw

ddull neu ffurf." C ei hystyr yw " dal, cadw neu gynnwys unrhyw wrthrych." D ei hystyr yw " ymledaeniad neu eangiad." W ei hystyr yw " ceiiedd caethiwus, cyfyng, neu safle cafnawg." O ei hystyr yw " dylifiad neu ffrydiad ymaith."


5.—A signifies 'an inclination forward,' continuance immovable,

'tendency to stretch round.' C signifies ' the holding or containing any object.' D signifies extension or amplification.

W signifies a 'narrow or servile concavity, or ' a hollowed-out standing-place.'

The square, or its circular representative, signifies 'a flowing,'' a streaming away from the centre.'

6. —In the east, north-east, and south-east, will be found, externally, a Coelbrennic triad of C", internally a triad of D", as seen in Symbol 9. In west, north-west, and south-west, will be seen, externally a triad of D», internally a triad of C", as seen in Symbols 8 and 9.

7. —Within one triangle will be found contained a triad of triangles in A, as A a a, i. e., 'He or it shall go thrice,' as in Symbol 9. Within the other triangle will also be comprised a triad of triangles in W, as W w w, i.e., 'He or it must pass the ordeal of concavity thrice,' as in Symbols 8 and 9.

8. —Commencing from Z. C, as the external holder of the Adamitic key, per elementary law, independently of its position in the east, as the source and cradle of the race, we proceed externally to A A northwards, then westwards to £ D, and southwards to Aw.

The natural or solar course thus taken seems to symbolize the vitality of atmospheric change on animate and inanimate matter, in other words, to describe the alternate hemisphere of light and darkness—the orbit, as it were, of illuminated life and action, the circle of illumination, as represented by our Magien or BreintN6d.

9. —Thus, summarily, each quarter of the ambient, globular matter, or division of the solar system, would assist in giving its fractional contribution of support to itself as regards the former idea, or of gravity as distinguishing the latter, as a correlative part of the whole, the oil, the To aXXo, the oX»j or vXr), the consolidated mass of the universe, as C. A. D. W. But what is meant hy the symbolical expression thus arrived at? Literally and metaphorically, it signifies, 'the keeping '=* the preservation of one self from chaos into light or life '=' the allied power of health' =' the exponent of elementary life.' Eventually, it became the primeval source of Khat kon chakra, and symbolically interpreted by Hygeia or Iachdad, from its elements of iach (ia-ach/, sound, entire, salubrious, as one of the elemented phases of water (ia) when acted upon and congealed by aerial influences, or Salus, as above.

10. —Moreover, by beginning with ^ C + A a in S. east, and elementing the int. /_* at d, alternately with A w in south, another triplicity of Cadw, Cadw, Cadw, is brought to light in the east.

The same law of alternate elementary action takes place in the north at A A, in the west at Z D, and in the south at Aw, with an uniformity of similar triads of Cadw, Cadw, Cadw, and equivalent in number to the months of the year or the signs of the zodiac.

11. —Again, the doctrine of Variations, Permutations, and Combinations, usque ad infinitum, presents itself from these literally angled letters, in regard to the alternate position of letters, and unfolds, in the mouth of the Penderwydd or officiating priest, towards the inauguration of a novitiate, or in reference to the supplementary degrees of a dyscybl or disciple, a caw or full graduate, a cowydd or associated fellow, curt texts of advice, threat, instruction, tenacity, silence, implicit obedience, and so forth, to the order, with certain corresponding signs appropriate to the idea conveyed and inculcated by the initiator to the initiated.

12.—The following triplicity of Pemutations must, for the present, suffice to prove my case. "It is readily seen that each combination will supply as many corresponding Variations as the number of quantities it contains admits of permutations." Thus, the combination dbc supplies the 1, 2, 3, or six variations—abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba; as—

Cadw, cwda: Keep or preserve thy concavity, thy position good. Dacw, dicca: Yonder is a knife.

Wcad, wdca: The concavity of striving is the extremity of holding. &c., &c.

Dissona, non nostri, vocum componere signa,
Tac iSeac Druidum, digitn nutuque loquaci.

13. —In the centre of the parallelogrammic figure is implied the ideal O, or point of action of the circumflex agent or fifth essence, in its character of divine or beneficent supervision, thus causing the opposing elements C and D to harmonize with each other, by its mediation or alliance, and restraining the factors A and D from warring with W or with the preceding co-efficients, or with each other.

Hence is deduced another triad or triplicity in active co-operation with each other, as the c o d of the two inverted angles

V A and the horizontal line of c o d, analytically im

o c d

plying, ' Rise up, rise up, rise up !' from one position or another, at the mot d'ordre, possibly of a Gad, and its adjuncts—' treasure facts in life-blood.'

But, it may be asked what is meant by these co-efficients or elements of action? Let the forthcoming paradigm be its own exponent.

14. —A paradigm of the Elfenau or Elements may, perhaps, disclose to us the Adamitic originality of the Cadw, the Salus, the conservative exponent of vital action, in another seemingly mysterious form, yet in a naturally-created order of incipient letters or characteristic ideas or quantities. These symbolical ideas or elementary quantities again, when thus individually united with the central agent and with each other, or when multiplied by the fifth supervising power, will be found to naturally embody other less abstract co-efficients, or to algebraically produce other powers as corresponding indices of Constants and Variables, as incorporated, as discoverable, in the explanatory or lettered problems. The former preserve, au premier coup d'ceil, a readable, a fixed, or given value throughout the figure. The latter, however, though they seem to undergo Certain ocular changes of interpreted value, yet do not eventually swerve from the laws that govern their uniformity of action, when regarded at different angles of sight.


/.=C-l-e-i-d-i-r=t-i-r= earth + </© or ft □ =co=factors (cxo) =a keeping of rotundity, (as to its organic matter).

A =A-i-r=a-w-y-r=air + </ © or /V □ =ao=factors (a x o)=an external continuance of an action, (as to its peculiarity of attributes).

^.=D-a-n=t-a-n=fire + V 0 or ft □ =do=factors (dxo)=a throwing off from the base, (as to its universality of warmth).

t> =W-y-s or w-y=dwr=water V Q or ft a =w6=factors (w x o) =a motion out of concavity, (as to its perpetuity of renovation).

Or, as otherwise deduced by a process of elimination, we have each element of the and A* in the C A. D. W., embodying a triad of other inward and outward verities, respectively, as

C. =l, Mineral; 2, Vegetable; 3, Animal.
A.=1, Invisible; 2, Material; 3, Elastic.

D. =l, Mysteriously dormant and invisible till frictioned by

matter against matter; 2, Self-active and sensitive in material, though humectated, substances; 3, Visible and blaze-forked in carbonic heat.

W.=l, Gaseous; 2, Congealed; 3, Vapoury.

Here, perhaps, we detect another primeval fact.

The Aw, or water, when elemented upon by the other co-effi- » cients in their inverse rotation, becomes spontaneously, according to the natural result of the symbol, a paradigm, as of geological investigations the basis, just as the A A is the superincumbent, of the 'briwdon didrefn daiar,' the globe's chaotic surface, the rudis indigestaque motes of ovidian faith; whereas, the ^" C + D must, naturally and at all points (to prove the universality of the doctrine) issue forth, out of concavity to the convexity of the orbicular body, in the form or under the law, so to speak, of detached segments, and thus producing, according to the active or dormant organic elements of each, a variety of volcanic eruptions, more or less expansive in their dimensions. Thus, the A" A+W are mathematically and naturally more comprehensive; the C + D are similarly less contracted in their tendencies and results with reference to the elements they each happily represent.

Here I am tempted to ask, nolens volens, though somewhat, anticipating the result—in reference to aricular synonyma,

Do the derivatives of datar or globe, as exemplified in its principia of da or (d-a) ' what is given out,' and idr or (i-a-r) a hen, on the one hand, and da«ar, a globe, from dai or (d-a-i) 'what causes production,' and ar (a-ar) 'a surface-land,' on the other, tend to explain or interpret the origin, the maternity, the mother-earth doctrine, the materiality of the wy, or the 'da mater cyntaf,' ' the first matter given out or substance created,' the fiarrip, or the in finrr)p, the twisted and re-twisted plagiaristic Demeter of the Greeks, as the first-born egg of the mythi, by ante or post-diluvian patriarchs and sages, facetiously cognizant of the ' double entendre' meaning of the Adamitic expressions, when not, more Sinarum Pelasgorumque, as it were, acoustically intoned, or contradistinguished the one from the other?

16.—The Symbol V, used to denote the square root, is an inverted Cimmerian sign replete with innate meaning, and is a visible counterpart or plagiarism of /V , which is the first letter of the term rha, 'an inward active force,' as it is also made to be the first of pa$i£ or radix, from rha, as above, and tie=die=dies, 'a particle, a proportion of substance.' Neither Greece nor Rome can, so to speak, naturally, logically, and philologically, square the root of their own paSt^ or radix; if so, what is it, simply and naturally? Don't keep your students in suspense!

Permit me, now, en passant, to draw your attention to the symbolical order of creation, in which the elements are unchangeably enumerated in the paradigm, as conveying, inter alia, an innate historical evidence of primitive traditions, as of the Mosaic account, in conjunction with the profundity of their Adamitic interpretation, as already but partly seen.

a. —The Clei-dir, earth, or certain argillaceous earth, has been proved by the experience of times and seasons, as by the geological researches of the world, to have been the primary Ocean Deposits when upheaved by elastic fluids—in fine, the primary Essence Of Soil, when perpetually acted upon and impinged by the rays of light. Hence, after its formation, the clei was discarded, as an illogical appendage to dir or tir.

b. —The awyr as above, or air, brightness of air, was then, philologically speaking, some kind of aerial or zodiacal light different from that of the sun or that of the peculiar luminous fluid of the comets. There was, doubtless, 'an external continuance' of it in action according to the paradigm, prior either to the creation, transformation, or inward development of our sphere or of the heavenly bodies in the everlasting, unfathomable principia Dei; for the sun was not historically created till the fourth day of ages, or, as Virgil beautifully expresses it, " The dry lands were siezed with amazement when the sun began to shine." This mysterious luminous substance is, then, I apprehend, beyond the further grasp of unavailing humanity, unless it were the reflex effulgence of the ruottf, the Shekinah, the divine-creating influence, issuing out of the Godhead, and brooding o'er the abyss of chaotic matter, the endless truth, IAUHAFA, or I AM, and permeating an eternity of a now partially-revealed Oeddsyddaw, of an existence incomprehensible to all the antagonistic crudities of intellect—to all the boundless conceptions of a sceptic, to all the mathematical and logical clairvoyance of each and every created worm or tenement of 'living earth,'—whose mental, grasping, or impulsive motion, like that of an ocean wave, so far, no further, can pursue its course in obedience to the will, the law that gave it birth, without rupture, foam-like shame, or loss of botrowed forces, from on high.

c. Tdn or ddn, from ta (or t-a) 'what spreads,' and n, a ' state of going, an object of sight,' innately depicts the Flashings Of •aerial fire as represented to the eye of the mind in its visibly spreading electric fluid.

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