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“Adore no God beside Me, to provoke mine eyes : «Nor worship Me in shapes and forms that men devise; “With reverence use my name, nor turn my words tojeft; « Observe


fabbath well, nor dare prophane my reft ; “ Honour and due obedience to thy parents give; “ Nor spill the guiltless blood, nor let the guilty live : Preserve thy body chaste, and flee th' unlawful bed ; “ Nor steal thy neighbour's gold, his garment, or his

« bread;

“ Forbear to blast his name with falsehood, or deceit; “ Nor let thy wishes loose upon his large estate.”

Remember your CREATOR, &c. Ecclef. xii, CHILDREN, to your Creator, God, ,

Your early honours pay, While vanity and youthful blood

Would tempt your thoughts astray. The memory of his mighty name, Demands


first regard ;
Nor dare indulge a meaner frame,

Till you have lov'd the Lord.
Be wise, and make his favour sure,

Before the mournful days,
When youth and mirth are known no more,

And life and strength decays.
No more the blessings of a feast

Shall relish on the tongue, The heavy ear forgets the taste And pleasure of a long.


Old age, with all her dismal train,

Invades your golden years
With fighs and groans, and raging pain,

And death, that never spares.
What will ye do when light departs,

And leaves your withering eyes,
Without one beam to chear your hearts,

From the superior skies?
How will you meet God's frowning brow,

Or stand before his feat,
While nature's old supporters bow,

Nor bear their tottering weight?
expect your

feeble arms, Shall make a strong defence, When death, with terrible alarms,

Summons the prisoner hence ?
The silver bands of nature burst,

And let the building fall;
The flesh goes down to mix with dust,

Its vile original.
Laden with guilt, (a heavy load)

Unclèans'd and unforgiven,
The foul returns tan angry God,

To be shut out from heaven.


Sun, Moon, and Stars, praise ye the LORD.

FAIREST of all the lights above,

Thou fun, whose beams adorn the spheres,
And with unweary'd swiftness move,
To form the circles of cur years ;
Praise the Creator of the skies,
That dress'd thine orb in golden rays;
Or may the sun forget to rise,
If he forget his Maker's praise.
Thou reigning beauty of the night,

of filence, silver moon,
Whose gentle beams and borrow'd light
Are softer rivals of the noon ;
Arise, and to that Sovereign Power
Waxing and waning honours pay,
Who bade thee rule the dutky hour,
And half supply the absent day.
Ye twinkling stars, who gild the skies
When darkness has its curtains drawn,
Who keep your watch, with wakeful eyes,
When business, cares, and day, are gone :
Proclaim the glories of your Lord,
Dispers’d through all the heavenly street,
Whose boundless treasures can afford
So rich a pavement for his feet.


Thou heaven of heavens, fupremely bright,
Fair palace of the court divine,
Where, with inimitable light,
The Godhead condescends to shine;
Praise thou thy great Inhabitant,
Who scatters lovely beams of grace
On every angel, every saint,
Nor veils the lustre of his face.

O God of Glory, God of Love,
Thou art the fun that makes our days:
With all thy shining works above,
Let earth and dust attempt thy praise.


LORD, when we fee a faint of thine

Lie gasping out his breath, With longing eyes, and looks divine,

Smiling and pleas'd in death; How we could ev'n contend to lay

Our limbs upon that bed !
We ask thine envoy to convey

Our spirits in his stead.
Our souls are rising on the wing,

To venture in his place ;
For when grim death has lost his sting,

He has an angel's face.

Jesus, Jesus, then, purge my crimes away,

'Tis guilt creates my fears, 'Tis guilt gives death its fierce array,

And all the arms it bears.

Oh! if my threatening sins were gone,

And death had lost his sting, I could invite the angel on,

And chide his lazy wing. Away these interposing days,

And let the lovers meet; The angel has a cold embrace,

But kind, and soft, and sweet.
I'd leap at once my feventy years,

I'd rush into his arms,
And lose my breath, and all my cares,

Amidst those heavenly charms.
Joyful I'd lay this body down,

And leave the lifeless clay, Without a figh, without a groan,

And stretch and soar away.


ALMIGHTY Maker, God!

How wondrous is thy name! Thy glories how diffus’d abroad

Through the creation's frame !


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