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Fire, Air, Earth, and Sea, praise ye the LORD.

EARTH, thou great footstool of our God

Who reigns on high; thou fruitful source
Of all our raiment, life and food ;
Our house, our parent, and our nurse;

Mighty stage of mortal scenes,
Dreft with strong and gay machines,

Hung with golden lamps around
(And flowery carpets spread the ground);

Thou bulky globe, prodigious mass,
That hangs unpillar'd in an empty space!
While thy unweildy weight rests on the feeble air,
Bless that Almighty Word that fix'd and holds thee there.

Fire, thou swift herald of his face,
Whose glorious rage, at his command,

Levels a palace with the fand,
Blending the lofty spires in ruin with the base :

Ye heavenly flames, that singe the air,

Artillery of a jealous God,
Bright arrows that his founding quivers bear

To scatter deaths abroad;
Lightnings, adore the sovereign arm that flings
vengeance, and

your fires, upon the heads of kings. Thou vital element, the Air, Whose boundless magazines of breath

Our fainting flame of life repair, And save the bubble Man froin the cold arms of death :

And ye, whose vital moisture yields

Life's purple stream a fresh supply; Sweet Waters, wandering through the flowery fields,

Or dropping from the sky; Confess the Power whose all-sufficient name Nor needs your aid to build, or to support our frame.

Now the rude air, with noisy force,
Beats up and swells the angry fea,
They join to make our lives a prey,

And sweep the failors hopes away,
Vain hopes, to reach their kindred on the shores !

Lo, the wild seas and surging waves

Gape hideous in a thousand graves :
Be still, ye floods, and know your bounds of sand,

Ye storms, adorc your Master's hand :
The winds are in his fist, the waves at his command.

From the eternal emptiness
His fruitful word by secret springs
Drew the whole harmony of things
That form this noble universe :
Old Nothing knew his powerful hand,

Scarce had he spoke his full command,
Fire, Air, and Earth, and Sea, heard the creating cal!,
And leap'd from empty nothing to this beauteous all;

And still they dance, and still obey
The orders they receiv'd the great creation-day.


DEAD be my heart to all below,

To mortal joys and mortal cares ;
To sensual bliss that charms us so
Be dark, my eyes, and deaf, my ears.
Here I renounce my carnal taste
Of the fair fruit that finners prize :
Their paradise shall never waste
One thought of mine, but to despise.
All earthly joys are over-weigh'd
With mountains of vexatious care ;
And where's the sweet that is not laid
A bait to some deftructive snare ?

gone for ever, mortal things !
Thou mighty mole-hill earth, farewell !
Angels aspire on lofty wings,
And leave the globe for ants to dwell.
Come, heaven, and fill my vast desires,
My soul pursues the sovereign good :
She was all made of heavenly fires,
Nor can she live on meaner food.

GOD only known to Himself.
TAND, and adore ! how glorious He

That dwells n right eternity!
We gaze, and we confound our sight
Plung'd in th' abyss of dazzling light.


Thou sacred One, Almighty Three,
Great Everlafting Mystery,
What lofty numbers shall we frame
Equal to thy tremendous name?
Seraphs, the nearest to the throne,
Begin, and speak the Great Unknown :
Attempt the song, wind up your strings,
To notes untry'd, and boundless things.
You, whose capacious powers survey
Largely beyond our eyes of clay:
Yet what a narrow portion too
Is feen, or known, or thought, by you !
How fat your highest praises fall
Below th'immense Original !
Weak creatures we, that strive in vain
To reach an uncreated Itrain !
Great God, forgive our feeble lays,
Sound out thine own eternal praise ;
A song so vast, a theme so high,
Calls for the voice that tun'd the sky.


MY crimes awake; and hideous fear

Distracts my restless mind, Guilt meets my eyes with horrid glare,

And hell pursues behind.

Almighty Almighty vengeance frowns on high,

And flames array the throne ;
While thunder murmurs round the sky,

impatient to be gone.
Where shall I hide this noxious head :

Can rocks or mountains save ? Or shall I wrap me in the shade

Of midnight and the grave ?
Is there no shelter from the eye

Oi a revenging God?
Jesus, to thy dear wounds I fly,

Bedew me with thy blood.
Those guardian drops my foul secure,

And wash away my fin;
Eternal justice frowns no more,

And conscience (miles within.
I bless that wondrous purple stream

That whitens every stain;
Yet is

my foul but half redeemid,
If sin the tyrant reign.
Lord, blast his empire with thy breath,

That cursed throne inust fall;
Ye flattering plagues, that work my death,
Fly, for I hate you



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