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The Roman numerals refer to the volume, and the Arabic to the page.

Abuses done to George Fox, i. 138,

154, 156. By professors, &c. i. 172, 189,

Backsliders warned, ii. 284. See apos-
203, 242, 321. Friends abused, ii. 13, 71.

Action in the fields, near London, where

Banishment of G. F. in Scotland, i. 354.
Friends had been much abused, G. F. had

Banishment and imprisoning for religion
a meeting, i. 384.
Adam the first and second compared, Friends banished in England, ii. 61; at

is no part of Christ's doctrine, ii. 216.
ii. 311.
Affections, lusts and desires, mortified,

Dantzic, ii. 344.
i. 340.

Baptism, i. 246, 307, 314.
Aged Friend of 100 years old, i. 130; one tists discoursed by G. F. i. 96, 179, 221.

Baptist meetings, i. 80. 178, 211. Bap-
aged 122, ii. 24.
Allegiance to the king, ii. 32, 35, and A teacher convinced, i. 188, 223, 240.

Baptists in Warwick, i. 242. In Notting-
supremacy, ji. 160.

Ambassador with Irishmen come to dis- hamshire, i. 83. Baptists and Fifth-mon.
turb the meeting, i. 428.

archy.men prophesied of Christ to come
Ambassadors at Nimeguen: G. F.'s epis-

that year to reign, i. 286. A Baptist wo-
tle to them, ii. 382 to 385.

man restored, i. 244. Baptists deny G. F.
America, G. Fox's travels there, from

their meeting-house, i. 246. Particular
Maryland to New England, &c. through Baptists, i. 247.
the woods and wildernesses, over bogs i. 433. ii. 27.

Battledore, the author's account thereof,
and great rivers, (not without imminent

Believers are born of God, i. 71.
danger of some of their lives,) and lying
on nights in the woods, by a fire in a very which forbids swearing, ii. 48, and teaches

Bible given to G. F. to swear upon,
cold season, the wolves howling about
them, ii. 121 to 142. Truth's prosperity

the plain language, ii. 58.
there, ii. 215. G. F.'s epistle to those Bonds for good behaviour, ii. 156.

Bonds for appearance refused, ii. 17.
places, ii. 356.
Anointing within teacheth the believers, answered by G. F. ii. 52, 66, 167, 170.

Book, see bible. Books written and
i. 71. j. 192.
Antichrists. See false prophets.

Bowling and foolish exercises denied,

i, 295.
Apostacy entered since the days of the

Bread and wine. See Papists.
apostles, i. 303.

Brown's prophecy of G. F. i. 80.
Apostates, backsliders, and false bre-

Brownists, i. 436. ii. 191.
thren, are got into the temple of God, ii.
285, 307, 347, 349.

Butchers and rude people bind them-

selves with an oath to kill G. F. i. 199.
Apostles were tradesmen, ï. 350.
Apparel for pride judged, ii. 283.

Apparition, foreshowing the death of
0. C. seen by G. F. i. 382.

Calvinists, i. 436.
Appeals of London Friends tried, ii. Cambridge, scholars' rudeness, i. 228.

Captain much given to laughter con-
Apprentices put forth by Monthly Meet- vinced, i. 245. In Scotland his impious
ings, ii. 94.

saying, i. 402.
Arminians, strangers to the spirit of the Carlisle in an uproar, i. 179. G. F. in
apostles, i. 436.

Carlisle prison, i. 182, 188.
Assizes of G. F.'s trials at Carlisle, i. Cartmeil Wapentake Court, ii. 250.
180; Lancaster, i. 158. ii. 28, 46, 50; Lan. Certificates to be brought by Friends
ceston, i. 252; Nottingham, ii. 4; Worces- proceeding to marriage, ii. 72.
ter, ii. 156. See sessions.

Cheat discovered by G. F. ii. 75.
Astrologers. See stargazers.

Christ, the teacher of his people, i. 177.
Vol. II.


The Rest, ii. 273. Sun of righteousness, Disputes at Leicester, i. 83. with the
ii. 305. A quickening spirit, ii. 309. priest of Grayrigg, &c. i. 171, 172, at Dray-
Who can speak to men's conditions, i. 74, ton, i. 202. G. F. with priest Wilkinson, i.
76,79; and is known by revelation, i. 74, &c. 190.

Church, the true and the false, i. 367. Dispute of James Nayler with eight
The church of Christ clothed with the priests, i. 240. A vain disputer answer.
sun, ii. 304.

ed, ii. 29. Vain janglings to be shunned,
Of Rome degenerated, i. 372, 435; per. ii

. 175.
secuting, i. 375.

Dogs did not move their tongues against
Of England's faith, i. 381.

them, ii. 137.
Climate's sudden change and variety in Do unto others as you would have others,
America, ii. 137.

&c. i. 93, 395, ii. 293, 339, 350.
Cloisters, monasteries, &c. there is no Dreams relied on by a people, i. 72.
scripture for them, i. 372.

Drought was great in England, i. 325.
Coldbeck steeple-house; Robert Wid. Drunkenness testified against by G. F.
ders going thither, &c. was almost killed at inns in his travels, i. 247, 299, 307. Great
by the people, i. 188.

drunkenness at the choosing of parliament
Colleges cannot make ministers of men, i, 401.
Christ, i. 362.

Dwarfs not to come nigh the altar of
Collegians, ii. 192, 195.

God, ii. 332, 335. Out of Christ all man-
Committee of safety, &c. their pro. kind are imperfect and deformed, ii. 314.
claiming fasts is like Jezebel's, i. 381.

Conjuror (so reputed) reproved by G.
F. in jail, i. 115.

Egyptians afflict Israel till the Lord over-
Conscience, a witness to truth, i. 378 to

throws them, i. 283.
381; is not to be forced, ïi. 292; must be

Election and reprobation, i. 129, 178,
void of offence, ii. 300.

246, 332, 348, ii. 89, 91.
Contentions not to be in meetings, ii.

Enemies, who are the worst to truth,

ü. 179.
Conventicle act is, not to do as they the same spirit as the apostles had, i. 436.

Episcopal men cannot affirm they have
would be done by, ii. 95, 99.
Convincements, in the nation in the be-

Errors pleaded in Margaret Fell's indict.
ginning, i. 82, 83, &c. 189, 191, 195, 196, ment, ii. 46, in G. F.'s indictment pleaded
200; London, i. 213.

by himself, ii. 46, 47, and the second in-
Convincements in Oliver Cromwell's dictment quashed by errors, ii. 50.
house and family, i. 213.

Examples. See judgments.
Cromwell, Oliver, his discourse with G.

Excisemen'warned, i. 98.
F. 1. 209, 300, A Friend offers himself to

Excommunicated Friends in Scotland,
0. C. to lie in prison for G. F. i. 290.

none was to buy or sell with them, i. 355;
Cross, the power of God, i. 76, 79, 371,

in England, ii. 58.
Covetousness of wrecks, &c. reproved, spoken and preached from, i. 151, ii. 172,

Experiences formerly bad, or other men's
i. 395, ii. 362.

Cutpurse at sessions searching Friends'
pockets is set at liberty, ii. 14.


Faith gives victory over sin, i. 350.
Dangers and perils of G. F.j. 92, 98, 136, Christ is the author of, i, 375. Stands in
150, 155, 157, 162, 171, 173, 180, 182, the power of God, ii. 170, 177.
199, 250, 254, 262, 301, 324, 335, 346, Fanatics, who and what they are, i. 392,
372, 398, 400; ii. 14, 22, 63, 68, 86, at sea, 408.
100; by knives, rapiers, rude multitudes, Fashions, and vanities of the world tes.
beatings, bruisings, and binding themselves tified against, i. 93, ii. 352. See Apparel.
with an oath to kill him.

Fast of G. F.'s, i. 161, 173. of a wo-
Day of judgment coming upon persecu- man in Lancashire, i. 79. Proclaimed by
tors, ii. 105. The day of the Lord's wrath 0. C. for rain, i. 326. A day of humilia-
is kindled upon them, i. 218.

tion, i. 377. The true and false, i. 323,
Deceivers beyond the priests that stand 327. And holy days, so called, ii. 147.
in deceit described, i. 86.

Fasting and prayer, ii. 372, 373.
Declaration of G. F.'s offered by him to Feasting and sporting, whilst others
the court instead of the oath, ii. 160. were, G. F. visited the poor, relieving

Devil, he was not made of God, i. 224, them, i. 71.
ii. 18,

Fees, Marshal's, i. 419, i. 60. G. F.could
Differences about outward things to be not pay, being innocent, and the jailer's,
shunned, ii, 348.

li. 294, ii. 13.

Fell, Judge, sends a warrant against the and soldiers of Scarborough Castle against
abusers of G. F. i. 151, and grants a super. G. F. was cut off in his wickedness, ii. 64.
sedeas of a warrant against him, i. 153. God's people to be like unto him, ii. 321.

Fell, Margaret, shows to the king The power of God thundered amongst the
Friends' sufferings and innocency, i. 426. magistrates of Derby, &c. i. 101.

Fellowships in outward things will cor Good behaviour, G. F. could not consent
rupt and wither, ii. 43.

to be bound to, who had committed no ill
Fifth-monarchy-men's uproar, i. 425. behaviour, i. 109. See Bond.
They cleared Friends openly at their exe. Good morrow, good evening, &c. vain
cution, i. 434. They look for Christ's customs and traditions, forbidden, i. 92.
personal coming, i. 436. Are fighters, ibid. Goods ill-gotten are a curse to men, i.

Fighters are not of Christ's kingdom, i. 396.
387. Sion needs no such, ibid. and i. 434. Gospel is not the four evangelists, ii. 20.
See wars.

Governments, change of, God has a
Fox, George, his place of birth, parents mighty hand therein, i. 413.
and relations, i. 67, 69, 109, 206, 400, ii. Governor of Dover convinced, i. 223.
67, 150; his clothes and wear, i. 128, 247: Governor of Tinmouth Castle, with
his marriage, ii. 101; a great weight fell others, visits G. F. in prison, 57.
upon his spirit, ii. 110; his travels and suf Grace of God teaches those that turn to
ferings at Reading, i. 385, 387, 400, 417; it, i. 90, 317; which hath appeared to all
offers his hair and cheek to the threatener, men, ii, 57.
i. 429; and labours diligently in the work Grammar and accidence distinguish the
of the Lord, ii. 350; his persecutors would singular from the plural, ii. 58.
have hanged him, i. 179; his care for truth Groans which broke forth through G. F.
and Friends, ii. 362; he prays to the Lord, did reach to people and strike them, i, 124.
i. 79, ii. 107; and for the afficted, i. 98,

ii. 257, &c. see miracles; his weakness of
body, ii. 343, 363; death and burial, ii. IIabeas Corpus, &c. for G. F.'s removal,
362, 363; whose name is written in the i. 410. ii. 154, 160, 166.
Lamb's book of life, which was before the Hacker, Col. his son Needham's wicked
foundation of the world, i. 87; his epistle saying of G. F. i. 207.
left sealed up, ii. 364.

Hacker, Col. cut off, being hanged at
Fox, Mary, mother of G. F. died, ii. 156. Tyburn, i. 208; his wife and marshal con-

Frederickstadt, Friends' cause pleaded vinced of the truth, i. 239.
by G. F. ji. 276 to 280.

Hagget, judge, his wife visits G. F. in
Friends much abused by priest and peo- Lanceston jail, and was convinced, i. 275.
ple, i. 137, 154. Their charity to the poor, Hair worn long of G. F. i. 249, 297, 338.

Hale, judge, his answer to G. F.'s adver-

saries in court, ii. 167.

Hands not to be laid on any suddenly, i.
Jailer of Derby watches G. F. for evil, 367.
being in a rage against him, i. 100; his vi. Honour, hat, proud flesh looks for, i. 92,
sion concerning G. F. i. 207; was convinced 191, 253, 255, 258, 353, 359; a professor's
of truth; G. F. finding him among Friends, proof for it from scripture, (pretendedly)
i. 400; and afterwards he wrote a sensible i. 261; professors offended at it, i. 322, 385;
letter to G. F. ii. 7.

Friends fined for it, i. 286; and imprisoned,
Jailers of Carlisle, their cruelty against &c. i. 332, 384. ii. 100, 155. The hat kept
G. F. i. 180, 183; so that the under jailer on in prayer by J. Perrot and his party, ii.
was put into the dungeon to G. F. for using 68.
him so badly, i. 187.

Hebrew, Greek, and Latin make no mi-
Jailer at Lanceston, i. 252; his wicked. nister of Christ, i. 361.
ness and rage against G. F. &c. i. 260; had Hirelings and diviners for money get vast
been a thief and burnt in the hand, i. 261, sums of it by selling the scriptures, i. 94,
and afterwards was put into Doomsdale 204.
himself, and died in prison, i. 291.

Honour, the true from the false distin.
Under-Jailer at Lancaster, a very wicked guished, i. 92, 277, 370. ii. 29, 66.
man, i. 406; and the upper-jailer, Hunter, Hornby Castle robbed of the wainscot,
was cut off in young days for his wicked. and bucks' horns in Major Porter's house,
ness to G. F. ii. 54, 64.

i. 409, 410.
Jailer at Leicester was very cruel to House-creepers leading silly women cap-
Friends in prison before G. F. came there, tive, &c. are such as having crept into tem-
ii. 12.

ples, with tithes and offerings, keep people
Jailer of Durham, incensing the governor I always learning under them, &c. i. 382.

i. 403.

House of Israel, the house of God, ii. 408, Judging, the church of Christ hath power

and ability to judge, ii. 209, 225, 293, 299,
Humility goes before honour, i. 277. j. 348.
177, 232,

Judgments of God, on Derby, i. 200;

upon a false accuser of G. F. i. 133, 134; on

a persecutor, i. 165; upon Adam Sands, i.
Jeroboam's calves' houses likened to the 169; on two persecuting justices of Carlisle,
houses called churches, set up in the dark. i. 195; on conspirators against G. F. i. 199;
ness of Popery, i. 153.

on Captain Drury, i. 210; on a mocker of
Jerusalem which comes down from hea. Friends' meetings, i. 394; on Preston's wife,
ven, its state described, ii. 104; the children i. 406; upon New England, 1. 433; an in-
thereof, ii. 366.

dependent Scottish pastor, i. 351, 352; a
Jesuits, two of them (fawning upon soldier speaking evil of the light, i. 358;
Friends) discoursed by G. F. concerning upon persecuting envious officers, ii. 17
the degeneracy of the church of Rome, i. upon a persecutor in Cornwall, ii. 20, 21;
372, 375, 435; who are filthy dreamers, in Lancashire, ii. 31; on Justice Fleming,
dreaming they are the apostles' successors, ii. 36; on Major Wiggan, ii. 36: on perse
i. 436; and are in a rage against the work cutors and bad men, ii. 61; on justices, G.
of the Lord, ii. 90; and persecute to death F.'s persecutors, ii. 64; upon a common
for religion, i. 375.

swearer in Barbadoes, ii. 112; on Justice
Jew discoursed by G. F. concerning the Simpson, ii. 162; and on Justice Street, ib.
coming of the Messiah, ii, 197; others would on persecuting powers, i. 392; day of judg.
not discourse, ii. 209.

ment. See day.
Imprisonments for not swearing, i. 238; Justices' fair promises at Worcester
for tithes, and going to steeple houses, i. assize broken, ii. 151 to 153; ensnaring
309, 332, 340; ii. 365; G. F. imprisoned in questions, ii. 184.
a filthy prison at Nottingham, i. 95; in Justices sitting about biring servants
Derby prison, i. 100, 119; in Lanceston pri- were admonished and exhorted by G. F.
son, i. 252, 257; Doomsdale, i. 260; Lan. to justice, and the servants to do their
ceston jail, i. 264; at Leicester, ii. 11 to 13; duiy, i. 84; courts of justice warned by
in Lancaster prison, ii. 30, 52; in Scarbo. G. F. to do justly, i. 92.
rough Castle, ii
. 53 to 61; taken at London

meetings and had before magistrates, ii. 97;
in Worcester jail, ii. 148, 149; being pre- i. 250.

Keat, captain, his base carriage to G. F.
munired, ii. 165; and the errors of the in-
dictment pleaded at the king's bench bar,

King Charles II. his coming in, i. 385,
and was set at liberty, ii. 166; Friends im- 400, 409; old king's judges executed, i.
prisoned to death, ii. 8, 61, 368.

425; to the king and council, a declaration,

i. 421.
Independents, i. 226, 435.
Indian king, discoursed by G. F. and se-

Kings of France and Spain, and the
veral Indians at the king's cabin, ii. 134; of G. F.'s to the pope and all kings and

Pope, to prove all things, &c. in an epistle
their gravity and attention, ii. 141.
44 to 50, 53; calls it a bundle of lies, ii. 159; by llabeas Corpus, had his trial there, i.
Indictments, errors, pleaded by G. F. i. rulers in Europe, i. 218.

King's bench bar, G. F. being removed
is quashed, ii. 161.
Informers hired in Cumberland, ii. 25;

414, 415; ii, 154, 161, 165.
set at work by priests, a Papist informer healed of, ii. 169.

King's evil, a Friend's daughter being
against G. F. ii. 98; Hilton, ii. 245; Shad,
ii. 267.

Kingdom of Christ has been set up above
Inn keepers in Wales, their treachery to

1600 years ago, i. 436.
G. F.'s horse, i. 334; another of Topsham,

Is in peace and righteousness, i. 422,

burns G. F.'s leathern girdle, i. 245.
Inquisition, Friends travelling in the ser-

Its heirs are such as are regenerated
vice of the Lord were many times in danger

and born again, ii. 323 to 327.
thereof, but preserved, i. 195; and at Dun.

kirk, i. 223; two women Friends were in Landmark, those that removed it, to
that at Malta, ii. 7.

cause the blind to wander, were cursed, ii.
Ireland, Friends' charity for the relief of 341.
Friends sufferers in England, ii. 290. Languages. See Tongues.

Judge and juries' wrong proceedings in Law of God is perfect, i. 77; is written
G. F.'s case, ii. 156; a judge's base ex. in the heart, i. 422.
pression, ii. 157; of Holland discoursed by Lawyers must be reformed and brought
G. F. ü. 200.

into the law of God, i. 86.

Liberty and freedom, man is brought in- | Scotland, i. 212; and beyond the seas, i.
to by the ministry of Christ and his teach-222; truth spreading in England, i. 276.
ing, i. 78; an intention was in the govern True ministers' trial, i. 219; exercising
ment of gaining Friends' liberty, i. 418. their gift, i. 366; and sounding abroad their

True liberty is in that which puts trumpets, ii. 88; of Christ, i. 71, 74, 78;
down sin and iniquity, ii. 228, 229. ii

. 58, 174; take no hire, ii. 127.
The false liberty is from the way of Miracles wrought by the power of God,
truth, ii. 287.

i. 240; she that was ready to die, raised up
Light is not natural, i. 89, 207, 249, again, i. 243; the lame made whole, i. 173;
250, 254, 300, 315, 330, 332, 344, and the diseased restored, ii. 168; a distracted
grace, i. 351.

woman healed, i. 95. See trouble of mind;
Cursed by the Scotch priests, i. 350. a great man given over by physicians re-
All are enlightened, ii. 37.

stored, i. 98; G. F. prays for a distracted
Denied by Dr. Witty', ii. 57.

woman at Chichester, i. 244: restores J.
Also by a Doctor in Carolina, ii. 135. Jay's neck, (broke, as the people said,) by
Which gives the light of the know-a fall from a horse, in East Jersey, ii. 130;
ledge, ii. 192, 326, 355.

speaks to a sick man in Maryland, who
Little Ease, a prison whereinto Richard was raised up by the Lord's power, ii. 133,
Sale was squeezed, that not long after he and prays the Lord to rebuke J. C.'s in-
died, i. 428.

firmity, and the Lord by his power soon
Love of God, its infiniteness, i. 76, 80. gave him ease, &c. ii. 257.

And charity's effects, ii. 300, 348. Monk, general, his order requiring all
And unity is from the spirit of God, officers and soldiers to forbear disturbing
ii. 349.

Quakers' meetings, i. 400; which are not

seditious, i. 425.

Mountebanks' vanity, i. 92; their igno-

rance, i. 323.
Magistrates must yield to truth, i. 183, Montague, judge, G. F. discoursing him
186; are to do justice, i. 396; and stop at his chamber in London, about tithes, ii.
profaneness, i. 413; their sword against 241.
evil doers, ii. 28; of Dantzic, their work Muggletonians, i. 436.
of persecution, ii. 214, 291, 344.

Mosquetoes in America, little flies or
Marriages, i. 71; stated ii. 60, 65, the gnats, ii. 127.
proceedings thereof settled, ii. 73, 113, Music and singing, i. 92.
183; to be laid before the Monthly and

Quarterly Meetings, ii. 73, and to have cer-
tificates, ibid.; a case of marriage tried at Names are given to things according to
Nottingham assizes, ii. 5; marriage in their nature, i. 85.
Rhode Island, ii. 126, Friends' care there. Natures of creatures outward to be read
in. ii. 273.

within man, i. 79, 86, 150.
Major-general of Northamptonshire, an That all things come by nature, re-
old persecutor, sharply reproved by G. F. futed, i. 83.
i. 307.

Nayler, James, running into imagina-
Meetings with friendly people in Derby- tions, is warned by G. F. 1. 296. His re-
shire, i. 71; at Broughton, i. 79; of Friends covery, i. 297. His followers, i. 323.
set up, i. 153; at T. Leper's, i. 162; Arn Nebuchadnezzar's dream of Christ's
side, i. 173; great at London, i, 211; near kingdom, which is not of this world, i.
Acton in the fields, i. 212; one near Lon- 436.
don, where Friends were much abused, i. Negro and family meetings recom-
384; Monthly and Quarterly, men's and mended, ii. 359.
women's, set up in London, and in the na New England professors proclaimed a
tion, ii. 69, 71, 74, 84; in the power of fast, i. 378. Soon after put four Friends
God, which is the authority thereof, ii. 174, to death, and became bloody persecutors,
178; and are of God's ordering, ii. 303; i. 429. G. F. charged their magistrates
being set up in his wisdom, ii

. 362; of with murdering them, according to their
women set up, and the service thereof, ii. own confession, i. 432, who felt God's
141; yearly in Bedfordshire, i. 364; at judgments for their wickedness, ii. 210.
Balby, (Boultbie, Yorkshire,) i. 401; York, News, hearing and telling, i. 131. ij.
ii. 348; and at London, ii. 107; for suffer- 342.
ings at Skipton set up, i. 402; powerful in Nicknames. See Sirrah.
Ireland, ii. 85.
Ministers went forth, i. 173; from the

north country over England, i. 194; into Oath or engagement to 0. Cromwell, i.

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