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He speaks, and ftrait immortal joys
Run through my ears, and reach my heart;
My foul all melts at that dear voice,
And pleasure shoots through every part.

If he withdraw a moment's fpace,
He leaves a facred pledge behind;
Here in this breaft his image ftays,
The grief and comfort of my mind.
While of his abfence I complain,
And long, and weep as lovers do,
There's a strange pleasure in the pain,
And tears have their own sweetness too.

When round his courts by day I rove,
Or afk the watchmen of the night
For fome kind tidings of my love,
His very name creates delight.

Jefus, my God; yet rather come;
Mine eyes would dwell upon thy face;

'Tis best to see my Lord at home,
And feel the prefence of his grace.


OME, lead me to fome lofty fhade


Where turtles moan their loves;

Tall fhadows were for lovers made;

And grief becomes the groves.

[blocks in formation]

'Tis no mean beauty of the ground
That has inflay'd mine eyes;
I faint beneath a nobler wound,
Nor love below the fkies.

Jefus, the fpring of all that's bright,
The Everlasting Fair,

Heaven's ornament, and heaven's delight,
Is my eternal care.

But, ah! how far above this grave
Does the bright charmer dwell?
Abfence, thou keeneft wound to love,
That sharpest pain, I feel.

Penfive I climb the facred hills,

And near him vent my woes;
Yet his fweet face he ftill conceals,
Yet still my paffion grows.

I murmur to the hollow vale,
I tell the rocks my flame,
And bless the echo in her cell
That beft repeats her name.

My paffion breathes perpetual fighs,
Till pitying winds fhall hear,
And gently bear them up the skies,

And gently wound his ear.



Defiring his Defcent to EARTH.

ESUS, I love. Come, dearest name,
Come and poffefs this heart of mine;
I love, though 'tis a fainter flame,
And infinitely less than thine,

O! if my Lord would leave the skies,
Dreft in the rays of mildeft grace,
My foul should haften to my eyes
To meet the pleasures of his face.
How would I feaft on all his charms,
Then round his lovely feet entwine!
Worship and love, in all their forms,
Should honour beauty fo divine.

In vain the tempter's flattering tongue,
The world in vain shall bid me move,
In vain; for I should gaze fo long
Till I were all transform'd to love.

Then (mighty God) I'd fing and fay,
"What empty names are crowns and kings!
"Amongst them give these worlds away,
"Thefe little defpicable things."

I would not ask to climb the sky
Nor envy angels their abode,
I have a heaven as bright and high
In the bleft vifion of my God.

L 4


Afcending to him in HEAVEN.

"TIS pure delight, without alloy,
Jefus, to hear thy name,

My fpirit leaps with inward joy,
I feel the facred flame.

My paffions hold a pleafing reign,
While love infpires my breast,
Love, the divineft of the train,
The fovereign of the rest.

This is the grace muft live and fing,
When faith and fear fhall cease,
Muft found from every joyful ftring
Through the fweet groves of bliss.

Let life immortal feize my clay;
Let love refine my blood ;
Her flames can bear my foul away,
Can bring me near my God.

Swift I afcend the heavenly place,
And haften to my home,

I leap to meet thy kind embrace,
I come, O Lord, I come.

Sink down, ye feparating hills,

Let guilt and death remove :

'Tis love that drives my chariot-wheels,

And death muft yield to love.

The Prefence of GOD worth dying for: Or, the Death of MOSES.

LORD, 'tis an infinite delight

To fee thy holy face,

To dwell whole ages in thy fight,
And feel thy vital rays.

This Gabriel knows; and fings thy name

With rapture on his tongue;

Mofes the faint enjoys the fame,
And heaven repeats the fong.

While the bright nation founds thy praise

From each eternal hill,

Sweet odours of exhaling grace

The happy region fill.

Thy love, a fea without a fhore,
Spreads life and joy abroad:
O'tis a heaven worth dying for

To fee a smiling God!

Shew me thy face, and I'll away

From all inferior things;

Speak, Lord, and here I quit my clay,

And ftretch my airy wings.

Sweet was the journey to the sky,

The wondrous prophet try'd;

"Climb up the mount," fays God," and die;" The prophet climb'd and dy'd.


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