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Of the Names of the Homilies.


OF the right Use of the Church.

2 Against peril of Idolatry.

3 Of repairing and keeping clean of Churches.

4 Of good Works: first of Fasting.


Against Gluttony and Drunkenness.

6 Against excess of Apparel.

7 Of Prayer.

8 Of the Place and Time of Prayer.


That Common Prayers and Sacraments ought to be ministered in

[blocks in formation]

13 Of the Passion of Christ.

14 Of the Resurrection of Christ.


of the worthy receiving of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ.

16 Of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

17 For the Rogation-days.

18 Of the state of Matrimony.

19 Of Repentance.

20 Against Idleness.

21 Against Rebellion.


XXXVI. Of Consecration of Bishops and Ministers.

HE Book of Consecration of Archbishops and Bishops, and Ordering of Priests and Deacons, lately set forth in the time of Edward the Sixth, and confirmed, at the same time, by authority of Parliament, doth contain all things necessary to such Consecration and Ordering: neither hath it any thing that, of itself, is superstitious and ungodly. And, therefore, whosoever are consecrated or ordered, according to the Rites of that Book, since the second year of the forenamed King Edward unto this time, or hereafter shall be consecrated or ordered according to the same Rites; we decree all such to be rightly, orderly, and lawfully, consecrated and ordered.

XXXVII. Of the Civil Magistrates.

THE hions, unto whom the chief government of all Estates of this Realm, whether they be ecclesiastical or civil, in all causes doth appertain; and is not, nor ought to be, subject to any foreign jurisdiction.

HE King's Majesty hath the chief power in this realm of England,

Where we attribute to the King's Majesty the chief government, by which titles we understand the minds of some slanderous folks to be offended, we give not to our Princes the ministering either of God's Word, or of the Sacraments; the which thing the Injunctions also, lately set forth by Elizabeth our Queen, do most plainly testify; but that only prerogative, which we see to have been given always to all godly Princes in holy Scriptures by God himself; that is, that they should rule all

Of the names of the Homilies.]-By Homilies is meant, "discourses read to the Congregation."

states and degrees committed to their charge by God, whether they be ecclesiastical or temporal, and restrain with the civil sword the stubborn and evil-doers.

The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England. The Laws of the realm may punish Christian men with death, for heinous and grievous offences.

It is lawful for Christian men, at the commandment of the Magistrate, to wear weapons, and serve in the wars.

XXXVIII. Of Christian men's Goods, which are not Common. HE riches and goods of Christians are not common, as touching the right, title, and possession, of the same, as certain Anabaptists do falsely boast. Notwithstanding, every man ought, of such things as he possesseth, liberally to give alms to the poor, according to his ability.

XXXIX. Of a Christian man's Oath.

S we confess that vain and rash swearing is forbidden Christian men,

Aby our Lord Jesus Christ, and James his Apostle, so we judge,

that Christian religion doth not prohibit, but that a man may swear when the Magistrate requireth, in a cause of faith and charity, so it be done according to the Prophet's teaching, in justice, judgment, and truth.


TH THIS Book of Articles before rehearsed, is again approved, and allowed to be holden and executed within the Realm, by the assent and consent of our Sovereign Lady ELIZABETH, by the grace of God, of England, France, and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c. Which Articles were deliberately read, and confirmed again by the subscription of the hands of the Archbishops and Bishops of the Upper-house, and by the subscription of the whole Clergy of the Nether-house in their Convocation, in the Year of our Lord 1571.

[blocks in formation]

27. Of Baptism.

28. Of the Lord's Supper.

29. Of the Wicked, which eat not the Body of Christ.

30. Of both kinds.

31. Of Christ's one Oblation. 32. Of the Marriage of Priests. 33. Of Excommunicate Persons. 34. Of the Traditions of the Church. 35. Of the Homilies.

36. Of Consecrating of Ministers. 37. Of Civil Magistrates.

20. Of the Authority of the Church. 38. Of Christian men's Goods. 21. Of the Authority of General | 39. Of a Christian man's Oath.





Are forbidden in Scripture and our Laws to marry together.

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A Table of kindred and affinity, &c.]-This table always shows, to such as consult it, the error of the popular belief, that, according to the Canons of the Church, "First cousins may intermarry, but second cousins may not." It is here seen, that no cousins, of any degree, are in any manner forbidden. By the term "kindred " is meant relationship by blood;-by the term "affinity" is meant relationship by marriage.



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