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Young Men and Maidens, Old Men and Babes,

praise ye the LORD, Psal. cxlviii. 12.


ONS of Adam, bold and young,

In the wild mazes of whose veins A flood of fiery vigour reigns, And weilds your active limbs, with hardy sinews atrung;

Fall prostrate at th' eternal throne

Whence your precarious powers depend ; Nor swell as if your lives were all your own,

But choose your Maker for your friend; His favour is your life, his arm is your support, His hand can stretch your days, or cut your minutes short. Virgins, who roll


artful eyes,
And Moot delicious danger thence ;
Swift the lovely lightning flies,
And melts our reason down to sense ;

Boaft not of those withering charms

That mult yield their youthful grace To age and wrinkles, earth and worms; But love the Author of your smiling face; 'That heavenly bridegroom claims your blooming hours :

O make it your perpetual care

To please that Everlasting Fair ;
His beauties are the sun, and but the shade is yours.

Infants, whose different destinies
Are wove with threads of different size;


But from the same spring-tide of tears,
Commence your hopes, and joys, and fears,
(A tedious train !) and date your following years :
Break your first filence in his praise

Who wrought your wondrous frame:
With sounds of tenderest accent raise

Young honours to his name ;
And consecrate your early days

To know the Power supreme.
Ye heads of venerable age,
Just marching off the mortal stage,

Fathers, whose vital threads are spun
As long as e'er the glass of life would run,

Adore the hand that led your way
Through flowery fields a fair long summer's day ;
Gasp out your soul in praises to the sovereign power
That set your West fo distant from your dawning hour.

Flying Fowl, and Creeping Things, praise ye

the LORD, Pfal. cxlviiii. ro, SWEET focks, whose soft enamel'd wing

Swift and gently cleaves the sky;
Whole charming notes address the spring

With an artless harmony.
Lovely minitrels of the field,
Who in leafy Ahadows sit,

And your wondrous structures build,
Awake your tuneful voices with the dawning light :

То To nature's God


firit devotions pay, Ere you salute the rising day, 'Tis he calls up the sun, and gives hiin every ray.

Serpents, who o'er the meadows side,
And wear upon your shining back
Numerous ranks of gaudy pride,
Which thousand mingling colours make;
Let the fierce glances of your eyes

Rebate their baleful fire :
In harmless play twist and unfold

The volumes of your scaly gold:
That rich embroidery of your gay attire,


Maker kind and wise.

Insects and mites, of mean degree,
That swarm in myriads o'er the land,

Moulded by Wisdom's artful hand,
And curld and painted with a various die ;,

In your innumerable forms
Praise him that wears th' etherial crown,
And bend his lofty counsels down

To despicable worms.


NFINITE Power, Eternal Lord,

How sovereign is thy hand! All nature rose t'obey thy word,

And moves at thy command.

With steady course thy shining fun

Keeps his appointed way;
And all the hours obedient run

The circle of the day.
But ah! how wide iny spirit flies,

And wanders from her God!
My soul forgets the heavenly prize,

And treads the downward-road.
The raging fire, and stormy sea,
Perform thive awful will,
And every beast and every tree,

Thy great designs fulfil :
While my wild passions rage within, ,

Nor thy commands obey ;
And Alesh and sense, enslav'd to fin,

Draw my best thoughts away.
Shall creatures of a meaner frame

Pay all their dues to thee;
Creatures, that never knew thy name,

That never loy'd like me ?
Great God, create my soul anew,


heart to thine,
Melt down my will, and let it flow,

And take the mould divine.
Seize whole frame into thy hand;

Here all my powers I bring;
Manage the wheels by thy command,

And govern every spring.


Then Then Mall my feet no more depart,

Nor wandering ser ses rove;
Devotion shall be all my heart,

And all my passions love.
Than not the sun shall more than I

His Maker's law perform,
Nor travel swifter through the sky,

Nor with a zeal fo.warm.


GOD Supreme and Self-sufficient.

what his name, WHAT is our God,

Nor men can learn, nor angels teach :
He dwells conceal'd in radiant fame,
Where neither eyes nor thoughts can reach.
The spacious worlds of heavenly light,
Compar'd with him, how short they fall?
They are too dark, and He too bright.
Nothing are they, and God is All.
He spoke the wondrous word, and lo
Creation rose at his command:
Whirlwinds and seas their limits know,
Bound in the hollow of his hand.
There rests the earth, there roll the spheres,
There nature leans, and feels her prop :
But his own Self-sufficience bears
The weight of his own glories up.


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