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Raleigh, December 31, 1891.

To His Excellency THOMAS M. HOLT,

Governor of North Carolina, SIR:— In compliance with law, the Railroad Commissioners respectfully submit their first report, beginning the first day of April, 1891.

On the first day of April, 1891, inembers of the Board of Commissioners convened at the Capitol in Raleigh. Present- James W. Wilson, Chairman; T. W. Mason and E. C. Beddingfield, Associate Commissioners.

After taking the prescribed oath of office, administered by Associate Justice A. C. Avery, of the Supreme Court, they proceeded to the election of H. C. Brown, Clerk of the Board.

After their organization, as soon as practicable, the Commissioners proceeded to adopt Rules of Practice in cases and proceedings before the Commission, and also rules governing the transportation of freight and passengers, in pursuance of the Act creating the Commission. Before entering upon this work, Chairman Wilson visited the Commissioners of Georgia and made a study of their rules and procedure and the workings of the Commission in that State. The Chairinan vas induced to make this visit because the Act of North Carolina was similar to that of Georgia in many respects, which latter Act had been in operation for a period of ten years. It also appeared that the Act of Congress, creating the Inter-state Commerce Commission, had been copied by the General Assembly in many of its sections and provisions. Therefore, in adopting Rules of Practice and rules governing the transportation of freight and passengers, the Board have followed mainly those adopted by the Inter-state Commerce Commission, and the Commission of Georgia, making such

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