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Thou reftless globe of golden light,
Whose beams create our days,
Join with the filver queen of night,
To own your borrow'd rays.

Blush and refund the honours paid
To your inferior names :

Tell the blind world, your orbs are fed
By his o'erflowing flames.

Winds, ye fhall bear his name aloud
Through the ethereal blue,

For when his chariot is a cloud,
He makes his wheels of you.

Thunder and hail, and fires and storms,
The troops of his command,
Appear in all your dreadful forms,

And speak his awful hand.

Shout to the Lord, ye furging feas,
In your eternal roar ;

Let wave to wave refound his praise,
And fhore reply to fhore :

While monfters fporting on the flood,
In fcaly filver fhine,

Speak terribly their Maker-God,

And lafh the foaming brine.

But gentler things shall tune his name

To fofter notes than thefe,

Young zephyrs breathing o'er the stream,

Or whispering through the trees.

Wave your tall heads, ye lofty pines,

To him that bid you grow :

Sweet clusters, bend the fruitful vines
On every thankful bough.

Let the fhrill birds his honour raife,
And climb the morning-sky;
While groveling beafts attempt his praise
In hoarfer harmony.

Thus while the meaner creatures fing,
Ye mortals, take the found,
Echo the glories of your king,
Through all the nations round.

Th' Eternal Name must fly abroad

From Britain to Japan;

And the whole race fhall bow to God,

That owns the name of man.

[blocks in formation]

Ye ftand upon a dreadful steep,

And all beneath is hell:

Your weighty guilt will fink you deep,
Where the old ferpent fell.

When iron flumbersbind your flesh,
With ftrange furprize you'll find
Immortal vigour spring afresh,

And tortures wake the mind!

Then you'll confefs, the frightful names
Of plagues you fcorn'd before,
No more fhall look like idle dreams,
Like foolish tales no more.

Then fhall ye curfe that fatal day,
(With flames upon your tongues)
When you exchang'd your fouls away
For vanity and fongs.

Behold the faints rejoice to die,

For heaven fhines round their heads; And angel-guards, prepar'd to fly, Attend their fainting beds.

Their longing fpirits part, and rife

To their celeftial feat;

Above these ruinable fkies

They make their laft retreat.

Hence, ye prophane, I hate your ways, I walk with pious fouls ;

There's a wide difference in our race, And distant are our goals.

The LAW given at SINA I.

RM thee with thunder, heavenly Mufe,


And keep th' expecting world in awe ;
Oft haft thou fung in gentler mood
The melting mercies of thy God;
Now give thy fiercest fires a loose,
And found his dreadful law:

To Ifrael first the words were spoke,
To Ifrael freed from Egypt's yoke,
Inhuman bondage! The hard galling load
Over-prefs'd their feeble fouls,

Bent their knees to fenfelefs bulls,
And broke their ties to God.

Now had they pafs'd th' Arabian bay,

And march'd between the cleaving sea ;

The rifing waves ftood guardians of their wondrous way, But fell with most impetuous force

On the pursuing swarms,

And bury'd Egypt all in arms,

Blending in watery death the rider and the horfe:

O'er ftruggling Pharaoh roll'd the mighty tide,
And fav'd the labours of a pyramid.

Apis and Ore in vain he cries,

And all his horned Gods beside,

He swallows fate with fwimming eyes,
And curs'd the Hebrews as he dy’d.

[blocks in formation]

Ah! foolish Ifrael, to comply
With Memphian idolatry!

And bow to brutes, (a ftupid flave)

To idols impotent to fave!

Behold thy God, the fovereign of the sky,
Has wrought falvation in the deep,
Has bound thy foes in iron fleep,
And rais'd thine honours high:
His grace forgives thy follies past,
Behold he comes in majesty,
And Sinai's top proclaims his law:
Prepare to meet thy God in hafte ;
But keep an awful diftance ftill:
Let Mofes round the facred hill
The circling limits draw.

Hark! The fhrill echoes of the trumpet roar,
And call the trembling armies near;
Slow and unwilling they appear,

Rails kept them from the mount before,

Now from the rails their fear :

'Twas the fame herald, and the trump the fame Which shall be blown by high command, Shall bid the wheels of nature ftand,

And heaven's eternal will proclaim,

That time fhall be no more.

Thus while the labouring angel fwell'd the found,
And rent the skies, and shook the ground,

Up rofe th' Almighty; round his fapphire feat



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