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Now, should you fix my feet on Cæsar's throne,

Crown me, and call the world my own,
The gold that binds my brows could ne'er my soul confine.

I am the Lord's, and Jesus is my love ;
He, the dear God, shall fill my vast desire.
My flesh below; yet I can dwell above,

And nearer to my Saviour move;
There all my soul shall center, all my powers conspire.

Thus I with angels live; thus half-divine
I sit on high, nor mind inferior joys:
Fill’d with his love, I feel that God is mine,

His glory is my great design,
That everlasting project all my thoughts employs.

A SONG to Creating WISDOM.

ETERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise,

Thee the creation sings :
With thy loud name, rocks, hills, and seas,

And heaven's high palace rings.
Place me on the bright wings of day

To travel with the sun;
With what amaze shall I survey

The wonders thou hast done!
Thy hand how wide it spread the sky !

How glorious to behold ?
Ting'd with a blue of heavenly dye,
And starr’d with sparkling gold.

There There thou hast bid the globes of light

Their endless circles run;
There the pale planet rules the night,

And day obeys the sun.

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PART II. Downward I turn my wondering eyes

On elouds and storms below, Those under-regions of the skies

Thy numerous glories fhow. The noisy winds stand ready there

Thy orders to obey, With founding wings they sweep the air,

To make thy chariot way. There, like a trumpet, loud and strong,

Thy thunder Makes our coast : While the red lightnings wave along,

The banners of thine host.

On the thin air, without a prop,

Hang fruitful Mowers around :
At thy command they fink, and drop

Their fatness on the


PART III. Now to the earth I bend my song,

And cast my eyes abroad, Glancing the British ifles along; Bleft ifles, confess



How did his wondrous skill array

Your fields in charming green ; A thousand herbs his art display,

A thousand flowers between !

Tall oaks for future navies grow,

Fair Albion's best defence,
While corn and vines rejoice below,

Those luxuries of sense.

The bleating flocks his pasture feeds :

And herds of larger size,
That bellow through the Lindian meads,

His bounteous hand supplies.


We see the Thames caress the shores,

He guides her silver flood : While angry

Severn swells and roars, Yet hears her ruler God.

The rolling mountains of the deep

Observe his strong command ;
His breath can raise the billows steep,

Or sink them to the sand.

Amidst thy watery kingdoms, Lord,

The finny nations play,
And scaly monsters, at thy word,

Rush through the northern fea.

PART PART v. Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing fight, Through skies, and seas, and solid ground,

With terror and delight. Infinite ftrength, and equal skill,

Shine through the worlds abroad,
Our souls with vast amazement fil,

And speak the builder God.
But the sweet beauties of thy grace

Our softer passions move ;
Pity divine in Jesus face

We see, adore, and love.

GOD's Absolute Dominion


ORD, when my thoughtful soul surveys

Fire, air, and earth, and stars and seas, I call them all thy faves ; Commission'd by my Father's will, Poisons shall cure, or balms thall kill;

Vernal sims, or zephyr's breath,
May burn or blast the plants to death

That sharp December faves ;
What can winds or planets boaft

But a precarious power ?
The sun is all in darkness lost,
Froft shall be fire, and fire be froft,

When he appoints the hour.


Lo, the Norwegians near the polar sky

Chafe their frozen limbs with snow,
Their frozen limbs awake and glow,

The vital flame touch'd with a strange supply
Rekindles, for the God of life is nigh;
He bids the vital flood in wonted circles flow.

Cold steel, expos’d to northern air,
Drinks the meridian fury of the midnight Bear,

And burns th’unwary stranger there.
Enquire, my soul, of ancient fame,
Look back two thousand years, and see
Th’ Assyrian prince transform'd a brute,

For boasting to be abfolute :
Once to his court the God of Ifrael came,

A King more absolute than he.
I see the furnace blaze with rage
Sevenfold : I see amidst the fiame

Three Hebrews of immortal name :
They move, they walk across the burning stage
Unhurt, and fearless, while the tyrant stood

A statue ; fear congeal d his blood:
Nor did the raging element dare

Attempt their garments, or their hair :
It knew the Lord of nature there.
Nature, compelld by a superior cause,

Now breaks her own eternal laws,
Now seems to break them, and obeys
Her sovereign king in different ways.
Father, how bright ihy glories shine!

How broad thy kingdom, how divina!
Nature, and miracle, ani fate, and chance, are thine.


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