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Now did thine arm, O God of Hofts,
Now did thinc arm fhine dazling bright,
The fons of might their hands had loft,
And men of blood forgot to fight.

Brigades of angels lin'd the way,
And guarded William to his throne :
celestial warriors, stay,

There, ye

And make his palace like your own.

Then, mighty God, the earth hall know
And learn the worship of the sky :
Angels and Britons join below,
To raife their Hallelujahs high.

All Hallelujah, heavenly King;
While distant lands thy victory fing,
And tongues their utmoft powers employ,
The world's bright roof repeats the joy.


AR in the heavens my God retires,


My God, the mark of my defires,
And hides his lovely face;

When he defcends within my view,

He charms my reason to pursue

But leaves it tir'd and fainting in th' unequal chace.

Or if I reach unusual height

Till near his prefence brought,

There floods of glory check my flight,

Cramp the bold pinions of my wit,

And all untune my thought;


Plung'd in a fea of light I roll,

Where wisdom, juftice, mercy, fhines;

Infinite rays in croffing lines

Beat thick confufion on my fight, and overwhelm my foul,

Come to my aid, ye fellow-minds,
And help me reach the throne;

(What fingle ftrength, in vain defigns,

United force hath done;

Thus worms may join, and grafp the poles,

Thus atoms fill the fea)

But the whole race of creature-fouls

Stretch'd to their laft extent of thought, plunge and are

loft in thee.

Great God, behold my reason lies
Adoring; yet my love would rife
On pinions not her own:

Faith fhall direct her humble flight,

Through all the tracklefs feas of light,

To Thee, th' Eternal Fair, the Infinite Unknown.



Y thoughts, that often mount the skies,
Go, fearch the world beneath,

Where nature in all ruin lies,
And owns her fovereign, death.

The tyrant, how he triumphs here!
His trophies fpread around!
And heaps of duft and bones appear
Through all the hollow ground.



These skulls, what ghaftly figures now!

How loathfome to the eyes!

These are the heads we lately knew

So beauteous and fo wife.

But where the fouls, thofe deathlefs things,
That left his dying clay?

My thoughts, now ftretch out all your wings,
And trace eternity.

O that unfathomable fea !

Thofe deeps without a shore !

Where living waters gently play,
Or fiery billows roar.

Thus muft we leave the banks of life,
And try this doubtful fea;

Vain are our groans, and dying ftrife,
To gain a moment's stay.

There we fhall fwim in heavenly blifs,
Or fink in flaming waves,
While the pale carcass thoughtless lies,
Amongst the filent graves.

Some hearty friend shall drop his tear

On our dry bones, and say,

"These once were ftrong, as mine appear,
"And mine must be as they."

Thus fhall our mouldering members teach
What now our fenfes learn:

For duft and ashes loudest preach

Man's infinite concern.

A Sight


FT have I fat in fecret fighs,


To feel my flesh decay,

Then groan'd aloud with frighted eyes,
To view the tottering clay.

But I forbid my forrows now,
Nor dares the flesh complain;
Diseases bring their profit too;
The joy o'ercomes the pain.
My chearful foul now all the day
Sits waiting here and fings;
Looks through the ruins of her clay,
And practifes her wings.

Faith almost changes into fight,
While from afar fhe fpies,

Her fair inheritance, in light

Above created skies.

Had but the prison walls been strong,
And firm without a flaw,

In darkness fhe had dwelt too long,
And lefs of glory faw.

But now the everlasting hills
Through every chink appear,

And fomething of the joy the feels
While fhe's a prisoner here.


The fhines of heaven rush sweetly in

At all the gaping flaws :

Visions of endless bliss are seen;


And native air fhe draws.


these walls ftand tottering still,

The breaches never close,

If I muft here in darkness dwell,
And all this glory lose !

Or rather let this flesh decay,
The ruins wider grow,

Till glad to fee th' enlarged way,
I ftretch'd my pinions through..


Pfalm cxlviii. Paraphras'd.

PRAISE ye the Lord with joyful tongue,
Ye powers that guard his throne;

Jefus the Man fhall lead the song,
The God inspire the tune.

Gabriel, and all th' immortal choir
That fill the realms above;
Sing; for he form'd you of his fire,
And feeds you with his love.

Shine to his praife, ye crystal skies,
The floor of his abode,

Or veil your little twinkling eyes
Before a brighter God.


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