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David's Lament and Wolfe's Lines on Sir John Moore-Critical

defect of the latter as compared with the former poem, and the

other chief remains of Hebrew song on important national events

-Obscurity of Wolfe’s lines particularly demonstrated by their

[blocks in formation]


Great preparations of the English for the next campaign, or that

of 1691, and strictures on the equally base and impolitic conduct

of the French, who, by any thing like proper succours, would

have enabled the Irish, at the very least, to maintain James on

the throne of Ireland, as is shown by the events of the war in

Ulster, previous to Kirk's and Schomberg's landing—or, in other

words, by the complete defeats of the Orange insurgents by the

Irish army, with very inferior numbers, at Dromore-Iveagh, the

passes of the Ban, and at Clady-ford before Derry, and even

by a fair view of the shamelessly-overrated Williamite defence

of that place.....



Privations endured by the Irish army previous to the arrival of

St. Ruth; great diminution of the national force through the

treachery of O'Donnell and other causes; and a detailed account

of the campaign down to, and inclusive of, the battle of Augh-

rim, by way of showing what sort of “bad fighting" the Irish

displayed “at home.”......



Complete confutation of the notion of the Irish having “fought

badly at home,” by a full exposé of what an immense sum it

took to put them down. Capabilities of Ireland for national or

self-legislative independence, os contrasted with the native

strength of Greece in the time of Philip and Alexander, Spain

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