International Labor Legislation, Том 91, Брой 2

Предна корица
Columbia University, 1920 - 253 страници
Studies the history and progress of international labor agreements, treaties, conventions and congresses, resulting in labor legislation with international validity or important international bearings.

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Страница 219 - They recognise that differences of climate, habits and customs, of economic opportunity and industrial tradition, make strict uniformity in the conditions of labour difficult of immediate attainment.
Страница 220 - In framing any recommendation or draft convention of general application the Conference shall have due regard to those countries in which climatic conditions, the imperfect development of industrial organisation or other special circumstances make the industrial conditions substantially different and shall suggest the modifications, if any, which it considers may be required to meet the case of such countries.
Страница 204 - Workers" is used in the same sense as in the Factories Act, 1948 but excludes persons holding positions of supervision or management or employed in a confidential position.
Страница 244 - woman" signifies any female person, irrespective of age or nationality, whether married or unmarried, and the term "child" signifies any child whether legitimate or illegitimate.
Страница 250 - Organization that in view of the danger involved to the function of maternity and to the physical development of children, women and young persons under the age of eighteen years be excluded from employment in the following processes: (a) In furnace work in the reduction of zinc or lead ores.
Страница 437 - Parties bind themselves to prohibit in their respective territories the manufacture, importation and sale of matches which contain white (yellow) phosphorus. Article 2. — It is incumbent upon each of the contracting States to take the administrative measures necessary to ensure the strict execution of the terms of the present Convention within their respective territories. Each Government shall communicate to...
Страница 149 - The removal, so far as possible, of all economic barriers and the establishment of an equality of trade conditions among all the nations consenting to the peace and associating themselves for its maintenance.
Страница 176 - That nothing herein shall be held to authorize the President to appoint any delegates to represent the United States of America at the said meeting of such conference or to authorize the United States of America to participate therein unless and until the Senate shall have ratified the provisions of the said proposed treaty of peace with reference to such general international labor conference.
Страница 461 - to consider and advise on questions of industrial fatigue, hours of labor and other matters affecting the personal health and physical efficiency of workers in munition factories and workshops.
Страница 142 - ... without the consent of the Congress. Thus it is clear that the United States has to be a single unit in the matter of treaty making with an outside power. Moreover, according to another clause of the constitution, " all treaties made .... under the authority of the United states " become the